Speculation: CAKE will make their music game debut on Rocksmith 2014

Greetings Rocksmith 2014 fans, hope you enjoyed the heaviness of Mastodon last week because next week is going a totally different direction!

Here’s how the reveal went down as explained by @DanAmrich:

 Actually, you got it. And in my mind there were many steps. You just blew through them faster than I expected. So let me break it down:

The password is the same as Anna Cruise’s. 

“Anna Cruise’s” is a homonym for “anacrusis” — the technical term for a pickup note, or the upbeat. FWIW, Upbeat is the indie label Cake founded. 

Entering the password anacrusis to clue.zip reveals a WAV file with Morse code. The Morse code translates to:

prfctforlayringwithoutthndfortortingandardsigndtof itintomostovnsatthsamtimnonsticksurfacnsurscompltr lasandasyclanup

This string of letters is English, albeit “disemvoweled,” with the letter E removed throughout. I wanted to remove all four letters of CAKE but that struck me as a giveaway, so I went with just the most common letter of the alphabet. 

Restoring the vowel and punctuation leads you to this:
perfect for layering without the need for torting and are designed to fit into most ovens at the same time. Nonstick surface ensures complete release and easy cleanup

That is part of a description from a five-piece set of cake pans found at http://www.surlatable.com/product/PRO-1463454/

And you found all of that, working together, amazingly quickly. Well done! 

These things are tricky because there are tons of you and one of me, and you are all armed with Google. I want you to win but I want you to enjoy getting there. I always try to build something that is worth your time and fun to solve, but I can’t underestimate the power of people working together in large groups. And I did not anticipate the automated morse code translator; I was kind of banking on people working that out more slowly, by ear. Lesson learned — I will find a different way to make you suffer longer next time. 

The “five-piece cake set” is not accidental, either…so feel free to start throwing song guesses around. It’s a large pack, but I’m not confirming anything else until Tuesday. 

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For those that don’t know, CAKE has never been in any music game. It almost seemed like a given they would show up eventually but fans of both, Guitar Hero and Rock Band have been requesting the band to no avail. So here we are in 2014 expecting CAKE to release at the very least a 4 Pack!

What songs would you hope to see? Here’s our picks.

Are you excited for CAKE to hit Rocksmith 2014? Do you think they might surprise us with one of their covers? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Also, you like Creed, so your comment is invalid.
  2. Looks like Rocksmith just kangfirmed The Distance on their twitter.
  3. Yeah they are leaning a little too much towards 90s alt rock. We need some more Arctic Monkeys.
  4. I’d love to see War Pigs here.
  5. Jacksonplayer
    Even more 90’s alt rock? come on ubisoft step it up, at this rate we are probably going to get a 90’s only spin-off game. I love the 90’s as much as anyone else (except for whoever is in charge of dlc lol) but this is getting out of hand.
    • there are so many bands to go for 90s. Lets face it the decades that followed aren’t exactly known for having a great selection of rock genre music and the decades that preceded are now considered classic so it narrows the market. Keep in the 90’s I say
    • Respectfully disagree. I”m lovin’ the 90s material.
  6. Interesting choice. There are certainly a few I wouldn't mind playing bass or guitar along with. Of course, it will take a while to fill all the gaps (The BIG Rush songs(length, not popularity), Tool, Scorps, AC/DC, blah blah blah, some decent punk rock, etc. Nothing to sweat, however, as more songs each week is pretty damn sweet! Eventually we all get something… Thanks for the updates Riff Repeater!
  7. Guitar Man is a sweet riff? Love Cake. May buy the whole pack.
  8. The only song by them I remember is “the distance” and the bassline is tight enough I will by the whole pack regardless.
  9. I dont actually know who these folk are. I took one look at the headline and assumed the cake song from portal was coming to rs. However I will look forward to hearing what they are like. as several people have mentioned games open new doors for fans that would normally just dismiss certain bands. although david lane is still a cunt. I think you should pull this dlc because he likes it.
  10. Not happy. Oh well. There’s always next week.
  11. Seems like the top 3 are pretty obvious (The Distance, Never There, Short Skirt/Long Jacket) but it will be interesting to see what the other 1-2 songs are. My guess is Comfort Eagle and Love You Madly. Of course, I’m assuming I Will Survive is not happening since it’s a cover…but they did get the RHCP version of Higher Ground, so who knows?
  12. Cake is a nice addition, original songs, cool guitar licks and funny bass lines. I hope for: Franck Sinatra (too slow, I guess) The Distance (Of course) I will Survive (Are covers even possible?) Long line of cars, Wheels, Hem of your garment (all fun bass lines) …

    Next: Volbeat!

  13. Wasn’t the reason that Cake weren’t interested in being in either “Rock Band” or “Guitar Hero” solely due to the fact that they (Harmonix & Activision respectively) only wanted “The Distance” & the band were pissed off about that?

    Either way -- would happily buy a 5 pack now regardless!

    • Interesting, I’ve never heard that explanation but that sounds sort of like something Cake wouldn’t be pleased about.
      • Pretty confident that was para-phrasing a comment from someone either in the band or by someone closely involved with the band.

        I remember reading it in the *semi-official* Cake thread (or something like that) that was on the RB forums.

  14. Sounds good to me. Will see.
  15. Everett Drake
    May the month of DLC saving's for June's
  16. Michel Thibodeau
    I second I will survive. That would just be plain awesomesauce!
  17. Steve Monish Fuck No!
  18. foomanshoe2000
    I would love to slow it down with mexico. And i believe all the people who havent heard of them are too young to know who they are. If they took a minute to listen to the songs instead of hear and judge, their opinions may change.
  19. John Doeson so john what your answer for rock ??????????????????????????????????????? beiber
  20. That’s a great news! Cake is one of the bands i did request using the app, so it’s triple good news :
    1) it’s Cake
    2) my vote has been useful (maybe :smile: )
    3) it will be a 5 pack, i think, if you refer to Dan’s clue with the “5 layer cake pan set”

    i haven’t been that excited for a DLC since… since we all thought it will be Rage against the machine…!

  21. I wonder if CHUCK will be buying this pack?


  22. Christoffer Waage
    John Doeson Hilarious. Fits perfectly.
  23. Yeah, Cake is one of the few bands I can honestly say I get no kind of enjoyment out of. They're garbage…no offense to Garbage. I'm sure they're all really cool guys, but the "music" they make is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.
  24. Im actually a metalhead but i am reaally greatful for rocksmith to open me up to other music genres! It made me enjoy REM, boston (i.e.) and i think this pack will be fun! thx rocksmith and theriffrepeater ;)
  25. Christoffer Waage The term bitch is only for women. I'm not going to listen to a fedora guy.
  26. Christoffer Waage
    John Doeson How is it not ironic, friend. You saying that her comment makes her sound like "an annoying bitch" makes you sound like an annoying bitch. Funny that. Made my ironysenses tingle.
  27. Steve Monish Don't give us that real rock crap you elitist snob.
  28. Christoffer Waage How is it ironic?
  29. Nothing for me other than more time with my other sweet sweet DLC
  30. Christoffer Waage
    John Doeson Ironic.
  31. absolutely alan more real rock from70s/80s/90s !! Why not Foreigner,Toto,AC/DC Cheap trick ETC Yep pass again for the 3rd week running
  32. Please be true!!! Cake is awesome
  33. Electric Six would be nice. Think about it.
  34. Oh fun bass lines
  35. I’d never heard of Cake before now but listening to these tracks I am PSYCHED to play them in Rocksmith!

    I think the best kind of DLC is music I’ve never heard before but that sounds really fun to play.

  36. Fuck, yes.
  37. oh man, rocksmith is pathetic because theyre catering to what the people want. Grow up Tina.
  38. There are plenty of genres out there that will get Rocksmith lovin. Give it time. We only have, oh, EVERY WEEK for the next few years for new DLC.
  39. Any of those songs would be great. Let the haters hate.
  40. I don't like some music on here, so I hope no one else gets to play this game ever again because of that.
  41. Listened to all songs above. Never heard of Cake or these songs, but I’m actually going to buy them all.

    It’s a different style and I think I’ll enjoy playing them.

    • Well, IF it’s E Standard tuning. I quit buying Non-E for the time being. (Floating bridge…grrrr)
  42. Jesus!! This is really bad
  43. Rubbish another pack i wont be buying. What happened to Def Leppard. There are plenty of great bands why not use them ffs. More classic rock please there's hundreds of great songs from the 60's 70's and 80's to use.
  44. I’d like to meet the cunt who told this guy he could talk-sing anything and give him a swift boot in the balls. Never heard of CAKE and it is no wonder based on this material…
  45. A new band to me, but I like the sound of these possibles. I think I’ll be getting this pack, these guys are pretty funky!
  46. I don’t know this band, but it doesn’t sound too bad :smile:

    Oh wait, should I react this way?

    Nah I think I will react my own way ^^
    Can’t wait to hear what it sounds like, I know this game got me into great new bands or deeper into other bands (Weezer, Mastodon, The Who, The Doors…) and I’m a huge fan of Rocksmith :D And of Riff Repeater *_*

  47. Can we get War Pigs?
  48. Short skirt long jacket will be a fun bass line to play.
  49. You sound like an annoying bitch with that comment.
  50. SICK!!!
    some funky Cake. short skirt long jacket.
  51. So many great songs, it doesn’t matter what they pick, I will buy!
  52. Well Cake does have a song called "MR. MASTODON FARM"
  53. Oh dayum! Take my money!
  54. Cake will be fun. Good choice.
  55. Stick shifts and safety belts…
  56. Personally I think we need more Rocksmith tracks with Trumpets!

    Seriously though, I think diversity is a great thing about Rocksmith. Playing a broad range of styles helps me learn and there are songs I only moderately like that I love to play.

    It would be good for people to remember that there is no obligation to buy each DLC. I’ve skipped quite a few recent ones, but loved the Garbage DLC which also copped a bit of hate.

    I think Ween might be on the way if Cake are going to make the DLC list. Voodoo Lady anyone?

  57. Don’t know who Cake are and don’t care to get to know them.
    Thanks but no thanks.
    Another pass in a long line of passes for me…
    • Jacksonplayer
      yeah I am passing this one as well. The mastodon pack was the only one I bought in the past 2 months now.
    • Jacksonplayer
      Even more 90’s alt rock? come on ubisoft step it up, at this rate we are probably going to get a 90’s only spin-off game. I love the 90’s as much as anyone else (except for whoever is in charge of dlc lol) but this is getting out of hand.
  58. mmm Mastodon Cake… Your comment will not be deleted, thanks for stopping by.
  59. Let Me Go would be awesome.
  60. mastadon ,cake? wtf you guys are pathetic i hope this game goes under i know this will be deleted it just shows my point bye
  61. Thats a buy for me… really like those guys
  62. backwards_tulsa
    CAKE! Now we’re getting back on the right DLC track…
  63. I think everyones forgetting they had a new album out last year..

    Im gonna guess “Whats Now is Now” or “Sick of You” are gonna be in this one. Most likely Sick of you since that was their leading single.

  64. Seth Le Septième
    I will survive !!!
  65. UBISOFT!

    You finally listened!

    I’m so glad you’ve stopped ignoring me. It’s been a long, long journey but finally I think we’re both getting to the point where we can accept that I was right all along. In your defense, I’m sure you didn’t intentionally pick shit music for months. It was probably…well, I don’t know. Perhaps your hand was forced.


    • HolyHandGrenade
      If Nirvana, RATM, Def Leppard, and Duran Duran/Depeche Mode all come soon as rumored, I will be a happy camper (the latter two have 50% chance each as DLC)
    • So after all this time, the band you wanted was Cake? How unpredictable.
      • I must say, he “went the distance” for that band.
      • lol.

        i’m kind of surprised, too. i love how the second paragraph almost sounds like an apology for being a troll dick.

        jamming some cake tunes sounds hella fun though.

    • I’ll be giving this a miss. Definitely not my cup of tea. David Lane is happy at last, so now that you have apparently been catered for, maybe, just maybe you can stop griping about the dlc that other people are happy to see released. :shock: Now I’m off to the bakery for some real cake. :wink:
    • Huh. I’m actually disappointed its over.
  66. Predictions for this pack:

    It’s chocolate
    Coffee icing
    Strawberries on top
    Cherry jam


  67. I’m hoping for racecar ya yas. They should add trumpet support for this pack.
  68. yes!! yes!! A million times yes!!!! I freaking love Cake (the band and food).
  69. Who are this people??
    This week pass
  70. I Will Survive would be incredible for both instruments (dat bass doe), but i don’t know If the fact that it’s a cover (kinda) would reduce the possibility of making it to the game…
  71. Alan Arguindegui
    Please Comfort Eagle, the riff is pretty heavy
  72. Friend is a four letter word would be awesome, i really hope for that song!

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