Rocksmith 2014 DLC 7/22 – Yacht Rock Singles

Oh hi, Hollywood Steve here, with a 5 ultra smooth songs for Rocksmith 2014.

This week is all about Yacht Rock, and if you are wondering what Yacht Rock is you need to watch this (slightly NSFW [language]) web series.

Today’s five singles come from artists such as Hall & Oates, The Doobie Brothers, Michael McDonald, Rupert Holmes, and Toto!

If you aren’t familiar with Michael McDonald’s I Keep Forgettin’, this classic hip hop song might jog your memory.

All the songs are in E Standard and Kiss On My List is a fun piano transcription outside of the awesome guitar solo.

Yacht Rock Singles


From Deftones to smooth sailing, where will Rocksmith take us next week? Check back this Friday to find out!


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  1. Correction: It is on the store, but you have to go directly to the store. For some reason the songs aren't showing up in the game's UI for the store. Makes me wonder what other songs I might be missing out on.
  2. Arrrrgh! I was out of town when this came out. So stoked to get back to my guitar and groove out on these cheesy tunes. Not one of them is in the Playstation Store. What gives?
  3. China grove is not available in xbox live in mexico yet
  4. Interestingly enough on Steam, there is a Rhythm Chart for I Keep Forgettin’. I can’t tell if there is a difference between the two charts tho.
  5. DLCs like this make me wonder why won’t Rocksmith include keys to their playable instruments? There are tons of cheap 61-key midi boards out there. Plus they could actually expand the play-interface by allowing to chose between classic Rocksmith simple color-coded “your finger goes here” interface, tabs, and classical sheet music notation. They can even keep they color coding scheme for each one.
    • I think its becoming clear ubisoft will not invest in developing this game to become a full band experience and just keep pushing dlc until sales are slow and then it will join bandfuse
    • PianoSmith would be awesome but personally I’d rather it be a separate title, not integrated into my existing game.
      • I hope Drumsmith is first on their schedule though, and with harmonix releasing a new rock band title, that probably will feature “real” guitars like rocksmith and the whole band as usual, so rocksmith will have to expand their horizons if they want the larger share of the market. Also, 4000+ songs on rock band is something to take note as well.
  6. I’m still waiting to buy the whole pack on xbox live…
  7. Can see all 5 songs now on steam :grin:
  8. We tried to get Elison to put on pants for 4/5 videos this week!
  9. This was some great DLC. I played “Hold the Line” on bass 3 or 4 times in a row. Those slides can sure put on the blisters quickly.
  10. Christoffer Waage
    Hi. There's been a response, from Paul, on Twitter, regarding Arctic Monkeys, in the past.

    The fact of the matter is, that Arctic Monkeys aren't fond of releasing their music digitally, but I believe Paul said, that they'll keep trying. Elliott probably has a link to the twitter post.

  11. Looking into the Steam and XBL issues. Sorry guys, not sure what went wrong, but attemping to find out and fix.
  12. Anyone in the eu got the toto song alrdy? Cant find it :(
    Edit: i use steam
  13. I got them when I got home from work this evening. Gotta be honest, so far my favorite to play is I Keep Forgetting. Good choices this week.
  14. Looks like the Steam content monkey (intern/work experience kid) flubbed the release. Only four songs on Steam/Ubi and two of those are missing prices so you can’t purchase them.

    No ‘Hold the Line’ for now… :sad:

  15. Awesome pack!
    Anybody know why PSN puts the singles up for sale but takes them a couple days to purchase as a pack?
  16. Funny how the comments changed from ‘this dlc sucks’ to ‘where the hell is it I want to play it!’
  17. Man, would be dope to get Kid Charlemagne by Steely Dan.
  18. Paul Matta Well…

    1) It's not a Pack (it's 5 Singles)
    2) Steam updates at 1:00 PM EST (Usually)


    really wanted to play before i went in to work, but i guess ill have to wait even fucking longer

  20. Ahhhh…yacht rock. My guilty pleasure. These should be fun. Too bad the kings of yacht rock, Little River Band, didn't make the list.
  21. I know it’s not smooth, but I was genuinely hoping for some Jethro Tull. :sad:
  22. Which ever one of you that plays on your youtube channel is pretty badass, you jam bro but too bad lil Audrey out does us all… LoL Yep im a subscriber to both
  23. Nice change to DLC this week, lovin the classic yacht rock… would love to see more classic rock & of course more blues. I wonder if they'll ever add an Arctic Monkeys DLC or more Slayer & White Zombie
  24. I guess we'll have to wait…too bad. This is the only pack I like so far on Steam.
  25. Maybe they’ll be available for PS3 tonight.
  26. Paul, that was the whole reason for me to get the PC version…..also got a new PC too….but sine I now have two copies of 2014, I WISH there was a work around for the steam thing!
  27. Elison already have the new dlc? But this man is lucky :evil:
  28. Ditto. For what it's worth.. I HATE STEAM period. THe fact I can get all the songs on Xbox, but I must buy the FIRST Rocksmith to get them on the PC only furthers my dislike of Steam. I can't find the new songs yet either….and this is the first pack I have been excited for in weeks!!! Hopefully ALOT more Hall and Oates!
  29. PC…or Steam. I checked there in the "Store" but couldn't find these songs.
  30. Depends what you play Rocksmith on
  31. Well where do you go to download the songs???
  32. How good are they for bass?
    • China Grove is a bassist’s dream
    • I really enjoy playing Hold the Line on bass, even before it arrived on Rocksmith (which is a feverdream come true, to be honest)

      But it depends on how hard you want it, I thought it was good ol’ fun, but it ain’t that challenging.

  33. Damn, Elison is fast at uploading! :shock:
  34. I have some questions to Tina. How old are you and why don't you like anything older than the 1990s? I doubt you'll have the guts to reply.

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