Rocksmith 2014 DLC 4/22 – 90’s Rock Singles

Hello there Rocksmith 2014 fans, today’s DLC is a mixed bag that will take you back to the days of Pogs, Slap Bracelets, and of course Flannel. It’s three tracks from the 90s this week from brand new artists such as Spin Doctors, Everclear, and Silverchair!

90’s Rock Singles (Singles)

What songs are you picking up? Are you pleased with these three new artists joining the Rocksmith 2014 library? Let us know in the comments section below



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  1. So you kill yourselves if we give you money. I don’t need that on my conscience. No thanks brother.
  2. I have nearly downloaded all of the DLC that has been released. However at first I was like “fuck Oasis” and “fuck AFI” but now I’m like AFI aren’t that bad or Oasis is okay. The truth is once I became addicted to learning guitar I stopped caring if it was my taste of music because every single song they have released has helped me develop. Sure I want more music that I like but I think the song selection should become more about teaching us how to play than what music we like.
  3. Big MEH. I comment cause I can and will. Give me interesting country or blues guitar riffs over this. Can’t satisfy everyone I guess. Blah.
  4. In for Spin Doctors and Everclear! I love 90’s rock! :cool:
  5. No, don't bring the request army from the FB page. Well, at least you liked one song of the pack.
  6. Stocked on silverchair, easy song but great riff, out of all the evermore songs, santa Monica, afterglow y'all pick father of mine. Not even going to start with two princes.
    Would love to see more white stripe, Jack white, maybe some social d, or maybe some misfits. That would be rad
  7. i remember that spin doctors song i hate it and i don’t wanna hear a grown man cry about daddy issues so silverchair is the saving grace for this pack or else if it were tangeable i would puke on it then feed it to a rat

    nice job on silverchair now i know how they got that deep sound on e standard

  8. well, after seeing the videos, i guess i’m not gonna take any of those songs.. not totally bad, but not interesting enough for me to buy them.
    for Silverchair, freak would have been a better song choice, but that’s just my opinion..

    i’d like to add something : as a french guy, it’s not so often i’m glad to not understand english lyrics instantly when i hear them… but seriously, now i have read them, the lyrics of those two songs (silverchair and everclear), aren’t they rubbish?
    (to be honest, i didn’t get the “fat boy” thing in the silverchair one…)

  9. I wish the dude in the videos would put long pants on.
  10. Just downloaded all 3. Two Princes has an outstanding bassline. I don’t think you can be a bass player and not appreciate it.

    Nice sounding solos in all 3. Love the 90s.

  11. No complaints about any of these songs. But I was sure Tommorow would be in Eb.
  12. Just sittin here with my sunglasses on being caged.
  13. Cool songs, buying 2/3 or maybe all 3. Would surely buy it all if it were a pack. These aren’t too complicated but have interesting guitar work, I don’t know what’s everyone complaining about.
    • 1 song daddy issues
      2 songs rhythem never changes and the verse repeats more than a rap song talking about spin doctors

      3 there’s nothing to complain about silverchair 90s alternative rock real alternative rock

  14. I’ll grab all 3. Only know the spin doctors one, but for some reason, I don’t mind learning all 3 of these.

    I take it that these are all ‘E’? Since I see no notations to the sides of the selections.

  15. I’ll pass also.
    Hopefully there will be someting on the DLC next month, have not purchased anything in 3 or 4 weeks. The last I bought was Halestorm and Boston.
  16. Isaac J.Z. Hearn
    So I’m really disappointed in the last 3 DLC packs. I was soo excited for learning some Tom Morello, guess I’m saving more my money again in hope that I get something a little more challenging. Been playing guitar for 10 years so 90s alternative rock just doesn’t challenge me at all. I put the song on 100% difficulty and get anywhere from 85% to 95% first try. I miss getting packs like Iron Maiden, A7x, Boston, etc…
  17. At least there’s one good bass song (in my opinion).

    We need more songs with standout memorable bass lines.

    • Jamiroquai has a sick bass player! They would be an excellent bass dlc pack.
    • I would count Two Princes and Tomorrow as good bass songs. Mostly Two Princes. Father of Mine has a nice groove in the chorus, but it really just mostly follows the roots.

      I think the guitarists got some fun 90s solos to play. I look forward to trying some of them on guitar.

  18. riff repeater 1 o 1
    silverchair saved this pack from being total garbage i would prefer 2 real bands out of 3 but 1 is enough more money to buy strings with
  19. one song I hate (two princes) and two songs I like, but so easy to play I’ll not be bothering. I want to improve my playing, these won’t do that. Ok, Nirvana wouldn’t improve my playing either but I’d buy that, so I guess i just don’t like them enough to bother. 6 weeks now with nothing for me. Oh well. I’m still enjoying the Megadeth, Judas priest, Alice in Chains and Boston packs, but hanging out for more Living colour, chilis, satriani, or in my dreams Primus.
    • i hear ya we need a challenge i think there trying to bring in the kids since school will be out soon with all this lame well mostly lame music,

      i say buy a nice tab program for pc and play music that way its not bars coming down a screen

  20. foomanshoe2000
    I would love some cracker. Preferably big dipper or i want everything. Easy lead patterns and some great bluesy solos.
  21. I’ll buy. If I don’t want to buy, I won’t complain. Unless they decide to chart Hoobastank, Chumbawumba, or Barbie Girl that is.
  22. :mrgreen: :???: pass for me … Allready hoping for next DLC … And still have dozent songs to learn ….
  23. I remember pogs being worse than crack. Giega pets, too.
  24. SILVERCHAIR!! Hope we see more Australian music in the future there’s only like 3 Aussie songs in the game.
  25. Picking up all three.
  26. Grumble Volcano
    Only picking up Two Princes this week. The other two songs are ok but not enough to purchase yet.
  27. Didn’t expect Everclear to be included, but nothing off Sparkle and Fade :sad: I hope they are saving Santa Monica and Heroin Girl for a full pack
  28. Only spin doctors for me this week, never heard the other 2
  29. Totally in, really like all 3 of those songs. Can’t believe they picked a Silverchair song really. Screw the haters, diversity in this game is great.
  30. Mike Is a Spanish Fruitfly
    I don’t get these mixed-bag DLC releases (literally and figuratively). I can see why Chris stopped the RATM rumor dead in it’s tracks. Imagine if you thought all week that you were getting RATM and then ended up with this.
  31. 1 month without any decent DLC for me, if we are lucky and have received next week to RATM :cry:
  32. Salut les “Guitar heros” !
    Spin Doctors!!! Not bad at all!!!!!!
    I’m ok !
    Sorry about my poor english level but i’m French ! LOL
  33. Well, not technically complaining, but not buying anything either. :neutral:
  34. Probably pass this week.
  35. I’ll pass. It was nice to get some songs I liked last week though.
  36. sigh, another week and yet another assortment of lackluster dlc, such is the fate of a rocksmith 2014 owner.
  37. Ubisoft as an entity needs to be destroyed because this shit is getting out of control.

    We want GOOD MUSIC anyone who likes this has BAD TASTE.

  38. Would love a silverchair 5 pack!
  39. Silverchair is such a guilty pleasure I love that song. I think he wasn’t even 16 when he wrote that but they never became the boy band version of nirvana like some predicted
  40. Well… Those are all guitar/bass driven songs… Shouldn’t get to many complaints? Right?
  41. I’m stoked for Silverchair, Johns is super underrated as a guitarist.

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