Rocksmith 2014 DLC 5/20 – Cake

A special day indeed Rocksmith 2014 fans! The heavily requested, Sacramento-born alternative band Cake has made it’s music game debut on Rocksmith! 

Surprisingly the insanely popular cover of Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive, has been included this song pack along with their more popular singles Never There, Short Skirt/Long Jacket, and of course The Distance. Rounding out the pack is a song that many casual listeners probably have never heard of, and will definitely surprise naysayers of Cake’s talent on their respective instruments. Did someone let Earl Scruggs in the studio? Nah, it’s Stickshifts and Safety Belts!

Alternate Tuning haters unite! It’s all E Standard this week!

Cake Song Pack – $11.99 / Steam

Are you excited about Cake’s music game debut? Are you grabbing the whole pack? Let us know!


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  1. I can't find I Will Survive on it's own in the store, I've been through the entire list twice.
  2. I love Cake, but I gotta question the song selection. If you’re gonna have a cover, why not War Pigs? Stickshifts and Safteybelts is fun, though. I should add, though that I need to replace the E string on my bass, and haven’t played the bass parts yet. There are only two rhythm tracks, though, and one of them is crazy repetitive.
    • Any logic behind your guess? :lol:
      • the link you gave to terminus went to a picture and below it showed a quote from Dave saying “no one can play like nigel, no one even tries ” and i went to search on google “guitarists with nigel as their first name” and nigel pulsford, the guitarist to bush came up.since bush has been an on-disc artist and the other band that came up was spinal tap, i quickly went with bush.
      • Skynyrd dropped a Freebird II and after hearing the atrocious song, Bush kept reading to kids as if nothing had even happened.
  3. took The distance and i will survive.
    Really like the variety of style of past dlc : some reggae,some rap,some ska……….AWESOME :))))
  4. Not interested. So, what’s up for next week? Where’s the prognostication for that?
  5. my favorite songs by cake are “long time” and “frank Sinatra”, maybe next time?
  6. Out of all the great 90s bands that haven’t been in rocksmith we get Cake.
  7. I want a keytair song, come on I have the shades and bright shirt for it already, TAKE MY MONEY for a wicked keytar solo track


  8. I want a keytair song, come on I have the shades and bright shirt for it already, TAKE MY MONEY for a wicked keytar solo track …. the hell do you spell key tar.. keytard… keytair……. uh ?


  9. Bring me some "rock out" music man. Like Huey Lewis an the news! oh hell yeah!
  10. Ok these are all greats but when am i getting some Huey Lewis and the news ?

    Or have we all forgotten how to actually rock it out?

  11. I will buy this, long time ago since I did. Have never heard of the band before but I like the vibe!
  12. the CAKE 5 pack is Tits


  13. What a shitty time to be broke.
  14. i was kind of worried when they picked this band but it looks like it could be a fun pack. I do hope they get some tool on rs really soon though they’ll need at least a 10 pack for that
    • yeah i think there are many of us who want tool but that’s a long shot.They would probably ask for some kind of add on to the game like they did with the guitar hero game
      • I don’t know…Maynard has a few projects going on, and there’s a rumored 5th Tool album coming. I bet they’d be willing to promote it with a five pack of songs (one from new album and four classics, I hope!). I think the fact that Tool was on Guitar Hero previously is a good indication that they are willing to work with music games. Hopefully, since this one actually teaches you how to play, they’d be MORE willing!
      • Yes, lots of us want some TOOL. The only reason i bought guitar hero was because they had TOOL. To be able to learn TOOL on a real guitar would be awesome, although i am a plastic guitar master on the TOOL
    • Tool would be fantastic. Like Pink Floyd, Tool works for me on every level (great guitar work, great lyrics, great tone, just GREAT period).
  15. Out on PS3 today even I got home. Sweet pack.
  16. Where is the angry bad vocal mob that came out when Bob Dylan was released? I don’t like Bob Dylan as a vocalist but he is more tolerable to listen to IMO. What’s next? Marcy Playground?
    • They’re too busy playing this great song pack.
    • Ha, right? I love the music minus the vocals. I cannot stand this talking style, bleh. At least Dylan tried to sing.

      Oh, and just to keep things mature and all:


      How the hell is this good music but nothing before is? Utter cacophony is all I hear. Seriously. “I Will Survive” made me cringe…several times.

      • Didn’t you say you loved this band
        • I didn’t, no. I understand that some people do, but it just doesn’t work for me.

          “I Will Survive” might be, in my opinion of course, one of the worst covers ever though. The worst being “House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch and in a very close second “Shout at the Devil” by the Hollywood Undead. Gross. lol

      • I personally enjoy that not everybody does things the cookie cutter “good” way. it is art vs gymnastics and if it makes you feel better, gymnastics pretty much always wins.
  17. I’m familiar with most of these songs, but I’m not convinced that I like them enough to buy them.
  18. Thumbs down. Sorry. :roll:
  19. I like the guitar and I like the bass… But can I stomach the vocals for long enough to play em… I’m thinking about it, don’t fucking pressure me
  20. We can have our Cake and play it too?
  21. Christoffer Waage
    No we can't. John
  22. An absolutely spot on 5 pack! So happy to see Stick Shifts and Safety Belts! Happy Day!!!
  23. I’m in for three.
  24. I will survive …. Cool
  25. This a good sign for 90s indie music. Maybe we will see Soul Coughing, Pavement, Beck, Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh etc down the road.
  26. Cannot wait to play all of these. I think I need to take a vacation day tomorrow.
  27. The bass lines are fun, but 4/5 songs are nothing hard. I Will Survive is pretty beastly but, manageable with some groove.

    Cake Pack (Bass difficulty, easiest to hardest):
    Never There
    Stickshifts And Seatbelts
    Short Skirt/Long Jacket
    The Distance
    I Will Survive

  28. It blows my mind people have not heard if this band. Break out that fishing rod and get deep bass fishing with my mother f%#king son.
  29. No “Guitar”? I am shocked! Happy as hell about the pack though, first thing I’ll have bought since Just like a woman!
  30. This week the bass players will have fun. The guitar is a bit bland :sad:
  31. I really haven’t bought much these last few weeks not because I don’t like the offerings rather they don’t seem terribly exciting to play. I love Mastadon, 311, and the others. CAKE is different and I they will be fun and maybe a little challenging. I am only slightly bummed there will be no Rock and Roll Lifestyle; I will survive. Pun intended.

    Edit: my bass might have a busted nut. Horrible buzzing on the G string but not like I’ve picked it up much the last year.

  32. never heard of these guys, but i like it… so im ‘avin some of that

    edit: listening to the tracks on youtube it seemd i HAVE heard a few of the tracks before

    edit edit: seems more for the bassists tho

  33. yeah! i’m really excited for this pack, the song selection is very good, and i’m gonna buy it as soon as i see it in the EU PSN.. i can’t wait to try them..!
  34. What a lovely pack :) Can’t wait to get going with it. CAKE! :D
  35. Cake is pretty cool, bring it
  36. Amen, except for “Stickshifts and Safetybelts” which I always thought was a joke song.
  37. What a great day for David Lane.
  38. This pack looks great! Can’t wait to download it!
  39. Oh, this is a keeper for sure!! Can’t wait to play The Distance!
    Reluctantly crouched at the starting line…
  40. Can we make a rule in which you can't make DLC requests in the comments unless the article asked you a certain question.
  41. The[x_x]Butcher
    hows about some kings of leon? steve miller band, stuck in the middle with you? or even some metalica!
  42. Oh yeah I will definitely be grabbing the pack.

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