Rocksmith 2014 DLC 6/24 – Surf Rock

Surfs up Rocksmith fans! Hope you are enjoying the Steam Summer Sale! I was unfortunately unable to update the article with the latest deals, but thankfully @DanAmrich and @UbisoftStudioSF were on the ball to make up for my indisposed status.

I had requested Sublime for my birthday week of DLC and Ubisoft gave me a Surf Rock Pack instead! I’m totally ok with this!

This is an interesting week because although the artists in this pack such as: The Ventures, Dick Dale, and The Surfaris aren’t on the same label, they still agreed to play nice together in a discounted pack!


Surf Rock Song Pack – $7.99 / Steam

Is this the type of variety you love to get? Do you love the fact you won’t have to tune down (or up) to rock out these Surf Rock classics? Let us know!



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  1. Javier Villagómez Mejía
    Muy buena música, ahora a practicar para aprender a tocarla…
  2. This is a great pack, I really enjoy it…
  3. Would be nice to have some black sabbath next week
  4. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are releasing a new album in the next weeks. I bet an imaginary teddy bear we are getting some dlc from them soon
  5. Don’t think Elliot will have to do a Month end survey for most downloaded. This pack just may win. Haven’t seen anything negative in comments.
  6. fuck yeah!!!

    old school doesn’t always mean old fool

  7. I’m glad Rocksmith went for the higher wave and didn’t persue Beach Boys. Hang ten on them bodacious waves. Not a surfer <—
  8. Hmmm…. Misirlou has no rhythm part, but Wipeout does? That doesn’t sound right.

    Anyway -- I’m plenty pleased. Good classic stuff, not hard. And I’m not a big fan of variant tuning, though drop-D isn’t bad. And as I’m still learning and not up to mastering many of the harder songs, I’m happy to have some moderately easier ones so I can collect more platinum picks! :)

  9. Awesome pack!
    Would have loved to seen a Ziggens track (61.9) snuck in. Still buying.

    Maybe next week we’ll get that Chili Peppers pack.

  10. Decided to buy iron maiden pack on steam for pc and this for ps3 just can.t resist used to play all three of these in a band but havn.t played them for years. Lol
  11. This pack is perfect for my trip to the beach next week. Still want that Sublime pack. They should just release the whole 40 oz to Freedom album!!
  12. This is a nice addition they almost have most guitar styles covered but I would love to see some jazz guitar in the future
    • yeah, I’d love a bit of Wes Montgomery myself…
    • While it is “Rocksmith”, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more variation too. A little jazz would be nice. More blues, too. Don’t have much of a stomach for country, but I can understand if others would enjoy it.
  13. Seth Le Septième
    Too bad it's not the same partition of Misirlou than in Guitar Hero 2… :(
  14. Sébastien Quan
    Youhouhou !!
  15. Bought 2 out of 3.
    I hope there will be a Beach Boys 3-pack in the future.
  16. I can’t wait :twisted:
  17. Will get this sometime. But been promising myself the maiden pack on payday. Just wish i could play rocksmith more.don.t have much time Damn you
  18. What? No Surf Punks? Just kidding; this looks like a fun group of songs, the first pack I will have purchased in entirety for quite some time.
  19. Man, look how nicely the rock stars of yesteryear dressed. They really cleaned up.
  20. Good stuff, would have liked ‘riders in the sky’ but it’s still a fun set.
  21. would not have been able to name the songs or the artist, but I recognized these classic riffs. Hope it is within my mediocre ability level.
  22. Cowabunga.
  23. Daniel Williams
    Really really cool.
  24. This 3 set is a definite for me, I like the songs they have chosen.
  25. Walk don’t run, AWESOME!!
  26. Pretty cool. I’ve never played any surf rock on guitar before, so this will be interesting. Any good guitar player should learn many different styles.
  27. This good stuff to learn just to be a well rounded guitar player but i cant say im excited by it. Considering how much ive already dropped on DLC songs, im more selective these days and this doesnt make the cut.
  28. Kick. Butt. These are going to be very fun!
  29. Sold. Beach Boys would have been nice but this pack is good.
  30. Nice, getting this.
  31. nice i called all three in my list on the other page yay me lol
  32. Yay we have a new winner for oldest song on rocksmith, so close to hitting the 50s.
  33. Dan Ricchezza
    I'm more excited for this than almost anything else released in the past 2-3 months.
  34. Awesome pack! Walk don’t run has such a cool guitar riff. Can’t wait to try these out tomorrow.
  35. Awesome. Honestly the only I’m interested in this week is “Misirlou”. Partially due to GH2 nostalgia, but also because it has one of my all-time favorite guitar tones.
    • 4 out of the 5 songs in the final gig of Guitar Hero II are now in Rocksmith, only Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies is absent.
  36. Beach rock without the Beach Boys? Classic Rocksmith failure
  37. Would still totally love some Sublime… but this is a nice pack…
  38. There's one con to this pack: each song is short.
  39. Can I use my guitar as a surfboard? :lol:
  40. Cool daddy-o!

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