Rocksmith 2014 DLC 6/10 – Classic Singles

Hello, Rocksmith fans!

Today’s DLC is a mixed bag of soulful hits from the 1970s!

The instantly recognized Funk #49  by James Gang will amuse Bassists and Guitarist alike with it’s infectious groove and syncopated strumming. Bill Withers’ Ain’t No Sunshine will give you a chance to emulate the guitar stylings of Stephen Stills and the legendary bass chops of Donald “Duck” Dunn.

Finally the unexpected addition of Roy Buchanan to the Rocksmith 2014 library with his instrumental Sweet Dreams. A guitarist praised by Guitar Player magazine as having one of the 50 Greatest Tones of All Time.

Classic Singles

Is this the trip back in time you were waiting for? Or has the selection fallen short? Let us know in the comments below!



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  1. I must have still been in bandfuse loser denial when these songs came out. Sweet Dreams is a blast.
    • Zzzzzzzzzzzz….*wakes up*…but I didn’t know that because I was hooked on the fuse and didn’t play much RS for like 6 months. Wonder if they’ll ever get scrolling tabs…….zzzzzzzzZ
  2. I’d pay top dollar for “After Hours” by Roy Buchanan…It’s the best blues instrumental I’ve ever heard.

    Unfortunately, this whole 70s pack is kind of a letdown given that I love Joe Walsh, Roy Buchanan, and 70s rock. But Funk #49 is so repetitive, I don’t really need to buy the DLC, Sweet Dreams is much more about feeling than it is about which particular notes to play, and No Sunshine is just plain plodding. Oh well, at least they’re trying.

  3. Ok I need to backtrack a tiny bit. That Roy Buchanan one is not for me at all. It just sounds bad. The other two I like though.
  4. James Gang, don’t know who that is, but i like what i’m hearing…sounds very much like Dan Auerbach style

    I like this PACK! a LOT!

    • perhaps Joe who went to college at Kent State in Kent Ohio
      & was influential on the cleveland music scene in the 70’s is/was a inspiration for Dan who grew up in Akron Ohio
  5. I support this Vampire Metal request
  6. Eventually they will get great songs from the 70’s and not bargain bin discount artists. Ubisoft needs to send the person that picks these songs over to the Just Dance team
  7. Fun pack. Maybe next week we’ll get that Chili Peppers pack.
  8. when will they add some Slayer or Metallica DLC?
  9. Now how about some Type O Negative…
  10. James gang and Buchanan are awesome guitars, Bill withers is very boring
    • you may feel that way, BUT -- learn it, play it for groups of mildly inebriated girls/boys at parties, and you will not be going home alone… :grin:
  11. Those are 3 chill songs on bass
  12. Really looking forward to James Gang. That’s the type of 70s rock I’ve been craving. The other two songs? Not so much but a little bit o’ diversity never hurt no one.
  13. Absolutely brilliant! The trailer for the pack really shows off the variety of playing styles within the 3 songs and is worth a watch if you are on the fence. Whether this is your type of music or not there’s no denying that this is a great workout on guitar and stellar addition to an awesome game.
  14. This looks awesome, one of the best packs ever! Moar classics please!
  15. nice additions, hopefully more instrumentals follow, hell hopefully more classic rock as well…. & of course MORE BLUES !!!
  16. Where’s David Lane? I want to know if he thinks this counts as good music. I like these. Interesting and unexpected.
  17. Bought / played Funk #49 this morning, great fun! It’s the only one I’m currency planning on buying, but the variety is nice.

    According to Rocksmith, the group of songs is called “Classic Singles” :razz:

  18. Getting better. At least it’s not: 311, Cake or Sum 41. :grin:
  19. As much as I like (and grew up) in the 70’s, these songs are a little, tame. Except for Funk #49… but I just have Footloose going through my mind. I have it on Bandfuse.

    I’ll skip this week. Was hoping at E3 we’d get Next Gen Rocksmith… oh well

  20. Not a big 70s fan :sad:
  21. Nice picks
  22. Grumble Volcano
    Nothing for me, the DLC has been far in my favour recently so a week without buying anything works nicely especially with big E3 announcements.
  23. I think I’ll only get Funk #49. The other 2 might be great, but those are not for me, I’m afraid. Anyway, glad there’s more diversity in Rocksmith.
    • i feel a bit like you, i like “Ain’t no sunshine” so I think I’ll buy this one, but I don’t care for the funk#49, and, even if I must say that Roy Buchanan is a great guitarist, that’s not the kind of song i want to learn..
      but i’m enjoying that we get more diversity in Rocksmith, and i know a lot of people are waiting for some older stuff, so, that’s cool.. :smile:
  24. great DLC pack, fucking finally, but wish it wasnt only 3 :/
  25. Will probably buy the roy buchanan one. Excellent stuff.
  26. The pack looks pretty solid. I’m hoping for more James Gang to come from Funk #49’s arrival. Also, never heard of Roy Buchanan before, but damn if that song doesn’t sound great! I’ll very likely be picking up the bunch tomorrow.
    • Cheery Herring
      I’m with you on that. Even though Ain’t No Sunshine sounds rather tame on guitar, the bass feels lively. Funk #49 is awesome; I also home for more James Gang/Joe Walsh stuff.
    • Full Austin City limits 76′ Roy Buchanan

  27. That is probably the most amazing sound I have even seen created on a guitar!! He makes it sing like a violin.
  28. Roy Buchanan was amazing! I’m very surprised and now think Rocksmith has gained much respect from me in bringing this artist back to life.

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