Speculation: Rocksmith 2014 Goes Classical

Greetings Rocksmith fans!

Yesterday’s clue was quite puzzling indeed. It involved four different zip files, binary code, German, YouTube videos, and of course working together.

Forum Link

Here are the five YouTube videos that were decoded, can you figure out which classical music piece each one refers to?

Pretty obvious right? Well here they are anyway

One of the other associated hints for this week is a tweet from @UbisoftStudioSF back in May:

What could it mean? We could assume that these classical pieces have been arranged by in house musicians much like the XMas DLC. Perhaps there is a video of @HailTheShane, @NicholasBonardi and @BrianAdamMcCune in powdered wigs? Or something completely different…

Will this DLC be free as it’s Public Domain? Will metalheads ironically express dismay for music that is the very tenet of the material they enjoy? Come back next week to find out more!


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  1. Bachsmith, I love it. Pure genius!
  2. Hey! Where is canonrock??
  3. My first reaction was, come on classical music, but then I looked at the potential set list and I’m really excited for the moonlight sonata! The part in RE1 where Jill that song on the piano to unlock the secret door is my favorite! So at least that song will be a buy for me!
  4. I’m very confused. If they’re relating the tabs to a classical guitar with bass/rhythm guitar feature, it’ll sound quite well but translated odd.
    If it’s metal/rock backing bands, the selections could have a weird take but translate well into the game.
    And I’ll be damned if the entire three movements of Moonlight Sonata appears on game. I would by that faster than I bought My God is the Sun.
  5. BTW -- if you go to Tina Morgans FB page and Block her, you won’t have to listen to her bitter rants anymore. They just don’t show up in the feed.
    • the defenestrator
      She’s certainly a master (or at least well-schooled) in the art of the run-on sentence, isn’t she? A perfect example of the product of our current educational system.
      • I just can’t understand how someone can be so bitter. I feel sorry for the guy that tries to pick her up one night. Anyhoo -- I muted blocked her on FB and the Riff Repeater has been all the better since!
    • aaand blocked. Thanks!
  6. I have to give it to Rocksmith on this one. A really cool idea that gives most of us a chance to try something new. I cant wait to give these tunes a shot. Another easy decision to buy for me.
    • I was thinking the same thing. Kind of funny that I was telling my wife this weekend I should learn some classical stuff. Good job RS :razz:
  7. Little different, but will buy a couple. Still waiting on Coheed and Cambria!!! Thought we were told early 2014 DLC?
  8. Why is Tina Morgan always so bitter and angry?
    • to many tickles from elmo as a kid?
    • Trolls be trollin’.

      Last weeks homophobic comments were a high water mark. This week, to take the high ground against detractors is a hypocritical master-stroke.

      The poor spelling and lack of punctuation… Bravo!

    • Sounds like she needs to get laid. Big time.
      • Sorry, my bad. I used punctuation. Tina, if you’re reading this (make that trying to read this), skip ahead to this next part:

        Sounds like she needs to get laid big time geniuses because its certainly not the producers fault that no one can please her you know what i mean you idiots gosh when are we gonna get real music shes so sick of all this crap and i love reading her posts and seeing my tax dollars and the education system at work lolz

  9. great oogleee boogleee
    whats next ?
    • If enough people are asking for it (which they are) I don’t see why not.
      • There is some pretty great country out there! I’m not a fan of all of it (not even close), but I’d play some Brad Paisley or Keith Urban! There are definitely some other artists with consistently good guitar that I don’t know by name, too!
        • Not ot forget Jason Aldeen. Luke Bryan and Jake Owen are good to…but playing them is kind of a bore. Florida Georgia Line? ZAac Brown?
  10. Odd -- the very first thing I thought when I saw the headline was “A Fifth of Beethoven” by Walter Murphy band. Really glad it’s not that. That’s all synth anyway.
  11. Oh wait, that’s the tune out of Lemmings. Totally buying this
  12. These should be free or at the very least not 3 dollars a pop since there is no licensing involved.
  13. this may not have disappointed me so much if i didnt get excited for all the Scorpions speculations i saw. i was getting really fucking hyped for that and then this happened. feels quite like a huge suckerpunch, especially when i read “…we’d give you some *real* oldies”

    sigh…hopefully Moonlight Sonata and Canon in D will be on here at least

  14. This “extreme metalhead” approves. Especially of Wagner. :twisted:
  15. That moment when you go on riff repeater website for the speculations on sundays and you are almost always disappointed, like every week.

    This isn’t a Metallica request !
    It’s a RATM or RHCP request for fuck sake !!

  16. Who still uses a 60d? -- lol.

    Maybe Dan is now dropping hints for the 7d mark 2?

  17. I really hope this is free, or cheaper. I like Moonlight Sonata but i doubt id get it if i had to pay regular price. Still an original music pack in terms of rhythm games :)
  18. Intrigued.
  19. Now that’s just silly
  20. I can’t see this being free. The note trackers still need paid.

    Also, any word on RATM yet?

  21. Accidental Chord
    Instead of “It’s not Metallica!”, we’ll get “It’s not Canon Rock!”
  22. This is F!@#$n AWESOME!! Finally my favourite kind of music. Would be cool to get all of Bach’s inventions on here but all I can say is prepare to be challenged. Awesome!!
  23. This better be free dlc since there are no artists to pay.
    • Yes and I’m sure it magically appeared for the good people at UBIsoft SF without any hard work as well…
      • I do plenty of pieces of work for which I am not directly paid for by my customers but to foster goodwill and as part of a professional relationship.

        I have paid them plenty for the game itself, hundreds in dlc + extra cables etc.

        Plus you know they probably enjoyed doing it? wtf is it with people who can’t do things for the love.

        So, yeah. It should be free.

      • Yes they worked at it but it is game support. I have bought tons of dlc. It would be nice to toss your loyal customers a bone every once in a while. That’s how thing is supposed to work. They make us happy with a freebee and we buy more dlc later.
      • Rockstar have been putting out free DLC for GTA 5 for almost a year now. The team that makes the DLC doesn’t get paid directly for every sale they get. They’re salaried employees who probably don’t even see any of the profits.

        Ultimately this is a company decision by Ubisoft’s management. If they wanted to buy some goodwill and give us a free pack (given that no licensing is required) then they will. It already happened once with the original game. Why not?

  24. That is awesome that they’re branching out like this. Doesn’t have to be well known rock songs every week
  25. yay! always wanted to learn ride of the valkyries
  26. I hope it’s free. Lord knows I’ve spent enough on DLC!
  27. Picking this up.
  28. Sky’s ‘Toccata’ is a great 70s rock version of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor.

    Nothing wrong with the classics if done right.

    Grieg’s ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ from Peer Gynt is my favourite suite to play on violin.

    Looking forward to seeing how this DLC turns out.

  29. If this is real, I hope it’s free. Otherwise, there’s no motivation to get it.
  30. Well, I hope the covers are by well known artists instead of the RS hired artists, but we’ll see.
  31. Also, is it just me or Dan “kinda” looks like Beethoven?
  32. I really hope Moonlight Sonata is in New Standard Tuning! I don’t think it’s likely, but I can dream :)
    • It’d be great if we got all five pieces and they were full length but then we’d need New Standard Tuning for Moonlight Sonata and they’re actually quite long, I don’t see us getting full length versions.
  33. Well at least nobody can complain it’s not music xD
    But yeah, this is gonna be one of the most epic DLC! Beautiful pieces! (Of course they could a 50-songs pack with this theme, but that would be kinda big)

    Oh yeah here’s a beautiful music I really like from Camille Saint-Saëns, it’s called “La Danse Macabre” (The macabre dance): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71fZhMXlGT4
    Enjoy! :)

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