Rocksmith 2014 DLC 6/3 – Sum 41

It’s time for the music of my homeland!

This week’s DLC is all about the Canadian Pop-Punk Band, Sum 41!

The pack features two songs brand new to the music game scene We’re All To Blame and The Hell Song. For the more obvious songs fans of Guitar Hero (2005) will definitely remember Fat Lip, if you played LEGO: Rock Band you probably shredded through the short tapping solo of In Too Deep, and to round it all off Still Waiting, which appeared on both Guitar Hero 5 and Rock Band 3 as DLC!

Ready to trade licks with Dave “Brown Sound” Baksh and Deryck Whibley? Or maybe you’ll opt for some Bass “Cone” action.

Sum 41 Song Pack – $11.99 / Steam

Are you picking up the Sum 41 DLC? Or is this another skip week for you? Let us know!


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  1. Just watched and listened to sum 41 pack again and it does look like it would be fun to play. Thats one of the things i like about rocksmith. Ive bought quite a few albums based on songs in rocksmith from bands i hadn.t heard before. :-).
  2. Nah i’ll pass on this one. Really enjoyin the slash and alter bridge though. Be a boring world if we all liked the same music.
  3. Need a new header; James Gang “Funk #49” appears to be a confirmed song for next week’s DLC. It’s from a cryptic phrase: The stench of the square seven.
  4. SUMBICH…..Sum 41 is fun to play
  5. Must have DLC!
  6. Did they leave a swear in Fat lip???? :oops:
  7. there is an alternate lead guitar in “still waiting”
    Really good value.
    Does anyone know other songs with alternate parts besides the ones you unlock with Uplay?
  8. one day i will be good enough to play a song on release day to “Masterful”….one daaay
  9. awww you dont have the pain for pleasure part at the end of fat lip. that would have been awesome.
  10. I could’ve went my hole life without
  11. I was unaware that sum 41 had more then one song when are we gonna see more shred guitarist like vai or Joe satch
  12. victorvonbass
    I am actually excited about this pack. Pop Punk is one of the genres I grew to enjoy playing with Rocksmith. I was never mad into it before. I remember most of these music videos from long hours of watching VH1 and MTV back when they played music. Good times.
  13. This is a huge one for me. One of my favourite bands as I grew up. I’ve seen them 5 times.
  14. Disappointed AGAIN! Come on… more classics dammit!
    • Yep, totally not interested. Looks like I gotta kill another one of my hostage kittens until some quality classic rock is released.
  15. It’s interesting to see that this band move from a traditionnal pop punk music (All Killer No Filler) to something with more heavy metal vibe (Does This Look Infected ?/Chuck)

    Not a huge fan of this band but I think this 5 pack is a good representation of their songs.

    • Sum 41 have ALWAYS had a metal vibe. Listen to their first album (the one before the breakthrough All Killer, No Filler).

      They had a metal alter-ego band called Pain For Pleasure. IIRC they had planned for a Sum 41 VS Pain For Pleasure EP but that never happened? Pain For Pleasure made appearances on their first two albums.

      While a lot of their stuff (especially their hits) is rooted in pop-punk, they’ve always incorporated a lot of metal elements… and they’re good at it.

  16. These look like excellent beginner songs, the vocals aren’t really annoying either which is a huge bonus when it comes to beginner songs. Kinda wish this pack was around when I first started with RS.

    I had no idea Sum 41 was from Canada. I’m just happy it wasn’t Simple Plan!!! I’m sure a few of the people complaining could at least be relieved about that!

  17. Herman the German
    I don’t like them much too, but i will pick up In Too Deep. Does anyone know how the bass part is? Can’t wait for the vid :) and the dlc is not until tomorrow in the eu store
  18. Michael Tipper
    I’m not a big fan of Sum 41, but I love Still Waiting. The other songs on this list are just about the only songs I would consider from their catalogue. So great selection!
  19. This music should result in the invasion of your homeland also known as northern minnesota or upstate NY. There are so many good canadian bands but THIS is like a slapshot to the face
    • Yeah, Canada’s got lots to offer Rocksmith. It’ll never happen, but I’d be thrilled to see some DLC from Propagandhi, Black Mountain, the Weakerthans, or Jason Collett.
      • HolyHandGrenade
        We already got Rush… Barenaked Ladies would be nice
        • Tragically Hip, Triumph, an actual Guess Who Pack, Kim Mitchell, April Wine, Our Lady Peace, I Mother Earth, Metric, Strapping Young Lad, BTO, etc.
          • I need Neil Young I know he is an ex pat but still born in canada. Also Arcade Fire for current music would be great
          • I could certainly go for some Metric. I’m only familiar with a few of their songs, but they are great songs.
          • Woods of Ypres, “I was buried at mount pleasant cemetery”
            Fairly straightforward song on guitar, but a good
            ‘catchy’ beginner song with a bit of heaviness.
          • I’ll second Strapping Young Lad.
          • Wait, wait, wait! If you mention The Guess Who that must mean that Bachman-Turner Overdrive is a Canadian band as well. “Takin’ Care of Business” -- that be awesome! All we can do is dream, cause I can already predict next week’s DLC -- Avril Lavigne… :???:
          • Woo! April Wine, Guess Who, or BTO would rock huge. That probably means they’re never coming.
            • Well we have “American Woman” but I’d like at the very least the two songs Rock Band got as DLC (No Time and Hand Me Down World)
              • I’m grateful for the presence of American Woman. I’d love to have No Time, perhaps No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature after that. Hand Me Down World would be cool too.
          • I just requested a bunch of our lady peace with the app a couple days ago. easy to make a 5 pack (just with radio hits).

            Also poured on requests for Monster Truck -- they are from Hamilton I believe. I foresee a Monster Truck pack in the future

  20. Downloading right now!
  21. Not too bad. I really like The Hell Song, so I’m definitely picking that up (probably will get the whole pack anyways).
  22. Boooo!!! Shite! :mrgreen:
  23. Skip week
  24. This is a buy for me. I would love another Blink pack of some of the deep stuff pre Enema. I started playing because of that band and own a Tom Delonge Strat. But I digress. Solid choices for this week.
  25. picking this up right meow.
  26. This is bullshit, I prefer another pack of Blink or sublime. :???:
  27. Canadian pop-punk? The description itself sounds even more disgusting than their music.

    It will be Celine Dion next time. Blame Canada!

  28. GoldenEarring
    Again a skip week for me.
  29. I didn’t recognize any of these songs by their title, and for the 1 out of the 5 Youtube links that are playable in the US, I don’t care for the song, so it’s another no-DLC week for me.
  30. Hell yes …. This will be fun to play :twisted:
    Will this be the month of punk? :lol: … Would like it
  31. I might pick up Fat Lip. Takes me back to my early twenties :mrgreen:
  32. Jacksonplayer
    The bitter end would have been nice but this is still a good song list.
  33. amazing selection i’m going to buy first thing in the morning
  34. Surprised to not see Makes No Difference in the pack. I’m gonna wait for Elison’s videos and look at the charts before I decide if I buy or pass.
  35. Ugh, I really wanted Makes No Difference. I guess I’ll just buy In Too Deep for those harmonizing guitars.

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