Rocksmith 2014 DLC 4/8 – Bob Dylan

Well we got it wrong again! On the bright side we’ve never been happier to be wrong when it involves the first song pack for Bob Dylan across all music games ever!

The Bob Dylan pack features three iconic and legendary folk songs such as Subterranean Homesick Blues, Like a Rolling Stone, and Just Like a Woman

Bob Dylan Song Pack – $7.99

Looks like we might be going back to some on disc artist support! Are you happy about it, or were you enjoying the variety of the last 4 DLC releases? Let us know!


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  1. I’m a huge fan of 60s/70s music.

    With that said, I understand and respect what he has done for music, and his influence is huge, but I must say he is one of the few 1960’s musicians that I can’t stand. I just can’t stand his voice, but I do listen to covers of his music a lot “All Along The Watch Tower -- Hendrix”, and “Knockin’ On Heavens Door -- Eric Clapton”

    I’m happy this pack is out there for Dylan fans, because there are lot of them, but I think a Doors pack #2 would have been better, or some Hendrix, Beach Boys, Chicago, or even more of The Rolling Stones, or The Who, or The Byrds.

    Then yet, I’m unsure if Beatles are still Harmonix only, but we all know that would be a huge seller.

  2. Next Week Huey Lewis?
  3. Ohh well sorry,a “T” was missing.
    —> Elliott
    Didn’t knew/remember he had a song on Guitar Hero…so,well,maybe we have a chance to see him on RS in the future.
    Would be so awesome.
    Btw,if you remember my name,who i am,sorry for past arguing,…i feel very well with with RS now.Ubisoft doing a really good job atm.
  4. any word on why ps3 isnt getting this dlc this week
  5. Hey my good friend Elliot (lol) what would you think of a dlc of Joe Bonamassa?Would be great huh?
    His songs remind me of Gary Clark Jr.,Eric Johnson and many other talented performers.
    His solos are wonderful and i suppose his songs must be fun to play…and challenging.
    Would be a great addition to RS 2014,dont u think?
  6. I can’t find it on ps3 I guess someone fell asleep again listening to dylan
  7. Its about time we got decent dlc. Dylans the shit.
  8. Never been a Dylan fan. Glad it’s a 3 pack, since I’ll buy it no matter what… just glad i’m only spending 8 bucks on this instead of 12.

    I doubt these are songs I’ll play often but, it’ll be a nice addition to the setlist. I’ve got a couple of guitar buddies that are die-hard Dylan fans so, now there will be something on my RS setlist for them.

  9. Anyone else having trouble accessing Xbox Live tonight?
  10. So disappointing. How bout some goddamn guitar rock!!! Ozzy, Hendrix, Scorpions, Skid Row, Def Leppard, ACDC……come on man WTF?? I’ve never heard of some of these weird ass bands!!! What’s up with the jap freaking cartoon shit???
    • You never heard of Dylan and why the hell would you call J-Rock Jap freaking cartoon shit? Doesn’t that sound a little racist?
    • music is a wide spectrum, explore a little more of it outside your comfort zone, you’ll find some gems.
    • I can definitely see where you’re coming from. We haven’t had any riff-based stuff for awhile now.
  11. Bruno p Jones
    How about some god damn rock music.
  12. Phew! Bob Dylan >>>>>>> Def Leppard.
    • Most of the people of my generation would probably disagree.
      • What generation is that? Because Dylan has remained incredibly popular pretty much continuously since he started. Hell, one of his most critically panned albums has an upcoming sequel of sorts. Compared to Dylan, Def Leppard was practically a flash in the pan. Furthermore, although I wasn’t around back then, I would posit that Dylan appealed (and still does) to a broader base of people than Def Leppard. He’s kind of like the Johny Cash of folk--that is, even non-folk fans tend to like him.
        • Dylan made great lyrics and music for that time. However, he thought Jimi Hendrix version of “All along the Watchtower” was amazing and I had hoped that would have been one of the DLC’s.
  13. Very special DLC … Pass for me … Hope dylan fans will enjoy it
    • As it seems RS will stay in the old times for next week … I will dream of Neil Young DLC
      • YES! Let’s get some Uncle Neil! (as Eddie Vedder calls him)
      • Aw hell yeah. Some Neil would definitely hit the spot. His guitar work can be pretty off the wall. That’d be fun.

        Still holding out a slim hope for some Television. Fool’s dream I know.

  14. Dylan also played House of the Rising Sun prior to the Animals. Uneducated concert goers later accused Dylan of covering the Animals, so he removed the song from his setlists. It couldn’t be further from the truth because nobody knows who wrote that song!

    Dylan has been booed off stage and hated all his life; but why? Is it simply because he loves play music just as much as you and I do? His voice may not be great but I would almost guarantee his song writing skills are far beyond anyone posting on this message board.

    • I am glad you said “almost”
      • But it is an unnecessary coliary. As anyone posted here is not rich from their back catalogue of songs. We know this as they are posting here with us commentards.

        But regardless I would prefer some more recent songs for DLC. While Mr Dylan was, and is, hugely influential music and production has moved on and so have tastes.

        Personally I think we have enough heavy stuff, and as a bass player something funkier would be nice.

  15. When I heard “Subterranean Homesick Blues” in the preview I immediately thought it sounded like “Driving my Life Away” by Eddie Rabbit. I don’t care for Bob Dylan, but now Eddie Rabbit sounds like an interesting idea for DLC.
  16. I’ll join the list of passing this week. Not my cup of tea, but I’ll give a thumbs up for the first Dylan DLC ever. I need to stop spending so much money on DLC for this game anyway
  17. Traveling Wilburys please.
  18. I really wanted Hurricane but any Dylan is a nice surprise. Why do people think Dylan was a hippie , he is just an intelligent and observant person. Looks like the anti hippie propaganda machine is still working well at least
    • I don’t know man. Next thing you know, people will accuse Rocksmith of having a “liberal agenda” for releasing Bob Dylan instead of Ted Nugent.
    • They say he’s a hippie because he smokes joints…duh.

      Can’t wait to download this pack! I’ve been a long time fan of Dylan’s work. I’m not too crazy about his singing voice either, but the scratchiness of his voice sounds much better than all the yelling and screaming going on in some of the other DLC (Disturbed for starters).

      Too bad we didn’t get All Along the Watchtower in this pack, but I’ll take it! Way better then all the gothy emo bands we’ve seen recently too.

      Stilling holding out for Phish, Grateful Dead, and Sublime!!

  19. thank you to the hippys who still play video games for this garbage flower power! :evil:
  20. Love the diversity of rocksmith as it has allowed me to play songs I never would have thought of to try. For the price of a trip to a fast food restaurant, I can feed my hunger for music. And that…I dig.
  21. I’ll pass but you can’t complain (too much) when there’s a pack every week! Imagine if we were back to every other week!
  22. 5 weeks no DLC for me
    at this rate I will be able to get a new guitar or bass..!!
  23. no watch tower or times are a changing?
  24. Tangled up in blue was in rock band.. That’s a song in the video game music genre isn’t it?
  25. Ahh will an instant damn buy. Sasweeeet
  26. No, not impressed. I love Bob Dylan, but these offer no challenge at all. I can play these without the game quite happily thanks. Nice to see a change from extremely american pop-rock that has been the past 3 weeks, but this is way too easy to bother with for me.
  27. Nice pack. Could be better with “Maggie’s Farm” in it, tho.
  28. Good pack. :smile:
  29. My only complaint is I wish it was a 5 song pack with “Tangled Up In Blue” and “Maggie’s Farm.” Great artist, and it’s definitely a change of pace from the other songs currently available.
  30. Would have liked to see Hurricane and Tangled Up In Blue, but I’ll take any Bob Dylan any day. Unless it’s Wiggle Wiggle XD
  31. First of all, I would like to apologize for my outbursts last weekend. I just don’t like it when people bash a DLC or completely ignore a question from TRR. I know I was an asshole for what I did, but seeing people with names such as, “Mike sucks cock” is just as bad. Second, I’m surprised Hurricane is NOT part of this DLC. Might get a song or two after my spring semester ends.

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