Rocksmith 2014 Released and Export Details Confirmed


The day has arrived!

The countdown is done, and the games are on the shelves. and if you own a PS3, you may have been playing already for more than 12 hours!

Since the Digital Download for Sony went online early (mark this day down, Sony finally got something before Xbox and PC) we were able to once and for all confirm @KyleGaddo’s Rocksmith 2011 Export Info Post on Save/Continue.

The songs being left behind in the $9.99 Export are as follows:

  • Eric Clapton “Run Back To Your Side”
  • Cream “Sunshine of Your Love”
  • Seth Chapla “Jules”
  • Seth Chapla “Star Spangled Banner”
  • Chris Lee “Boss”

Not too shabby right? Well, get ready for this. Here is a list of the songs that almost didn’t make the cut:

  • Stone Temple Pilots – Between the Lines
  • Stone Temple Pilots – Vasoline
  • The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry
  • Sigur Ros – Gobbledigook
  • The XX – Islands
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama
  • The Pixies – Where is My Mind?
  • Jarvis Cocker – Angela
  • Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out

Rocksmith Setlist

Music Licensing!

As of this post Rocksmith 2014 is in stores for all 3 platforms across the United States, Xbox Digital Download is confirmed for November 1st, 2013, and Steam has been activated.

Unfortunately it seems like our friends across the pond will have to wait till the 24th/25th for the release of Rocksmith 2014.

Sorry folks!

On the lighter side of things, there are 8 DLC Songs to purchase today!

Do you have Rocksmith 2014 already? Let us know your thoughts, our review will be up sometime next week!




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  1. what is the reason for not putting those songs on though?
  2. If some one needs to be updated with hottest Rocksmith News he must be pay a quick visit
    this website and be up to date all the time.
  3. They really need to add sweet home Alabama to the 2014 rocksmith
  4. Rocksmith Discounts on Steam | The Riff Repeater - pingback on November 28, 2013 at 2:57 pm
  5. just got the iron maiden song pack and it wont come up with fear of the dark in the game. anyone else having this problem on ps3. :sad:
  6. Well this mysterious Import Tool for rocksmith 1 to 2014 Where is it ?
  7. Not only have we (Europe) had to wait a few days for the release of RS2014, the import tool to import the tracks from RS1 seems to have a fault and not available to us :/
  8. The loss of a handful of songs is well worth the 2014 upgrades, IMO. The menu interface is about a hojillion times better, and the UI overall has been polished up and looks really slick now. Song selection is much, much improved, and the whole thing can be navigated with a mouse on PC. Very nice!
  9. How do you import? It asked me the first time, but I didn’t want to at the time…And now I want to and I can’t figure out how…
  10. Wow … Clapton is really getting into some smell-the-fart acting up there (ala Joey Tribbiani)
  11. Damn. I wish they could’ve kept clapton!!!! Hopefully they coild possibly make a pack of him. I want more stuff from thr 60’s.
  12. Has anybody noticed if or where they indicate whether the bass track is intended to be played with a pick or not, like they did in the first Rocksmith?

    I know a lot of time it boils down to personal preference anyway -- for example, they recommended playing “The Black Parade” with your fingers but I found it easier to pick -- but the majority of the time I went with their recommendation, seeing as I assume that’s the way the song was originally written to be played.

  13. fck, sunshine of your love… i hope we get a clapton dlc later..
  14. So where is Jeremy by Pearl Jam dlc?

    And can’t download the holiday songs dlc anymore? Are there others that disappeared?

  15. Does anybody know how to change the overall difficulty?
  16. I got 1 question- I chose lead guitar but can I still play songs on rhythm guitar if I want to?
  17. Removing sunshine of your love……..bad move, not impressed
  18. Is there any chance a relicense could work so we can download Sunshine of Your Love to Rocksmith 2014? Maybe even charge a dollar for it?
  19. Unfortunately, I have to wait until Thursday as a french guy :/
    But damn I’m excited!
    You americans HAVE TO make videos!
  20. Today (22nd) I received an e-mail from the store that they send the game my way. It should arrive tomorrow (23rd), so a day ahead of the EU launch.

    Not bad, I’d say.

  21. Ha! Even though you can’t still have the game here in UK, you can already buy DLCs for it. 25 or 6 to 4? Oh yeah! It seems all the good songs will be available as DLC, not on disc.
  22. So there was never any issue with Slither transferring? Sweet!
  23. You forgot to mention the release date for the rest of us. I was sitting here holding my breath and refreshing Steam and then I learn it wont be released until october 24…. :sad:
  24. I don’t mind going back to RS1 for Sweet Home Alabama and MAYBE Angela (As that’s my wife’s name and she likes playing it.) But the rest of the “Almosts”, I wouldn’t have lost any sleep
  25. probably gonna miss jules the most, i played it and sunshine of your love today while waiting for the game to come out
  26. Noooo!!! Not the Sunshine of your love! I would give up all my STP, Sigur Ros and XX for that song. Oh well… At least they didn’t have the nerve to pull Sweet Home Alabama. Whew!..

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