Speculation: More Deftones headed to Rocksmith 2014

Hello Rocksmith fans!

After a little break since Mastodon (May 13th) we are finally returning to some on disc artist support for the DLC lineup.

This week’s hint was a pushover for our forum friends.

The text is short hand for “Hole In The Earth”

As for what the image is of, @DanAmrich explains:

The clue image is actually a straight screencap from the “Hole In The Earth” video (from Deftones’ own YT channel version, above), taken at 3:32, then cropped & rotated 180 degrees. I didn’t add any additional filters to it because it came preloaded with effects. I almost think that worked in my favor a little bit, because people convinced themselves there was more to it than there actually was! I gotta keep you guessing. 

As you might suspect if you are familiar with the band’s music, everything is downtuned in one way or another. Let the speculation begin!

(BTW, in the last four weeks, DLC went from surfy-reverby to punky-aggro to jangly-poppy to alt-metally. We really are trying to mix it up.)

Dan, you didn’t tell us if it was a five pack or not… That’s not fair!

For those unfamiliar with Deftones, Hole In The Earth is a song that appeared on Guitar Hero 3 and then Rock Band in 2010.


Deftones isn’t really my thing. I find their music boring, I think Chino has an awful voice, and they are one of the worst live bands I’ve ever seen- but they are definitely one of the more popular additions to the library this summer, and their songs will probably be fun to play and learn.*

*Unless you hate drop tuning I suppose.

the best Deftones song because Maynard

Those are last.f- err my picks. Do you think Deftones will get a 5 Pack? Do you care? Do you think I am an inhuman piece of garbage for not liking your favourite band? Leave a comment!


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  1. Uh harmonix had deftones also
  2. Great. Another band I've never heard of.
  3. Jacksonplayer
    I hope ubisoft improve on their dlc choices in the future, I dont want to see this game end up like bandfuse. If harmonix were to make a real guitar game such as this, and with their track record of obtaining amazing dlc and on disk songs, I’m afraid rocksmith would be dead in the water.
    • Explain how Deftones aren’t a good choice… You are only speaking for yourself friend.
      • Jacksonplayer
        They just are not an entertaining band to me, I really dont like nu-metal at all. Also, I have never head anyone be inspired to play the guitar or bass by deftones. I dont think I am just speaking for myself, a decent amount of people in this thread have already expressed their dislike of this weeks dlc choice.
  4. It’s a 4-song pack.
  5. Music is subjective!! Who the HELL cares if u like the band or not? How about some APPRECUATION for the bands actually CREating music together! Shits not ez!! Or just love for music! ALL kinds which these dudes are giving us!! Your opinions mean nothing to anyone! Hopefully someone will take that guitar u DONT deserve, and shove it right up ur ignorant, Cry baby ass!!! :-))))
  6. Daniel Weddell
    Илья Зуев Actually, the links I provided were supposed to be examples of music that wouldn't normally be considered "music" in the proper sense as a rebuttal to the claim that music needs a melody to be considered "music": The first link is to 4'33'' by John Cage; a composition containing nothing but ambient silence, and the second link is Revolution 9 by The Beatles; a track off the White Album that is literally a bunch of random sound clips thrown together.
  7. as long as they pick some good songs I’ll probably buy the whole pack or a few
  8. Wilkins Micawber
    This music just doesn’t appeal to me. Right now, I’m hoping for something in the coming weeks that appeals to my tastes a bit more: maybe something along the lines of a Rolling Stones or a Canned Heat pack. I guess I’m just a member of the minority though. Then again, it must be difficult to score a band, even though they have in the past, that is as big as the Stones are. Oh well, better luck next week! :grin:
  9. Damn, we keep getting one kinda good week of dlc followed by several bad weeks. It’s been a couple of months since I was last excited about a dlc release (cake). Surf pack was good but very easy on bass.
  10. Pass for me.

    on a side note, who’s kidnapped David ‘this’ Lane?

  11. I did not like anything my own summer, this group has a terrible voice and it’s very easy, we need more cooper, Slayer …
  12. victorvonbass

    Edit: Apologies for the wall of text, but I wrote it so here it is.

    I find it really interesting that you don’t like Deftones. I was never big into them until I saw them at Taste of Chaos. They were the headliner and I went mainly for other bands at the time and didn’t know their music heavily. My friends ended up leaving early and I watched them and gathered my own opinions on them. I thought they were really good live. High energy. Chino had a large vocal range and the crowd was really into it. Rx Queen was an amazing song live. They had the steel drum corps come out and help on it with trash cans and buckets and shit. Their heavy songs like Korea and Lotion just blow you away.

    The second show was Family Values coheadling with Korn. They came on after Stone Sour and Flyleaf. Deadsy was also there I think. Can’t remember. Anyways, it was raining hard as hell at this point and they kinda did a slower set. Minerva and Dai the Flu that kinda stuff. This is the show where the guy from 10 Years came out and sang Maynard’s part in Passenger. I have seen Chino do it himself at another show.

    The crowd at the third show was like constant endless energy. Revolution live in Ft Lauderdale. Best venue in So FL imo. One of the best shows of my life up there with Chevelle at the same venue.

    I was so sad when Chi got in the accident since I picked up the bass shortly after seeing Deftones a few times. One show I was so close I could have reached out and touched him.

    One of the best things about Deftones is how good a drummer Abe Cunningham is. Like he has all these weird beats like on Around the Fur and Rx Queen. Steff has a lot of atmospheric guitar stuff that is interesting. I legit suck at guitar so I can’t even really analyze his playing, but I don’t think its that technical. And Deftones just kinda jams on the same riffs a lot like some other bands do (Smashing Pumpkins, SSPU, Weezer). Obviously they are heavier than those bands, but the loud soft dynamics with the choruses are still there in a lot of songs.

    I don’t think Passenger is a likely choice. It gets overrated a lot just because Maynard is on the track. It is a good song, but it isn’t even a top 20 Deftones song in my book.

    Change, Hole and BQAD are probably locks for the DLC. The only way they would leave one of those 3 off is if they are keeping one back for an on disc song in a later Rocksmith iteration.

    Probably at least 1 song off the last 2 albums. Maybe 2 like they did with the Godsmack pack.

    Some songs that I would think would be good on rocksmith but are unlikely are One Weak, Root, Hexagram. Idk what else. This text wall is long, I am done with it.

    So to conclude, what I think will be in the pack:

    BQAD, Change, Hole
    2 of: Tempest, Diamond Eyes, You’ve Seen the Butcher, Swerve City, Bored, Minerva, Around the Fur.

    • I grew up with a bunch of people that LOVED Deftones, I never understood it and because of their popularity people just always assumed I would like them. There are some bands that grew on me (Tool, System of a Down, NIN) but I just really don’t get it.

      I’d never expect anyone to be into all the music I listen to (remember my Radiohead article?) but it’s nice to be respectful of other’s opinions… Not for me, but is it for others? Of course it is, they are a huge band that has had a great career.

      Enjoy :mrgreen:

      • Yeah I know that feel with people liking different things. I was always the only one I knew that liked Deftones and other bands like Strokes and Interpol a lot.

        Maybe Deftones for you are like the Doors for me. If I think about it like that it makes sense.

    • I don’t think we’ll be seeing any of You’ve Seen the Butcher due to the tuning, maybe Rocket Skates instead off the album. Otherwise, I think you have the pack locked down, can’t really disagree there.
      • victorvonbass
        Yeah I wasn’t thinking about tunings at all for my predictions.

        Since its a confirmed 4 pack I revise my selections to:


  13. Илья Зуев
    Daniel Weddell Chord is music, but Deftones have big problems with melody. Your link are melodic. You know, Wagner sounds like a lot of chords, but so great.
  14. Ludovic Flejo
    Their last album, koi no yokan, is actually quite good. I would love to play leathers or tempest. My favorite video from Deftones is you've seen the butcher, but the song itself would be boring to play in Rocksmith.
  15. I noticed someone posted Dillinger Escape Plan compared to the deftones live. That’s absurd. If you have not seen deftones live comparing them to a very very crappy band is not good. I have seen them live for almost 2 decades and the shows they are are unhappy with they are not on their a game but even so it’s way better than most bands I’ve seen. The only show that can even come close to a deftones show would be PAT (slipknot, system, ramstien,mudvayne,etc) yet you are comparing a show to a single band. Anyone see them with bad brains? Godsmack? Incubus and taproot? Etc etc? I have not seen a band touch deftones in the live department. If you don’t like the music that’s fine but you cannot deny the energy (especially in their younger days). You also have to keep in mind that many bands that people may like work with deftones members (tool, system, ISIS, just to name the obvious). I think that is a big seal of approval in the rock community. How many bands have tried to copy them? I look forward to having fun with this pack I’m just curious how they would do it if it’s any recent songs due to the 7 (& more recently the 8) string guitar used. Should be interesting! Even if you don’t like the deftones which if you like rock I don’t see how go check them out on tour. Pretty good stuff. Keep it rock keep it real, rock on guitar players and guitar want to be players!
    • I noticed someone posted Dillinger Escape Plan compared to the deftones live. That’s absurd. If you have not seen deftones live comparing them to a very very crappy band is not good.

      You mean a band they toured with? Also, I have seen Deftones live, prior I had seen DVDs of them. They aren’t very good, many people seem to echo the sentiment. Of course it doesn’t help that I don’t “get” their music. Thanks for your comment though.

      • The only good thing I can pick out of the live performances is the drummer Abe Cunningham. Most of the times I’ve seen him live, he’s been spot on and locked down in the groove.
    • Amen Brutha!! Ive been to over a dozen Tones shows over the last 20yrs,and they are great live.I’m sure its not easy to bring it as hard as they do every single night when you tour as much as they do.You’re bound to have an off night here and there. They sell out shows around the globe for good reason.And also some of the most down to earth guys Ive ever met.
  16. It depends on hard the song is, they are a cool band but my own summer was just to easy

    From: Morgan Freeman’s brother

  17. Tonedef is a definite PASS
  18. well put the credit card away for another week This is rubbish :(
  19. So many songs to choose from, wishing for pink maggit
  20. Releases have not been great lately. The surf stuff was a nice change up, but that’s been the only worthwhile thing in a while.
  21. Big Jim Slade
    >awful voice
    >bad live band
    >shiggy fucking diggums
  22. Daniel Weddell I only agreed to his boring chord part, but you are right, it is music. However, I still don't think these songs will help me or most moderate and skillful guitarists improve their skills. Honestly, I miss a lot of the old stuff Rocksmith was releasing songs that was either moderate or difficult. Very few songs since the release of Rocksmith 2014 have been what I consider "noteworthy" in difficulty.
  23. Nice addition I’ve been waiting for a band with a unique and original sound. They need to add dlc for on disc artists like Tom Petty , Ramones and Nirvana
  24. “Be quiet and drive” sounds cool but other than that I think I’ll pass
  25. Daniel Weddell
    So Bob Dylan wasn't making protest "music" because those songs of his were just chords without much melody? And who says music needs a melody anyway? Why can't this be music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zY7UK-6aaNA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fs_LHpiYUF0
  26. Deftones is a great and well respected band in the rock industry. And the 1 time I saw them live at House of Blues was incredible. Chino even walked on the ceiling of the balcony while crowd surfing and still singing the lyrics. Ever seen that before?
  27. How are they gonna do anything past White Pony? Stephen’s on dat dere 7 stringer after that.

    Hope Be Quiet and Drive isn’t on the list. It’s way too easy to be Rocksmith worthy, but I have a feeling it will be anyways.

  28. Speculation: another pack I’ll be skipping :(


  29. Nathan Novaki Ethridge
    You are an inhuman piece of garbage for not liking my favorite band.
  30. Deftones is great news for me. I haven’t picked any of the last 3 DLC packs, I’ll be more than happy to get this one.
  31. Yeah, where is the skill development in that, right? This music has not enough movement in the rhythm section, so it isn't exactly pushing any limits for rhythmic guitar players either.
  32. Music does not have to fit in tiney little form fitted slots. Some of the most beloved bands were terrible if you broke them down. Fact is you can like an artist or not. much like poets or novelists the beauty is to be found in the heart and mind of the one who takes it in. Some folks get it, others dont. Personally I love the deftones and despise the last five or so week's offerings. But that's me not you.
  33. Ohhhh hell yes :D
    Instant buy for me
  34. backwards_tulsa
    SICK! I’ve wanted to learn Hole In the Earth since Rocksmith 2014 came out with Deftones. I’d definitely like to see some White Pony material too.

    That being said, I take no hostility towards anyone who doesn’t like Deftones. I saw them open for System of a Down and they were quite underwhelming. I think they’re a much better studio band than a live one.

  35. Илья Зуев
    Too much chords, IMO. No melody = no music. And yes, vocals are not good. It's strange to add bands without really hard-to-play songs, just to earn cash from fans.
  36. Well, at least we had two weeks of cool DLC in the past three weeks. I have really enjoyed when they took risks with stuff like the surf pack and The Libertines.
  37. Just like Billy Talent, I’ve been waiting for a pack by this band!
    Unlike Billy Talent, I might be less picky with a pack, mainly because I know they won’t be messing around riffs. Mainly a riff and chords.

    I aim for Knife Prty, but that’s just a deep cut. I’ll be happy just to get Romantic Dreams.

    • I was re-listening to White Pony once this DLC was announced and Knife Prty really stood out as one of the songs with more fun interplay between bass and guitar. Would be a really sweet cut.
  38. I only have herd 3 of their songs until now and they are ok. I will have fun playing the songs and they aren’t overly complex so they will be good songs for beginners.
    Its good to see more on disc artist, as there are a lot of good ones. I love the song change and I know that will be in the pack, it’s one of the more popular songs. Drop tunings are a good thing and so is the fact that it’s not the liberties. ;)
  39. You guys are dissing one of my favorite bands? Shame on all of you!!!! Predictions:

    7 Words
    Be Quiet And Drive
    Hole In The Earth

    • I really have no idea why people keep predicting 7 Words o.o It is very simplistic (good for rage song i guess) and its guitar doesn`t seem particularly fun.
  40. I wonder if we’ll see a song that below drop C tuning… Probably not.
  41. Hurray for Deftone fans, pass for me. I’ll take a Tool pack please. When is that Rage Against the Machine pack coming?
  42. If Passenger is in fact on the DLC that would fill me with hope about an upcoming Tool or at least A Perfect Circle pack, however I find the whole band really fun. Anyway I`m super stoked for them, they were one of my favorite bands growing up. Given, I am very much into Chino`s voice and I saw them live (they were okay, not great).

    My list would be would be probably the same except with Tempest in the place of Diamond Eyes. I would love Bored, Leathers or even said Diamond Eyes among a handful of others. First pack since Sum41 so I`m super happy.

    • victorvonbass
      I feel like Passenger is extremely unlikely. Like, I would be legitimately surprised if it gets picked before Tool get on disc/DLC.

      Bored seems like a good pick for a song off Adrenaline. I wouldn’t mind seeing something off s/t as well. Hexagram?

      I feel like Change, BQAD and Hole are locks.

  43. Its looking like ill be picking up the disturbed pack next month for my once a month splurge. Lol. Unless next weeks dlc excites me. :-).
  44. They sound a bit boring indeed but it may be fun to play on bass.

    Maybe I pick this one up depending on the bass charts.

  45. none of those songs grabbed me at all, so another pass for me. It sounds like they are trying to be ‘Tool’ to me.

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