Rocksmith 2014 DLC 7/8 – The Libertines

Hello Rocksmith fans! Today’s DLC is a three pack from post-brit pop legends The Libertines!

On July 5th, The Libertines played a sold-out reunion show at Hyde Park for 60,000 people! Not bad for a band from 1997. While not as polarizing as some of the RS1 DLC material we received, this DLC announcement definitely made a bit of a wave.

All songs are in E Standard and are very fun to play on guitar*

*fun may differ based on skill and taste

The Libertines Song Pack – $7.99 / Steam

Are you picking up all three songs? Let us know in the comments below.

Also, remember for PS3 EU Rocksmith fans your DLC is a bit delayed :(


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  1. *fun may differ based on skill and taste


  2. The libertines
    One of my favourites, been waiting so long for this dlc, but it wont come up in my rocksmith shop, or Playstation store. Any tips, it says in the game that it have arrived, but it wont show in shop:(
  3. Steve Hallman
    And yet, I've heard of hundreds, if not thousands, of bands "outside of America".
  4. Maybe because music exists outside of America?
  5. So legendary I've never even heard of them.
  6. So… what’s up for next week, then?
  7. My bass fingers are craving something to eat. time for my secret recipe! :red_circle: + :fire: + :cold_sweat: + emoticon for pepper=rhcp.
    if you didn’t guess
  8. enjoyed going through Don’t look Back into the Sun tonight. Look forward to trying the other 2.
    All these metalheads whining, are obviously showing their prolonged exposure to hair spray and headbanging.
  9. Liber…who? Going to have to pass. so far the July DLC has been very disappointing. Has nothing to do with the "quality" of the music, I've just not heard of these bands before, so I'm in no rush to run out to learn these songs. I hope they come out with a 5 song SUBLIME pack soon!!!
  10. after listening to a few of the Libertine’s tracks I had a bought of “dry heeves” & the unmistakable taste of puke overwhelm me.
    Therefore, I believe it to be in my best interest to never EVER listen to them again
    • That’s what happens to me when I listen to Linkin Park, I sympathize.
    • I totally understand. I had a bout of narcolepsy as the complete boredom the Libertines causes knocked me out faster than a bottle of Nyquil. The more i try and enjoy their music…and i really have…the more derivative and stale it sounds to me. I hear nothing that separates it from the open mic night ramblings going on at the corner bar.

      To each his own….i know, i know.

  11. While this band doesn’t seem absolutely terrible, I do not see how they have much of a following. A bit too Nickelodeon for my tastes. Also, it seems a bit simplistic for a music “game”.

    I do appreciate having variety, but there is a galaxy of music not yet tapped in RS that guitarists and bassists actually want to learn as opposed to obscure fringe cotton candy.

  12. Jacksonplayer
    If they release another dlc from 90’s artists I am going to cause a space-time anomaly from the sheer force of my rage and remove the 90’s from existence. The calendars will go from 1989 straight to 2000.
    • These are actually all from the 03-04 range. The reason why you probably don’t know them is because they were topping the charts (Can’t Stand Me Now got to #2) in the UK, but not making even a splash in the US and other countries.
  13. Another week, another pass on the DLC.
  14. How do you justify paying same price for derivative rock when you put out like 150 songs a year only? This is why people complain there are only so many opportunities to get greatness not forced mediocrity.
  15. And you just don’t get it. You keep it copasetic.
  16. This goes on the back burner dlc. I have other songs I’m trying to master. I’ll pick it up when I have nothing else I want to play. And please Audioslave, Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana, AC/DC, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin(I wish), Hendrix and no Slayer.
  17. They sound a little bit like current bubblegum pop. Sort of Bay City Rollers with edge.
  18. Where the F is the SLAYER pack??? :roll:
  19. DLC Packs That Scott Lucas (of Local H) Wants:
    -- Led Zeppelin
    -- Pretenders
    -- AC/DC
    -- Interpol
    -- Libertines ✔ 
    -- Kyuss
    -- Blondie (More specifically, Heart of Glass)
  20. No "Time For Heroes"…. dammit…..
  21. I want more QOTSÅ!!! Two Songs?! Go with the Flow from RS1 and then they have My God is the Sun! I love both of those songs but no Pack?! I don’t understand. Another thing is I don’t know this band even though its from the 90s. Not knowing them is fine… Not being able to hear the track in the store before paying $3: Unacceptable.
  22. Best DLC all year.
  23. Sounds good, i give it a maybe…
  24. We want The Beatles… We want The Beatles…!!!
  25. The Libertines are fine, but not a band i have any interest in playing on Rocksmith. Its been so long since they released anything i have been excited about…..what was the last mainstream, at least semi modern music, that was released as DLC.

    Also, there are some very good bands already in the game but with a badly limited choice of songs. Id like to see them expand the catalog for a band with many more hits than the single song represented, like Silverchair.

  26. I tried to give this band a listen, but something sounds off. The band starts and I can kinda see why the song is popular, then the vocals kick in, and I instantly feel a wave of bordem. Or, I get lost suddenly in a cacophony of nonsensical sounds. Its almost as if the band is playing one tune, and the singing is not matching the tune they are playing, or the singers are hav-a#%^ing it.
  27. ToNy Brittain Jones
    Awesome, happy with that! Having only recently checked out what's available as 'DLC' (did not trust using credit cards on PSN before Rocksmith, but now it's worth the risk!) I did think there should definitely be some Libertine tracks, I even suggested a couple of their songs using the Uplay 'suggest a song' link. That was only last week so I highly doubt this news has anything to do with my requests. A happy coincidence though, cheers Rocksmith DLC hunters! Keep up the good work!!
  28. Let's end discrimination towards this genre.
  29. I don’t get the hate for this band. It’s soft and not metal, so fucking what, who cares. I’ll pick it up depending on the charts.
    • Victorvonbass
      I too will probably get it. I want to see the charts as well. Maybe I’ll finally pick up that Hives song too while I am at it.
    • My hate for this band stems from the fact that Pete Doherty is a prize c*nt and that they are generic indie tat. Image aside they aren’t creating anything new or exciting and thats not saying their image is exciting either (they basically ripped off Sgt Peppers).

      That said, Carl Barat is a seemingly talented guy so I fail to see why he continues to work with Admiral Smackhead

    • Mike, has there been any dlc that you haven’t bought?
      Just wondering I’m not trying to sound like an ahole.
      • There’s plenty of DLC I haven’t bought because I’ve been busy with some of other things like college. When college gets in my way, I could forget about the older DLC. Thanks for asking.

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