Speculation: Next week’s Rocksmith 2014 DLC will be A Day To Remember

Well Rocksmith fans, we had a fun mixed bag week and it looks like next week we’re back to an artist pack. However as stated previously, this month is “all new”.

For those that were paying attention to our twitter this week, you may have noticed both Paul (@CrossieRS) and @NaoHigo promised an early hint reveal in exchange for the Official Facebook Page to hit 500,000 Likes!


While Nao’s hint was quite obvious, Paul’s was quite amusing.

What’s the lighter version of Night?

A Day To Remember! Hardcore fans of Rock Band should remember this band as 10 of their songs were put onto Rock Band Network care of Rhythm Authors and WaveGroup. They have also appeared in Guitar Hero and of course, last month’s BandFuse DLC!

ADTR is a somewhat diverse band, while they have their heavy breakdown songs, they also have some pop punk type stuff, and even some acoustic songs. It’ll be interesting to see what Ubisoft SF has in store for us next week.

Here’s the five songs we are counting on.

So Rocksmith fans… Are you ready for some more Drop C Tuning?


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  1. lmfao ron jeremy XD
  3. they just sound like Helmet and offspring from 20 years ago. Has music really come to such a grinding halt in progression?
  4. This’ll be the day I remember, as the first Rocksmith 2014 DLC-week where I haven’t bought anything.
  5. Don’t know nor care for these people, I am glad for their fans who own this game tho :B
  6. seems like harmonix has already taken over this game 2 weeks in a row of terrible sound some people call music this is 1 band who fits the emo/hardcore generation and will save me 8bucks now if it were this band paired in a dlc with flyleaf and halestorm i’d say good job and it makes much more sense

    please relay to harmonix don’t take us back to therockband days give dlc songs that people have heard of and might actually like

    • Well clearly “people” have heard of A Day To Remember and “might actually like” the DLC

    • rockband didnt actually teach us to plays songs… id b pretty happy if we got the entire rockband library to learn… more songs = more choice… so many ppl complain about the dlc but it better than no dlc surely
      • i agree 100 percent i’d love to get at least 75percent of the rb songs but if you read the forums on the rockband site over the years they were in business you’d agree with on my take why i said no name or washed up 5pack songs of 1 artist and take the worse songs and not one’s the majority would apreciate
      • i agree but also you have to take into account that over 75 percent of theur fans are under 21 and this is a bad era for music and the emo/hardcore era is gone so to respond to that i’m not a kid anymore and if i’m playing a real guitar not a plastic one i want to play songs with riffs and solos not just random chords and palm mutes
  7. If it is ADTR, I hope it has You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic. One of my favorite songs by them.
  8. I kind of want to see the charts for whatever songs this band has. Never been into hardcore, but I am always open to learning something new.
  9. I’m just gonna say that they will more then likely add something from their new album, if so hopefully Right Back At It Again or Violence. If you hadn’t noticed, they tend to do that (eg. Aerosmith, 2 songs from Music From Another Dimension, even though everyone clearly knows it wasn’t they’re best album). Would love to see some old stuff though, such as You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance. :mrgreen:
  10. wow a non disc artist and its crap unless you like this sort of music but not sure it fits under music anyway just noise
  11. 1. downfall of us all
    2. all i want
    3. all signs point to
    4. casablanca sucked anyway
    5. 2nd sucks
    nice 5 track set list many more to choose from
  12. I’ve never really been hugely into these guys, but Halestorm last week and the Iron Maiden I’m still trying to nail down should take up my time :smile:
  13. What the fuck are the doing with their hands in the first video? Twats… A Day to Save Money more like.
  14. At least these guys have some heavy riffs (which I’m looking forward to) If only I could mute the singing :twisted:
  15. If three pack, I’d assume:
    -- The Downfall of Us All
    -- I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?
    -- All I Want

    If five pack, I’d most likely see added:
    -- 2nd Sucks
    -- If It Means a Lot to You

    Though, me being a fan, I’d love to see:
    -- Mr. Highway’s Thinking of the End
    -- Since U Been Gone

    In other words, I’m holding back on the Female Fatals pack from this week to purchase this.

  16. ADTR? yes please!
    add these songs to the list:

    NJ Legion Iced Tea
    If it Means a lot to you
    All Sings point to Lauderdale!!

  17. If you don’t like ADTR -- GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!!

    My ADTR Pack:

    All I Want
    The Downfall Of Us All
    2nd Sucks

    I can’t think of two others.

    • For real, while your tone is inviting pissed off non adtr fans, I do agree with the general message of “if you don’t like ____ then get over it.” Everyone should be grateful that rocksmith has an awesome dev team that releases weekly dlc save for a few holidays here and there.
  18. Can it be next week yet?


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