Rocksmith 2014 DLC 3/11 – Female Lead Singles

Well Rocksmith fans, it’s been a long time since we had a 3 song week… The last time we got a mixed bag was the end of the Rocksmith 2011 era of DLC.

Remember Rock Hits 80s 04?

In any event we have two new band additions to Rocksmith 2014 DLC and returning artist Heart.

The theme of this DLC week is ladies who rock with singles from the Grammy winning hard rock band Halestorm with Love Bites (So Do I) , and Flyleaf’s All Around Me.

Heart returns with one of their most famous songs Crazy On You. One of the songs that kept me from completing Guitar Hero 2 on expert for a month due to it’s challenging intro and challenging strumming pattern. This song is definitely going to give you a run for your money.

Female Lead Singles

Are you happy at getting more female artists in Rocksmith? Are you happy for a mixed bag of tracks? What are you hoping for next week? Will A Day To Remember get a full 5 pack? Find out next week on TheRiffRepeater!


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  1. Halestorm! Hell Yeah! Need more!!!!!!
  2. Hopefully its Simple Plan !!!!!
  3. A Day to Remember would be awesome for next week’s pack.

    I was thinking today and came up with a sweet idea for a 5-pack that is unlikely to happen, but would be pretty epic: A Pink Floyd “Animals” album 5 pack.

    Pigs on the Wing (Pt 1)/Dogs/Pigs/Sheep/Pigs on the Wing (Pt 2)

    PotW 1/2 are basically the same with slight variation and are about a minute and a half each. My idea (which wouldn’t actually work out I’m sure) was for the pack to cost the same amount as a regular 5-pack, with the length of Dogs (17 minutes), Pigs (11 minutes) and Sheep (10 minutes) offsetting the two similar and short PotW 1/2 tracks. Playing through the entire album in one setting would be pretty awesome.

  4. I’d never heard of Halestorm, but I’m glad I gave that song a go. That’s my favourite new song for months.
  5. A Day To Remember is next week’s DLC.
  6. What about some Jet, Buck Cherry, Saving Abel, RevTheory, Royal Bliss????
  7. I was actually surprised by Halestorm, they are not that bad.
  8. still waiting 4 more joe satriani… thought they would produce more ondisc artist dlc packs… just have to wait and see though …..
  9. These songs still aren’t available on Psn
  10. Well, Elliott… I liked your original prediction better. All that with Big Brother and Blackhearts. At least you got Heart right and it sure does sound like music to me.
  11. Hi

    Is this on steam UK yet I cant find it
    All Around Me Flyleaf lol :oops:

  12. PASS
  13. Heart is a definite get for me. Torn on Flyleaf atm, so will wait for the video. I don’t really know Halestorm well, but I wasn’t feeling the song.
  14. i wont be satisfied until i get some Pink Floyd, .38 Special, Metallica…mostly Pink Floyd

    but, for this pack, i agree with most that this weeks picks could have been a lot better. Love Bites looks fun and challenging enough though, and Heart is good, but come on, only Crazy On You??

    • Wow…. .38 Special is a throwback to my young teenage years. Might as well add Styx, REO Speedwagon and Power Station lol…..not that I would want to see them on the DLC hahahahaha
  15. The lack of Sheryl Crow saddens me.
    • Sheryl Crow would have been awesome. Speaking of Sheryl, have you seen Screaming Females cover of ‘If it makes you happy?’

  16. I’ll get the halestorm track now and I’ll probably get the heart track down the line sometime or on sale, pass on flyleaf.
  17. Halestorm i get off would have been a better and more popular choice since its a better song and its not on the bandfuse disc and this is the worse flyleaf song from that era disgusted by this weeks dlc
  18. Hi

    Why cant we have Joan Jett, I love Rock’n Roll, this would have been
    a better choice. :evil:

  19. Meh,except for Heart maybe.Dan already said it.I would have even settled for Belinda Carlisle.
  20. Why the hate for Flyleaf?
    • I think it’s Lacey Sturm’s quixotic vocals putting most people off. From the perspective of a huge fan of Tapping the Vein from back about 10-12 years ago, Flyleaf neatly fills the hole their unfortunate demise created.
    • I can’t hate them because I’ve never once heard of them.
    • I am surprised I’m So Sick wasn’t the Flyleaf tune here. Idk if I am buying All Around Me yet, waiting on the bass video.

      I saw them live once at a festival and they were ok, but didn’t compare energy wise to the other bands present (Deftones, Nonpoint, Stone Sour)

  21. I’ll get Heart and probably Halestorm. I’ll definitely pass on Flyleaf.
  22. Another pass. Respect for Halestorm as Lzzy is pretty cute, but that’s just it.
  23. “All Around Me” will be the first track I’ve purchased on the first day of release so far. Hope for a 5-pack from Flyleaf! The other two tracks…meh. Pass.
  24. Passing on these songs as well. Glad I haven’t had much time to play the boston pack yet because this one isn’t that great. Yeah for new bands, just not these. Why couldn’t you have included some No Doubt?
  25. Seems I feel the opposite than most people here. I’m stoked for flyleaf, I think hailstorm is a pretty overrated band and heart never really did it for me
  26. Noooooooooooo Flyleaf nooo :cry: :cry: :cry:
  27. It’s a good mixed pack…. But Halestorm should have their own artist pack.
  28. Meh. Crazy on you is a check but not the others. Wheres Magic Man! Damn man come on
  29. Not real happy with this week. Heart is fine and I can live with Halestorm, but there are much better “women of rock” than Flyleaf. A few are, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, more Pat Benatar, The GoGos, Bangles, Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt, The Sounds,The Pretenders, more Blondie,Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow, Alannis Morissette….I could go on and on.
  30. I’ll get Heart and Halestorm. Flyleaf is a truly awful band.
  31. Love female rockers, but not these.
  32. I think I’ll pass on these and wait and see what next week brings.

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