Rocksmith 2014 DLC will return in… 2014

Greetings Rocksmith fans, today Nao Higo, Executive Producer at Ubisoft SF, announced (in response to forum regular @SeattleSauve) that Rocksmith 2014 DLC will be taking a two week break and returning in 2014.

This should be expected given the fact that the next release date would have been Christmas Eve and the following week would be New Years Eve. One has to ask though… Will we never see the Christmas DLC again?

Let’s take this time to reflect on some of the stellar DLC released since October 22nd.


An impressive list of bands for sure, but what song from each artist would you pick as your must have DLC of 2013? Let us know in the comments below!



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  1. Das war 2014 in 14 Bildern « denkerinnen - pingback on January 2, 2015 at 5:10 am
  2. Anything Metallica and Dethklok related should be added to the dlc IN BULK! Especially Doomstar Requiem’s “The Duel” :). I will throw my money at the screen if I see packs for them.
  3. Rocksmiths been doing a pretty good job diversifying the DLC, hope they keep it up! Maybe after Oasis we’ll get some hard rocking Nirvana.

    The Smashing Pumpkins -- Hipster
    Iron Maiden -- Metal
    Alice in Chains -- Hard Rock
    Green Day -- Pop
    Radiohead -- Hipster
    The Who -- Classic Rock
    Disturbed -- Metal
    Muse -- Hipster
    Aerosmith -- Classic Rock
    Oasis -- Hipster

    Metal: 2
    Hard Rock: 1
    Classic Rock: 2
    Hipster: 4
    Pop: 1

  4. not looking for anything specific just a mixed pack will do unless we can a weezer pack
  5. I would love to see more Santana. You can never go wrong with Carlos Santana. But overall Awesome game! Brilliant “gameplay” and instructions! 2 1/2 weeks in. Never played guitar before but already kicking a** and taking names!!
  6. METALLICA DETHKLOK LAMB OF GOD lets b real here
  7. Would love to see some Sex Pistols or some more Social D.
  8. Jimi Hendrix, sublime, and maybe some rage against the machine.
  9. Same issue for me.some songs start at 0 again. Its bloody annoying.
  10. I play all my songs in Learn a Song mode, but a lot of times after I level up the song to where I want it and then play the song it doesn’t save the difficulty level I had it at. And sometimes when I start the game up and go into Learn a Song, songs that it had previously saved the difficulty level from when i had last played it aren’t saved. And to make things worst, when i first got the game it didn’t ask me my experience level so every songs default difficulty is at 0%. Anyone else have these problems? S.O.S.
    • I had an issue a week or two into playing where it all of a sudden reverted my mastery on all songs to 0%. It still showed up as the correct mastery when you’re picking songs, but then when the song started it would be easy as hell and the little bars at the top of the screen that track your mastery were all at zero. I had to level everything up again--a huge pain, and there are some songs for which I haven’t bothered yet. That was a month or two ago and I haven’t had the issue since.
  11. I don’t know about anyone else but for 2014 I would like for them to shy away from so much radio rock. Its fine in all and it appeals to a large amount of people but throw in a little bit more agressive stuff in or a band that’s just starting out so people can discover a new band or two.
    • If you think that’s bad, try Bandfuse. I actually think it has better songs overall, but the bad songs are mostly radio rock and they’re soo much worse than what’s in Rocksmith.
  12. John Mayer, Jimi Hendrix and Oasis
  13. Would be dreaming, but how about some songs by the following -- Dream Theater, Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, RacerX, Royal Hunt, Angra, Vinnie Moore, Tony Macalpine, and Yngwie Malmsteen? Just wishing.
  14. They need another big band song pack from a big artist to punch back at bandfuse gett ing jimi Hendrix someone like acdc led Zeppelin which i know probably would never happen or metallica
  15. I can’t even choose one from the poll, the pumpkins, which is a good thing, muse, radiohead, and alice were all great. Now I don’t care if they go back to releasing super poppy garbage that I would be embarrassed to play in front of anyone I know. :lol:
  16. I’m stoked that the 90’s era has filled out nicely. In my opinion, the sixties and the nineties were the best two decades of rock.
  17. They should also add some Paramore songs next time..
    or is it already available back there?
  18. Do we go back to twice a month in 2014, or does the weekly keep going?
  19. They need to do Halestorm and Shinedown!
  20. Love the maiden pack im a complete beginner (2months in) so its a great challenge just got 40% on number of the beast so that’s helping my confidence a bit lol

    Cant wait for next years content I also enjoyed down with the sickness and Stockholm syndrome. The endurance strumming songs are great for my practice

  21. Chivago -- 25 Or 6 To 4
  22. So far so good on DLC , Karma Police being my favourite.
    I’d love to see an REM , Smiths , Fleetwood Mac or Cheap Trick pack in 2014 but if it continues at this quality the I dont mind what we get :smile:
  23. For 2014 id like a Bon Jovi Or Ozzy Pack!
  24. Although I respect Rocksmith’s desire to be a profitable business, I still question some song choices -- especially with Green Day. As a fan knowledgeable with their entire discography, Oh Love and Basket Case do not belong. I would have loved something from Nimrod (not Good Riddance), Letterbomb, Nuclear Family, Angel Blue, etc…

    For 2014, I’m hoping for Rage Against the Machine, The Hives, Collective Soul, and The Vaccines (Bad Mood rocks)

    • I doubt those were their first song choices.
    • Oh Love is a good song for beginners. I think, once you complete this song, you’ll be an expert in octave-enhanced powerchords on the two low strings. Basket Case is also a song that someone not familiar with their discography (i.e. me) will probably have heard of.

      I’m not really trying to argue against you, I just don’t think these songs are that bad.

      I would love some RATM too, wonder if it will ever happen.

      • No, that’s exactly my point :wink:

        Although many of the bands who have been given DLC packs probably have more fitting deep cuts to be put on RS, the singles sell much better. I’d rather have a profitable RS with popular songs and ample DLC than the opposite!

  25. Muse -- Hysteria. I don’t know why but I just can’t stop playing it over and over.
  26. i think the best was maiden since it takes it to another level of playing. I’m more excited about the bandfuse dlc to be honest for January
  27. fear of the dark just cant stop playing it
  28. Ugh, can’t believe I forgot about Hotei :oops:

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