Rocksmith 2014 DLC 6/17 – Godsmack

Greetings Rocksmith fans!

For those that like drop tuned alternative metal, Ubisoft salutes you with FIVE songs from the American post-grunge success story Godsmack!

Giving some much needed love to the Drop D section of the Rocksmith library, these five songs will surely be a good time for the angsty teen in all of us.

Godsmack Song Pack – $11.99 / Steam

Ubisoft has given us another never before seen Pack in music games! Are you celebrating by picking up all five songs or are you hoping I get Sublime for my Birthday week? (#UbiPlz)



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  1. So where’s the new dlc hints?
  2. 1) That Tina Morgan on facebook is probably really fun to hang out with…not.

    2) I haven’t listened to “Cryin’ Like a Bitch” in a long time and forgot it’s about whiny little Nikki Sixx. Ha, what an asshat.

  3. I made the unfortunate decision of clicking one of the Youtube vids to see if Godsmack is as bad as I remembered. :sad:
  4. I haven’t been interested in any of the DLC since Garbage a couple months ago. I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed.
  5. sad selection of songs where's keep away re-align moon baby spiral is even better than voodoo oh well bought 2 regret it guess it will be back to the 70s next week luckily its summer more time at the beach less time worrying about dlc
  6. I am Elison for the week because he has a fear of bands with God in them. Enjoy the videos!
  7. I’ll pass for now. If there’s nothing good next week I might pick up voodoo, but the rest is a big pass for me.
  8. LAME. I hate Godsmack. I hate love… hate… sex… pain…, voodoo and cryin like a bitch with a passion. I question anyone who enjoys love-hate-sex-pain.
  9. Godsmack and KISS are two of the worst rock bands out there, how have they both made it to Rocksmith before stuff like Chili Peppers, Coheed, Sublime, Pink Floyd, there’s so many others. Stop looking in the Wal-Mart bargain bin for DLC suggestions, Ubisoft!!!
  10. HolyHandGrenade
    COUGHStreetlight Manifesto>SublimeCOUGH
  11. Passing on this. Maybe next week we’ll get that Chili Peppers pack
  12. Sublime for your birthday.
    What 5 songs do you want?
  13. PS3 will update later today / PS3 EU updates tomorrow
  14. Not available at the store. Wtf!?!
  15. Poor song choices but should still be fun.
  16. I’m getting the whole pack, it reminds me of Nate Hatred and The early CZW Tournament of death shows. And dave Mirras BMX 2. Happy days…
  17. I’m definitely downloading this! Chris was asking about why their signature song (probably bad religion) wasn’t there. I think it’s because the entire song pretty much except for the solo is just playing three open strings and muting them at the right time. It sounds cool but might not have been fun
  18. What happened to their signature song whatever i was looking forward to playing that shite
    • I would have liked Whatever too, however I’m not sure which song I would have dropped for it. Would have had to be a 6 pack.
  19. This must be a US thing, because they’re unheard of in EU. The good news is that it can’t be this band again next week (although I have been saying that for months).
    • I’m from the US, and until yesterday I thought that awful voodoo song was Alice in Chains.

      So good on ya Alice, you make me fiddle with the knobs on my radio, but at least you didn’t write a song as terrible as Voodoo. :+1:

    • not unheard of here (north of England)
  20. Each to their own… I’m not one for music snobbery, but would like to see a five pack each and every time (slash)…
    • Agreed, but as Dan at UbisoftSF has told us, they can only get as many as they are given license to, and if they could get the rights to do a five pack each time they would. It’s all about the cost of licensing, although if I was in a well known band I’d be begging to get my songs into it, it can only increase sales and exposure… damn, they should be paying Ubisoft really!
      • Unless you’re someone like Bob Dylan or Slash, where you really can’t get any more exposure. I really hope that if ubisoft can get rights to Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, or Led Zeppelin, they do it right and make artist centric games. I mean, can you imagine only getting a 3 pack of those? I’d rather have a few weeks of missed DLC and then hear “Today we have a 35-pack of Led Zeppelin…”
        • Yes, good point about Dylan and slash, but not necessarily true. For example, with Slash I ignored his solo projects until I got the DLC, and I just bought his last two cd’s as a result.
          I don’t think Led Zep will ever happen, as much as I wish it would. Trying to get those guys to agree to anything these days is like trying to get blood out of a stone! I do agree with your point though, I was annoyed the Doors pack was only 3 songs. I play those three, then I end up playing more myself along to the records!
          • Led Zep would be amazing. I would also like an AC/DC pack :smile:
            • We really need to branch out now and open up some for genres… Reggae , blues , floyd (a genre in their own right!)

              I’d like to see add on genre packs added or multiple artist packs become available all at once instead of a weekly trickle. Maybe not feasible, but it’s not like ubisoft can’t afford it. . .

            • good luck with that :razz: If you get what you are asking for then you must have some miraculous gift for getting impossible licences to clear and I ask that you ask for Metallica, Beatles, and Tool next please.
  21. Slayer is getting closer
  22. Ahhh, If I had money this would instabuy for me, that is appropriate ubisoft.
    Awesome pack
  23. All drop tunings :(

    Very annoying with a Floyd Rose

    • Or a Strat. They should have implemented a Whammy style in-game automatic drop tuner… You can play bass with a guitar, why not allow to play DropC with E standard tuning?
      • How would they do that though? They’d have to drop the tuning on ALL of the strings if they did that, not just the low E string. There would be no way for them to do that unless you had a midi guitar.
        • True, but i bought myself a Pitch Shifter to play Eb-Standard and D-Standard, but sadly that won’t help with Drop Tunings.

          Wished the game had an option to use the in-build pitch shifter at least for that.

        • As in “no way to detect what note you are playing on what string”? Isn’t that the whole point of the game’s engine to detect what notes you play and where you play them? Wouldn’t it be easy to use the same to just transpose all the notes being played on the low-E a step down for Drop-D songs?
          • You want to play every song in E Standard? That’s going to sound great :lol:
            • Says a man with a hollow body guitar. I can’t hear my Strat when I play.
              In any case, that should be an option. I don’t think it will be all that hard to implement.
              Also, it would be also nice if emulated bass was actually ran into bass amps in the game and not treated as a standalone rig.
          • Actually, I’ve tried playing the same note on different strings, and RS does not know the difference. For instance, I always play “Dammit” with an open D, despite RS1 having a different, harder-to-play fingering that did not utilize the open note.
            • I do the opposite with the A chord, I play it at the 5th fret instead of open. I wish I found open A easier to play. Also, my palm muted up-down strumming SUCKS
    • Jacksonplayer
      Yeah i feel your pain, I bought a new guitar with a string through bridge just for this reason.
  24. Herman the German
    I’ll pick all 5 songs. Good DLC for me. The bass on voodoo sounds like a lot of fun
  25. Happy with the songs, but would have opted for “Oracle” song off the Oracle Album, but beggars can’t be choosers.
  27. Could have picked better songs but I may grab a couple

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