Rocksmith 2014 DLC 5/13 – Mastodon

Greetings Rocksmith 2014 fans! Today’s DLC is no surprise thanks to a Steam leak from the beginning of the month. Metal fans rejoice, as it’s a 3 pack from Atlanta’s favourite Grammy nominated, prog-metal sludge band, Mastodon!

Included in the song pack is the first single off 2011’s The Hunter, Black Tongue, a very familiar song from Rock Band 2, Colony of Birchmen, and finally the prog-metal odyssey of Oblivion from their 2010 album, Crack The Skye.

These songs will definitely not be easy but it’s great to see some more progressive-metal representation from an on-disc artist!

Mastodon Song Pack – $7.99 / Steam

Are you happy with the choices in this Mastodon song pack? Is this not the type of METAL you wanted? Let us know in the comments below (which you can now edit ;)).



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  1. Love the heavy stuff but I am ready for some more funk! Tower of power, James brown, earth wind & fire, prince, SOS band, average white band, sly and the family stone, Michael Jackson, war, etc.
  2. Rocksmith needs to have within its software ability to Drop tune without having to adjust your guitar. If you can get custom pedals to Drop tune, and oh while your at it.. Stick a Whammy pedal accessory you can buy that works with the cord. Just expressing :lol:
  3. DemmelitionKingV024
    And for the record there’s hardly any “Metal” on this game. Get a clue on what actual metal is, cause it’s not Alter Bridge or Rise Against. Just because it’s in a low tuning doesn’t mean it’s metal. Come on people
    • Can you pipe down? Whether the metal is actual or not, it’s what we are all getting.
      • Did someone claim Rise Against is metal? I find that hard to believe…

        Also, there’s a good amount of metal, albeit mainstream for the most part. I feel like you need to “get a clue” before you run your ignorant mouth.

    • HolyHandGrenade
      Let’s see… Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, A7X, Pantera, Alter Bridge, System of a Down, Deftones, Slayer, Disturbed, Golden Bomber, Lamb of God and some hard rock bands as well.
      • DemmelitionKingV024
        Those aren’t metal my friend.. Thrash and Hard Rock at best, Lamb Of God would be the only one you got right. Genres exist for a reason. Start using them
        • You have got to be another troll. I’m as big a fan of the more extreme end of the metal spectrum as you’ll find… but to start claiming that Priest, Maiden, Megadeth, Pantera, and Slayer aren’t metal? You’ve got rocks in your head, my friend. Thrash is a subgenre of metal, just clearly not one you enjoy.
          • DemmelitionKingV024
            You’re right, I apologize. Those are indeed metal, I had my head up my ass, I quite enjoy those bands though, like I said, I was wrong. I’m man enough to admit thats my bad.
  4. DemmelitionKingV024
    Rocksmith is about learning guitar and having fun doing it, all you fucking people do is complain about how much you hate these bands. Don’t listen to it and don’t bitch, it’s not like your being forced to spend money on it. Grab a tab for a song you like or play something else until next week, other than that, shut the hell up
  5. Bruno p Jones
    Ugh more metal. Great.
    • not meaning to be a cock, but what do you mean ‘more’? Ok there was Alter Bridge recently, but aside from that I can’t remember any metal packs since Alice in Chains and Iron Maiden (i’m old, memory isn’t so good). Can someone remind me which metal packs there have been? There have been a lot of 90’s rock ones, but I can’t recall any metal recently besides those 3. And 2 of those were a fair while ago now.
      • Seems every generation has its own definition of what metal is. I grew up during the 80’s and 90’s but certainly would say metal grew from the loins of black sabbath in the 70’s. Judas priest, metallica, megadeth. Metal is alive now, except it gets overlooked now only because the trend is toward apathetic wannabe talent like cold play.. yeesh. Bring us some Suicidal Tendancies please cause I need a fix!
      • Don’t forget SOAD and Disturbed
        There are around 40 metal songs available …. So whats your problem?
        Sorry but we are not all metal fans.
        It’s always good to have a bigger focus … When you only wanna play metal … Your problem
      • I don’t have a problem and I’m not sure how on earth you got that impression. Very Odd! Also, those 2 packs you mentioned, yes, I forgot about those (part of why I POLITELY asked to be reminded…), as they were a long time ago. So that’s 5 metal packs in 6 months. Really not that much is it, so I’m not sure what Bruno’s problem is?

        Also, who here said they only want to play Metal? I can’t see that in any of the two comments. It seems you are the only one with a problem Bob, you are imagining comments that don’t exist. Or are you just assuming based on what you reckon? If so, don’t trust your reckonings. I play metal, blues, rock, jazz (badly), reggae (a lot of reggae), thrash, lots of stuff.

        • I don’t see any problem in Brunos comment …. Sorry if i misread your comment …
          I took your -- sorry i’m old … as an ironic statement :wink:
          Anyway .. 5 metal packs in 6 months seems fair to me
          • No, I am actually (in some peoples eyes) relatively old. Nearly 1 metal pack a month on average is very fair, but I don’t think it is too much, and I think we can agree that most of the DLC packs are not metal, so Bruno’s complaint about ‘more metal’ seems unjustified. I was just trying to clarify by checking I hadn’t missed loads of metal packs.
  6. Well, I’m getting the idea of using certain riffs or sections of songs if I like them enough and just practicing those bits. You can string them together and make your own creation. This to me is a way around taking the best you like and making it work. I can’t like most every song or musician, but I can at least get the bits I like and work it out. Just learning like the rest.
    • Glass half full. I like it. Skål! :grin:
    • There should be a way to create your own charts by piecing together parts of charts from different songs like you said. Then when you piece together a mash up of songs and charts into one, be able to play it like that. As one song.
  7. Going to take a break from buying DLC for a bit. Need to work on my technique and transition from mostly Rocksmith to playing on my amp too.

    On the upside, the moar metal crowd should be happy with this week’s DLC.

  8. We need more Pantera! :twisted:
  9. guys..bottom line Ubisoft are never going to please everyone..its impossible. Open your minds and embrace some new music for gods sake. You never know it might help improve your guitar playing..isnt that why we all bought the game?
  10. Not my thing, I’ll be passing on another pack. Maybe they will do the Alice Cooper pack soon.
  11. I agree with blackhealer. Will still buy it though to support the way they went with this one
  12. No, it is not the type of METAL I wanted.

    It’s still much better than another “indiealternativefunkpostpopgrunge who are all these people and what they have to do with rock?” dlc, but somebody should tell Ubisoft about the existence of Europe at last. All these funny little countries like Germany, Sweden, Finland and even Poland. They do play metal. Surprise!

  13. Yes! Very pleased. Would have loved more, but a 3 pack is still good, especially as there is a song by them in the game anyway. After quite a lot of lightweight stuff (my opinion -- aside from Alter bridge) it’s nice to have something that takes real skill. Haven’t had a challenge since that Heart song, aside from the alter bridge pack of course. So I’m very happy with this!
  14. I just don’t get it

    Most weeks rocksmith song pickers seem to be old and out of touch

    But now they’re picking music 15 year olds like?

    I don’t understand how you are making these decisions, ubisoft. I’ve repeated the cry of the people for weeks now but you’re not listening to me (us)

    I’m more than happy to help point you in the right direction for song choices. Obviously I expect to be compensated for this but I’ll accept a modest downside in exchange for a share in the improved sales that I guarantee I would provide

    We just want good music, ubisoft. That’s all. It’s not much to ask. We’ve been asking off weeks but still you ignore us.

    • What’s wrong with Mastodon and why must you be 15 years old to like them? Mastodon are an incredible band and have quite a unique breed of Progressive Metal going on. It’s a fantastic song selection too, I’ve certainly been asking for them so you have to learn to speak for yourself.
    • Ubisoft doesn’t read this. They hardly even look at this They’ve already said they almost have this year filled with songs. If you want something different use tabs like the rest of us.
      • Well said…or maye even better….learn to read sheet music.

        DL thinks his opinion is golden, that is why HE IS NOT WORKING for Ubisoft, another whann-be.

        So I keep wondering why, if DL complains so much about Rocksmith, why is he playing it? Or is his life that inadequate, he just needs something to fill the hole????

        • This is a great idea. The only other option is to find a guitar teacher. I want to let you know you don’t have to rely just on Rocksmith. You are free to experiment outside of the game. Ubi gets songs for reasons we wont ever know. The songs they put out every week are going to sell and be bought by large groups of wanna-be guitarists. Whether they take it outside of the game to learn more songs is another story. The goal is to be able to play songs without assistance -- Master Mode and beyond.
  15. D Standard i.e Rocksmith won’t recognize anything I play!
    • I have a similar issue. Check your Intonation. Mine was off and it really made drop D songs bad.
    • DemmelitionKingV024
      Thicker strings will tighten that up. The lighter the gauge of strings makes it harder to keep those low tunings sounding crisp. I use 11 -- 54’s and its fine. quick adjustment to the saddles and your set
      • I’m just using my good old mainstay Regular Slinkys 10-48.

        Intonation is fine. I had it setup by the guitar shop when I bought it brand new last October, and everything checks out beautifully on it. Gibson Explorer by the way.

        Fretting too hard especially when down tuning can easily mess up notes which can be rather frustrating. I’ve played around with the gain settings in the audio menu, and turned it down to about 0.5db and that seems to help since this model of Explorer (2013 standard) has VERY hot pickups with the 496R and 500T.

        Sounding better. Thanks guys.

  16. Hopefully we get something good next week, I like that they got some metal but mastodon is definitely not something I want to play or even listen to
  17. I admit to actually liking these guys. They rock hard! Cheers!
  18. Dream Theater,
    RIP fingers
  19. Man, I was worried there for a minute but it looks like Rocksmith pulled it back together.
  20. Awesome Dlc, will start playing rocksmith again now. MASTODON rocks live.
  21. Leading again with…


  22. I’ll pick up one or two for a challenge and to support metal DLC in general, but I’m still champing at the bit for our first taste of any type of extreme metal.
  23. Oblivion is Awesome.
  24. backwards_tulsa
    FYI, the name of Mastodon’s 2011 album is “The Hunter”, not “Black Tongue” you silly geese (though “Black Tongue” is the first track from that album).

    UPDATE: Oh good, you fixed it.

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