Rocksmith 2014 DLC 2/18 – Rise Against

Greetings Rocksmith 2014 fans!

Today’s DLC is a pack from Chicago’s own Melodic-Hardcore Punk band, Rise Against! Featuring five songs spanning their career from 2004’s Give It All all the way to 2011’s Make It Stop (September’s Children). 

Long time music game fans of Guitar Hero and Rock Band should recognize Prayer of The Refugee from Guitar Hero III and Give It All from Rock Band 2.

Rise Against Song Pack – $11.99 / Steam

Is this a good selection from Rise Against? Which song are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. I tried to do research for next weeks DLC but I can only think of Arctic Monkeys because of the 2008 British music awards Wikipedia page with Vic hosting. I really doubt this is the DLC bese R U Mine is on rocksmith 2014 setlist
  2. I wanted Rage against the machine :cry: , best DLC I hope the following Tuesday
  3. Damn really wanted State of the Union
  4. Thank you for posting the videos of the game play for each song. When a band that I do not know much about has a song pack come out, I use your videos as a preview of what the songs sound like and if the guitar and bass parts look interesting
  5. Two of the guys from Rise Against used to be in a band that actually didn’t suck called 88 Fingers Louie. I’d like to trade the Rise Against pack in for an 88 Fingers pack, please.
  6. And just like on that “Make it Stop” music video, let’s just hope that it gets better…
  7. Well… I’d call this a disapointment like most of the bands I like they released DLC for. Rocksmith is lacking some good fast paced songs. And seeing Satalite AND Make it stop in there does NOT make it any better. Nothing against RA I personally love them but after Suffer & Witness they swapped fast riffing, heavy bass and raw vocals for lame shit. Still going to get it but for the oldskool not the new shit.

    So many songs they COULD have chosen. Missed chance if you ask me!

    • Nobody is asking you!
      • “Is this a good selection from Rise Against? Which song are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!”

        Pretty sure that qualifies as somebody asking him

      • Um…you seem to have offered your opinion below…did someone ask you, but not flameflowe? Was it the voices in your head? :twisted:
        • Funny dave … In my head is still some brain and this is why i notice that FlameFlowers statement is kind of nonsense. Loving RA and claimig them for lame shit next S&W, pardon? Every band makes it development and the new songs from RA are not that bad, even the slow ones. And a lack of fast paced songs in RM ….. ? Not understandable … I like fast music too and RM offers a lot to play of that kind. So what?
  8. I thought re-education was the one must have. By far their best song and best guitar song.
  9. i’ll only take “give it all”… that will be enough for me.. i’d really prefer some NOFX…!

    and so, the question is : will we have to await some packs of on-disc’s band every weeks?

    i mean, i like that it’s a 3 or 5 pack of a band each week, but, i wouldn’t like to see all the bands on disc get their pack, when i’m sure we are a lot to wait a long list of other bands like Primus, Rage against the machine, Mr bungle, Sonic youth, Suicidal Tendencies, Tool.. and the list is long!
    and, at least a Bob Marley pack for all guitarists that like reggae..

    • Disturbed was not on the Disc so there is some space for surprises.
    • I second the Rage Against the Machine, Tool and Bob Marley requests. How about some Johnny Cash? I know most people classify him as country but he’s in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (for what that’s worth I suppose). But who doesn’t love some JC?!
  10. :twisted: great pack :twisted:
    For me best since Muse ….
    As i do often claim Rocksmith for their DLCs … i have to confess that this is a real good one.
    Thumbs up … Get it … Rock it
  11. Haven’t listened to this band in so long, but I have seen them live twice at festivals. Great band. People always used to say I looked like Tim when I was in high school, but I never got it, guess just the hair was similar (more like Give it all’s video).

    I am buying the 5 pack after taking last week off.

  12. Redemption time after the awful Kiss DLC and bad REM choices. Probably best 5 pack since Iron Maiden for me
  13. I am actually excited to have swing life away. Give it all and prayer for the refugee could have been swapped out for something else on their respective albums, and the last two I haven’t heard so it will be great to hear new songs.
  14. America fuck yeah
  15. Eww. Why do we never get any of their early stuff in music games? I’d love to see Like The Angel, Voices Off Camera, or Paper Wings. Everything Rise Against has done past The Sufferer & The Witness just sounds the same.
    • Paper Wings would have been awesome. I was hoping for Life Less Frightening, but I am glad we at least got Give it All. We could have got nothing from Siren Songs at all and that would have just been sad.
  16. Why do America get it cheaper than the UK? Costs $11.99 in America but then costs £9.60 in the UK, $11.99 does not equal £9.60 in sterling… should cost us like 7 pounds.
  17. I would change Re-education for Swing Life Away.

    I’m pretty excited about playing Satellite.

    They really need to add Re-education as a single…

  18. I can’t believe they left out “Like the Angel”
  19. why not RAGE against…
  20. Whats the tuning? All Eb?.
  21. that is the best pack you could possibly leave re education out of
  22. Wow. Was not expecting Swing Life Away. Make It Stop kind of surprised me too, and the fact that there’s nothing from Appeal to Reason. Regardless, I still love me some Rise Against, and this is a great pack! Wished for more from The Sufferer and the Witness, though.
  23. Just saw the video for Make It Stop and all I can say is wow, what a powerful song.
  24. I remember Give it all from Need for Speed Underground 2, it feels like it was yesterday, I was a freshman at college, unbelievable almost 10 years ago
  25. WE CRAWL
  26. Disappointed that Re-Education Through Labor didn’t make it, but I’ll let it pass.
  27. Sweet. I love Satellite

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