Rocksmith 2014 DLC 7/1 – Billy Talent

Hello Rocksmith fans, and Happy Canada Day!

Today’s DLC is a 5 Pack from the Canadian Melodic-Punk Quartet, Billy Talent! If you are buying this pack you might as well tune to Drop D right now, as all FIVE songs fall under the same tuning (with no Rhythm arrangement).

The pack is very heavy on the selections from their 2006 album Billy Talent II with songs such as: Devil in a Midnight Mass, Fallen Leaves, and Red Flag (which you may remember from a number of Electronic Arts games). Rounding out the pack is their breakthrough hit of 2003, Try Honesty and Viking Death March off their 2012 album, Dead Silence.

Billy Talent Song Pack – $11.99 / Steam

That’s two Canadian bands in two months! What’s next for Rocksmith 2014? Come back on Friday to find out!


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  1. If the songs are in Drop D as noted, does that mean bass is Drop D as well? Sorry if that is a stupid question.
  2. The Riff Repeater who???
  3. Ohhh my, this is soooo good stuff!
  4. I’m completely underwhelmed. But hey -- I’m still enjoying last week’s surf pack.
  5. Steve Hallman Billy Talent
  6. Steve Hallman
    The Riff Repeater Who??
  7. Steve Hallman
  8. Yes!! Good week, this will be the first instant buy since Garbage.
  9. I’ll stick to my guns with this: Surrender needed to be in this pack. I could’ve done without Fallen Leaves, though it’s the best pick for solo work.

    I’m gonna be nit-picky on this pack and buy Try Honesty and Devil asap, probably will pick up Red Flag and Viking at a later date.

  10. Shouldn’t the diminished triads called out on the E-B-G strings in Red Flag be called out as minor (AKA they should be BmDim, and G#mDim instead of Bdim and G#dim)?
    • In theory, diminished and minor are completely different. A diminished in one half-tone lower in both the third and fifth of the chord. A minor is one half-tone lower in the third only.
  11. The guitar is very good, so I don’t like the voice. I will think.
  12. I’ll pass.
  13. Big Jim Slade
    Been wanting BIlly Talent in my rhythm games since 2006 or so. Incredibly stoked for this one.
  14. Billy Gibbons is a better Billy than Talent and I must say that he might just be the best Billy of ’em all.
  15. Band I never heard of + Drop D = a pass for now.

    I do like the band’s attitude towards guitar hero, that’s funny.

    I’ll continue to listen to these songs over the next few weeks and see if it changes my mind.

  16. Not sure what’s going on here. Where is “Surrender”?
  17. I wish I was Canadian so I could stay home today and play these. I dont get people comparing this to Green Day its like are you deaf or something their music is nothin like green day
  18. O Canada, you bastard
  19. Used to hear Fallen Leaves on Sirius all the time. That song has been in my head since Elliot posted the “speculation” article. I am considering a few of these. Might be fun to play once I see the play videos.
  20. No Surrender, no rhytm and while I find their songs okay, it is not enough, this is a skip for me. Haven`t bought anything since Sum41. Maybe I should go and get Misirlou…
  21. A little disappointed that there’s no “Surrender” in this pack, but all in all a solid collection of songs.
  22. No surrender??? I’m going nuts right now :twisted:
  23. Never heard of “Billy Talent” so i youtube’d the songs Rocksmith is releasing…..i thought it was friggin awful. Worst sounding Billy Joe rip off singer ever and the music just did nothing for me. It was like late 90’s pop punk without the catchy riffs or memorable lyrics. No wonder they never made it in the US.

    Seems like an odd choice for Rocksmith.

    Dang it. Another week of no DLC for me.

    • Go forth with an open mind, son
    • I don’t hear the Billie Joe influence nor do I think they are devoid of catchy riffs but that’s how opinions work I suppose.
      • Spaghettaboutit
        -_- I think he means Billie Joe Armstrong, as in from Green Day and NOT Billy Joel, the guy who plays piano and crashes cars through walls.

        It’s always refreshing when someone is making an insult and doesn’t know either material they are referencing.

    • Spaghettaboutit
      Hey dummy, it’s Billie Joe as in Billie Joe Armstrong and NOT Billy Joe as in Billy Joel.
      • I have no idea what your talking about as everyone here knew that Billie Joe meant Billie Joe Armstrong and not Billy Joel, mostly due to you being the only person who has mentioned Billy Joel.
  24. Devil in a Midnight Mass and Red Flag? Insta-buy!
  25. Never heard o’em. But I have Fallen Leaves in my head now, so I suppose it’s a buy. :grin:
  26. That’s pretty much exactly the five songs I’d have chosen. Great news.
  27. Canada Day should be celebrated with Devin Townsend DLC.
  28. Excited for this. Definitely going to play the hell out of it after work tomorrow.

    Unfortunate that we didn’t get This Suffering, Surrender, Line & Sinker or River Below, but there is always Billy Talent pack 02 (maybe by like 2017 lol?)

  29. No Rhythm!!! I really need to buy a bass!
  30. Good stuff!

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