Rocksmith 2014 DLC 4/29 – Alter Bridge

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Today’s DLC is a 4 pack from Alter Bridge, four songs with five different tunings!

The Alter Bridge song pack features songs from 2007’s Blackbird including the title track (Blackbird), Rise Today, and Ties That Bind. Rounding off the pack is a more recent hit off 2010’s ABIIIIsolation.

You all wanted some challenging solos right, well Mark Tremonti is gonna give it to ya!

Alter Bridge Song Pack – $9.99 / Steam


Is this the type of metal you were looking for? Or are you hoping for something with more guttural vocals, let us know!


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  1. sweeeeeeeeet , you are perfect men
  2. Still pissed off that Open your eyes wasn’t part of the pack. That’s the only song of theirs that should be in rocksmith. And I hope we get a good Creed pack someday; higher, my sacrifice, one last breath, my own prison, torn, etc., are just way better songs than these.
  3. I keep waiting for good DLC and this keeps happening. Furthermore, what part of the bridge are they altering? I thought at this point bridges had been figured out. Is it a bridge that leads to a catholic shrine of the mama de hey-zeuse? Maybe we should let Rocksmith know that when bands pick bad and confusing band names it’s a big red flag on how they are gonna write their music.
  5. finally a band I’m into! First DLC I’ve bought since the alice in chains pack.
  6. isolation and that 8min song are worth it the other 2 aren’t hoping for rage next week and not bulls on parade as i can play that already without a game
  7. this sucks where’s rage
  8. There are other bands I would prefer but I’m enjoying these, some challenging stuff. But I’d like anything that’s hard to play and pretty good or better. Jeff Loomis next please, hahaha! :twisted:
  9. Was praying for Metalingus to come with this pack, and it didn’t. Still holding out for a Brendon Small pack and Nirvana pack but might be another pipe dream
  10. Interesting….I listened to some of thier songs, did not fully pull me in. But it might make an interesting download…..different style of music never hurts.
  11. I have been recommended this band many times but never listened to them. I have seen them live. they were good. maybe this will get me into them. We need black stone cherry and shinedown. plus joe bonamassa and maybe something softer like ben harper or jack johnson. but think it has been a reasonable list of dlc. I already have too much choice. are we getting a rocksmith 2015?
    • Please not :shock: RS 2015 … That could mean …pay for rs an rs2014 song import again … RS 2014 is pretty good … The only things i miss are more favourite lists and a very slow down mode to get used to some solo parts… I hope for RS2014 extension pack
  12. RATM The next week????? :?: :?: :?:
  13. Best DLC to date. The haters can hate, I’m sure the number of downloads will speak for the popularity. Best metal guitarist as voted by the fans for multiple years in a row along with the best vocalist in the past decade.
  14. Micah B Gajewski
    I'm tired of these local nobodies. I only listen to bands 1.4 million people listen to.
  15. Ubisoft has the worst taste in music I have ever seen

    Who’s paid to come up with this shit?

  16. if I can barely stomach a song listening to it 1 time
    why would I purchase it & torture myself trying to learn on RS ?
  17. Alter Bridge 1.3 million people *shrug*
  18. Myke Bigdaddy Halstead
    Nope, not my kinda metal. how about some:
    The Sword, Priestess, Pentagram, Cathedral.

    oh and more rush, just like i dunno, the first 7 or 8 albums?

  19. Lots of people heard of this band.
  20. this guy’s voice needs to go other than that only the 8minute song is good to play the rest eh
  21. I just bought the pack, and I just have to say: AWESOME guitar! So there would be every week
  22. How about a band someone's heard of?
  23. I was hoping for some of the more melodic songs Open your eyes, broken wings, down to my last, shed my skin etc..
  24. This is better or just different than Creed but I never understood the hate for Creed if you think they are bland than what does that make Matchbox Twenty. Plus Scott is the lovechild of Scott Weiland and Eddie Vedder so he should be celebrated
  25. “guttural vocals” -- No need for guttural, but anything Opeth would
    be fantastic -- Ending Credits, Face of Melinda, Windowpane, Porcelain Heart,
    Slither. Very interesting guitar parts, no guttural vocals. Other bands that
    shouldn’t be too bad from a licensing standpoint -- Redemption (Memory or Let It Rain), any Fates Warning. Maybe a themed pack of “progressive metal”. I’ll probably not pick up this pack (not my cup of tea and I’m having a hard
    enough time learning the DLC I have picked up), but I’m glad there are people
    excited by all the packs -- more people buying, more packs coming!
  26. I’d prefer Creed to this over-dubbed/over-produced noise


  27. Tomorrow. Ok thanks for reply.
  28. Shut up and take my money! Awesome DLC
  29. Anyone know when its available in uk. Just checked psn and its not on yet. :-(.
  30. Miss from me, id never heard of them.. listened to blackbird on youtube.. might as well have plugged my headphones into a tin of beige paint
  31. For more than 2 months there were no interesting Official DLC’s (apart from Dylan maybe). I find this week’s DLC particularly unsatisfying because in the rumour thread there were lots of great shots (e.g. Franz Ferdinand) and it ended with this….
  32. Awesome pack! That band is good :)
  33. We need some metallica or volbeat!
  34. 4 songs, 4 different tunings
  35. It was a challenging time pack, after a month of music for beginners, Thanks Ubisoft :smile:
  36. Absolutely fantastic. This has made my year. :-)
  37. I wouldn’t mind screaming in a metal song.
  38. Ties that bind yessssss
  39. Rock on! I even guessed the tracks right. Oh, and this metal is PERFECT. No screamo wanted or needed here.
    • I agree. I like metal pretty well as long as the vocals are clean. Even though I hate alternate tunings, I may pick this up since this is a pack and is slightly discounted per-song.
    • Agree to disagree on this one, buddy. :evil:

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