Rocksmith 2014 DLC 5/6 – 311

Greetings Rocksmith fans!

As predicted last week, today’s Rocksmith 2014 DLC is a 3 Pack from 311!

Finally, a bit of frat boy reggae influenced 90s alternative ska rock! No surprises in this pack (where is Come Original??) with 1995’s Down off their self-titled album, Beautiful Disaster off Transistor, and finally the closest thing we have to a chilled out reggae song, Amber off 2002’s From Chaos.

If you’re a bassist you want this DLC, nothing too tricky but just a lot of fun to play!

311 Song Pack – $7.99 / Steam

Will you be picking up the 311 pack? Or are you saving your money for Mastodon? Let us know in the comments below.


… Also, where is my Sublime DLC?



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  1. Yeah… when I heard that Rocksmith offers 311 songs for $7.99 it kinda did sound too good to be true…. :grin:
  2. Am I the only bassist that starts Amber with the opening lick?
  3. When can we finally have more songs from the sixtees, seventees? There was no decent DLC for me the last weeks. I even don’t know a lot of the last bands. What about Badfinger, Kinks, Everly Brothers (would be perfect, even if they are more 50s). Johnny Cash would also be great.

    I want to spend some money!

  4. Faith no more please
  5. ugh, why can’t they license out some other songs by 311
  6. I second that comment about more soundgarden. More songs from the bad motorfinger album would be perfect.
    • I was really hoping they would do something cool for the superunknown album 20th anniversary, earlier this year! but alas…
      • That would be a perfect excuse to release a soundgarden 5 pack. Hopefully it eventually can be a reality soon
    • Wish there were some songs in Custom tunings:
      Black Hole sun, pretty noose …
  7. We need some Jane’s Addiction, all music games have their songs.
  8. Not that I’ve updated my list lately, but 311 has to be in my top 3 (bottom three?) least favourite bands list. Auto-pass.

    Is it too early to ask for a Screaming Trees pack? How about some more Soundgarden? That Silverchair song was a good excuse to dig out my Docs but I need more, dammit! :-)

  9. Some people really suck
  10. I might have got this pack if it had ‘come original’ just for some slap bass (that one slap song only is really annoying, ‘higher ground’ is a great song but I mastered it on RS1), but no, I’m not bothering again. I can’t stand ‘down’, the other two are ok, for me.
  11. Take my money. I’m loving the 2014 packs.
  12. I Need an AC/DC Pack :evil: , if u want to do 90’s music than do a red hot chili peppers pack or a nirvana pack, but please AC/DC and Led Zepplin :mrgreen:
  13. How bout some Led Zeppelin… or maybe Black Sabbath??? 311??? Still no Train Kept a Rollin’ from Aerosmith. Bummer.
  14. Ryan Aguillon
    I’d so love some classic rock. *sniff sniff* Dire Straits please! Cream! ZZ Top! I don’t even know who this 311 band is tbh. From the comments though, it doesn’t appear anyone is too excited about it.
  15. My wife hates 311 with a passion. I’ll skip this one. There is still plenty of older DLC I haven’t picked up yet and those can tide me over during weeks like this.
    • So why don’t buy it just to annoy her? Oh wait, you’re one of those people who actually likes… I get it.
  16. The Golden Earring
    And again a pass for me. The last time there is too much 90’s music i dont’ like. There is also too much metal (metal, i dont like it at all). Where is the classic Rock? The last DLC was Boston i think?
    • That’s a lie, this game has very little metal and lots Pop rock 90 :sad:
      • To be fair, Golden Earing did say “metal, I don’t like at all”. From that standpoint “very little metal” could easily be construed as too much metal. Calling it a lie is a bit strong.
  17. DemmelitionKingV024
    Yes actually I was, thanks for clearing up the confusion Elliot, I’m a big Mastodon fan so you just made my day
  18. I knew how to play 2 of these already (Down and Beautiful Disaster). I never liked Amber.

    I have not played the pack yet BUT, I imagine that Down is going to be kind of awkward without a wah pedal or ways to chart harmonics more accurately.

    Beutiful Disaster is going to be the pack’s standout track IMO.

    Looking forward to Mastodon next week. Also, I’ve been enjoying the 3 and 4 pack business lately. Purchasing a 5 pack every week and then SINGLES when there wasn’t a pack was expensive… spent a lot of dough on DLC.

    • compared to RS1, this DLC stream is crazy. We got 3 songs every OTHER week and we were ecstatic to get a 4-pack (Rush). Between the JPN DLC and weekly packs that are usually 5, we’ve gotten a lot of content really quickly on 2014.

      …maybe we should be grateful? :roll:

      • I am both grateful and poorer

        Also, here’s hoping for any of the following as packs:
        -- Silversun Pickups
        -- Biffy Clyro
        -- Manic Street Preachers
        -- Idlewild

        Fat bloody chance I realise ):)

  19. But wait, are these guys said:
    or what?
  20. Ok I have bought this simply on the basis of your recommendation for bassists. I hope they are glad of the £6 you earned them!
  21. take my money
    good toking music
  22. I’ll drop the 8 bucks for this pack. Still would love to see a Chili Peppers pack someday.
  23. DemmelitionKingV024
    Mastodon would of been a better pick, not 311. I think there’s enough soft rock on this game. Not that my opinion matters but hey, I’m gonna say it anyway.
  24. I really want Jumper, Semi-Charmed Life, and How’s It Going To Be from Third Eye Blind.
  25. victorvonbass
    Slightly disappointed it isn’t a 4 or 5 pack, but regardless I am getting it. Been jamming on Amber hard the past few days in anticipation.

    I was also getting psyched for Come Original and the slap bass, but I guess I will just have to learn that one from tabs.

  26. this pack is pathetic 1 2min song and 2 of their worse songs I HATE YOU UBISOFT DIE WITH MASTADON
  27. Enough with the Ubisoft hate, please. Sure, 311’s not anyone’s favorite, but for someone like me (who’s been playing for less than a year), their simple, riff-centric material makes an ideal, soft learning curve. I bought the good stuff, like Painkiller and Hanger 18, and all I can do is mournfully plink away at a percentage of the song, telling myself ‘someday…’. For us novices, it’s fun to have a song that we can learn 100% of in a short amount of time, even if it’s a 311 song.
  28. Just bought the pack, I REALLY LIKE the “Amber” song
    Damn that soft riff, this reggae vibe, the tones are gorgeous, the bass line is very great, perfect song.

    But the two others… Arf shitty filter distorsion tones, the voice of the 2nd singer is awful by the way. Looks like shitty “neo metal” songs.

  29. Well, they might not be the best 311 songs, but this is probably ear candy I’ll enjoy playing. Consider it bought when I have money.

    Are you just ignoring my posts here?

    I can’t say it any clearer. Let me try one more time





    • Sir, I can assure you, this site has (almost) no relation to any employee at UbiSoft or Rocksmith. Those who write the articles here have no choice in what songs are selected and released as DLC. Please stop shooting the messenger, and email UbiSoft directly at
      • This site is responsible for upsetting me on a weekly basis I wish they would just calibrate the frequencies to insure listener satisfaction. I have reported you to the FCC and I’m awaiting swift action.
    • Some people do not get it, just like DL here.
      Forum != Ubisoft, I do not see anything in the link that connects this forum to UbiSoft.

      Now granted, 311 not my cup of tea. They do remind me of Snow though….pulling that one from way back. But hey, seems like people like them, so more power to them.

    • That’s it David, you have said every DLC was bad, tell me what bands you want.
    • I can’t quite get over the fact you haven’t put ‘THIS’ after your usual complaining post, maybe you’re learning. Now if you could just learn this forum is NOT run by ubisoft and your complaints are falling on deaf ears :roll:
      maybe David you can explain what this good music you want actually consists off instead of berating every DLC released.
      • I
        • OK look I don’t know you but I’m starting to really worry about you. The frequency with which you come here to troll would indicate you’re pretty dedicated to this, yet any other troll with that much dedication would have the sense to go after a bigger more reactive audience and come up with a shtick with more depth than “look at me I’m angry and an idiot.”

          This leads me to believe you aren’t really serious about trolling, yet you still do it so much. That leaves a couple possibilities. Maybe you’re not trolling which would make you (mentally at least) 12 at most, which would be consistent with your recent fixation on acting “adult,” in which case I worry you might act like you comment here in real life (even if it’s toned down), and you’d need to learn a valuable lesson about how you present yourself to others.

          The other possibility is that you’re trolling so much but don’t put more effort into it because deep down you’re ashamed of it. You started commenting here when you were in a dark place for whatever reason, and for whatever reason the attention of people mocking you resonated with you, so you just had to keep doing it because it filled some void in your life, but you don’t really want to keep it up, it’s just like an addiction. If that’s the case, like seriously you need to find a better outlet.

          Or maybe you’re just a parody of other whiners who doesn’t know when to stop because you think this whole think is a lot funnier than it is. Seriously, this is such a small site with mostly civil comments except for outliers like you, it’s not worth the effort.

          And finally, because I have a hunch that the first possibility is the correct answer, I doubt you’ll read this far. So anyone else that bothered to read all this, I’m not really being entirely serious here, but if he’s going to keep doing this, I think the best way to deal with with him besides ignoring him would be to keep dumping (not entirely serious) pity on him. I think that would bug him way more than getting angry and insulting him like he’s expecting. The next paragraph is just in case for whatever reason he skips to the end.

          And the bottom line is you aren’t the god of what’s good and bad music. You can’t stop people from having a positive reaction to 311’s music any more than you can stop people liking a certain color or favorite ice cream flavor. Not just art but humanity as a whole thrives on diversity of opinion. Ask yourself why you hate humanity so much.

          • Look, I know you put a lot of time in that, you probably feel pretty smart. Maybe you even think you have a future in psychology. Perhaps your “career prospects” have suddenly lit up; you’re going to be a success. You’re going to make it. Who knows, maybe you’ll make $100k a year being a therapist. $110k a year being a therapist. $150k a year being a therapist for celebrities. $205k a year being a therapist for politicians. Perhaps you can even make $250k a year being a therapist for television; you could get a job on a daytime TV talk show. You can be called upon to analyse the outliers of society; the people like me. The people who don’t know when to say when. The people society dismisses. “you’re wrong” “stop saying that” “nobody cares what you think, you should go tell somebody that cares” “nothing is going to change so just stop talking” “we don’t care about you” “we don’t love you”

            But even if you acomplished these things, all the money in the world would not change the simple fact; I will forever be your superior. You can play a big game, you can talk big, you can act intelligent, you can try to impress the masses. You can get a car, you can get a house, you can get a wife who doesn’t love you, you can get a “311 Greatest Hits” CD and rip it in iTunes at 128kb/s and play it on your iPod Shuffle. You can do all these things. While you’re doing these things, I’ll be here. I’ll be improving myself. I’ll be improving the world. I’ll be improving the standard of digital entertainment.

            I don’t just do it for me. I do it for the people out there who don’t dare speak up. I do it for John. I do it for babac. I do it for Elliott. I do it for Funn Dave. I do it for Bicknasty. I do it for Mike. Jeff and dXk. Believe it or not; I do it for you. I do it for Jim.

            Things change at such a slow pace you need to observe from a distance to witness it. I have that ability. I can see the big picture and I know where things are headed. And for all those who have this ability; all those who understand that change takes time but is inevitable, I have one rallying cry for you. Raise your fists and speak with me


            • OK cool you’re actually willing to up your game. Well played.
              • I don’t need to up anything for you. But if you want to play pseudo psychologist I can too. I post here because I believe in grass roots movement and I’m trying to instigate a change.
                • Really? Grass roots movement? You’re trying to instigate a change? Rage against the Ubisoft on a site with about ten visitors, each with three or more sock accounts?

                  Could take a while…

                • victorvonbass
                  Legit question. What are your favorite bands? What are your favorite songs that are already on Rocksmith?

                  I myself like a wide variety of music, and given there are bands that everyone else seems to like that I am not that fond of (The Doors for example), but I don’t recall you being excited about a DLC for a while.

                  Surely you must like something that is on rocksmith already? Have any DLC requests of your own? You say you want good music, but what do you define as good music?

                • I for one, am mildly proud of you. You evolved your shtick from the generic and lazy “CAPS LOCK TEMPER TANTRUM” to the slightly more nuanced “grassroots revolutionary.” You’re well on your way to becoming the entertaining kind of troll.
            • Wow…very eloquent.
              Except for the run on sentences.

              But in the end, you went back to the moronic “WE WANT GOOD MUSIC”.

              The whole idea of this as a ‘grassroots movement’ is absurd. As was stated before, post your rants on Ubisoft, where there is a wider audience if you really want change.

              I really doubt we get Ubisoft staffers looking at forum sites.

              And again…what is good music to you? You seem to avoid this question when asked.

  31. The next one seems to be Benn Jordan…
    • Here are the alternatives to rocksmith well its nothing unless you consider bandfuse being around for a few months and if you don’t support the game it will be gone in a couple of years probably anyway. Its a niche game so enjoy it and the dlc while it lasts because it wont be long before its at the bottom of some used game bin.
  32. Boo.
  33. I miss All Mixed Up, but it a great pack anyway. Now it’s time for Sublime pack :-)
  34. Will definately be picking up this pack! Saw these guys in Guam, best concert I’ve ever been to thus far!
  35. Exactly the Rock Band 311 pack. I know we’ve gotten packs of all Rock band songs, but not in an identical pack. I don’t think that’s happened before has it? Has it even happened between Guitar Hero and Rock Band? Not that I’m complaining, just find it interesting.

    Not sure I’ll get these, Beautiful Disaster seems like it’d be fun, but I’m not so sure about the other two and I love pack discounts so I’d be hesitant to get BD on its own.

  36. This is the exact pack from rock band lol, and that is just fine
  37. I knew Beautiful Disaster had to be the third song. As for the 311 and Mastodon Packs:

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