Rocksmith 2014 DLC 1/28 – System of a Down Pack

Greetings Rocksmith 2014 fans! Today we have a highly requested band hitting the DLC library.

System of a Down brings three of their biggest hit songs to rock out too.

With the frantic riffing of BYOBthe intense climatic ballad of Aerials, and the thumping anthem Toxicity this will be a pack that’s sure to have some serious replay value for anyone that doesn’t mind tuning down to Drop C.

The only complaint I have about this pack is that there are only three songs!

System of a Down Pack – $7.99

What do you think of the three songs in the pack? What songs would you pick? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Zou are greaaaaaaaaaat♥
  2. amoooooooooooooooo system é tdooo pra mim eles tem q vir pra foz do iguaçu pr :smile:
  3. I looooooooooooooooooooooove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kiss e good night, and good……………. sejamos felizes…
  4. o nome da Banda é tão tudo a ver… não tem como o sistema sobreviver pra sempre… está em decadência… e eles falam cantando… isso…
  5. qualidade sem medo… informação, arte, o q tem há ver no íntimo… tem de falar e expor, daí à quem caber, q …
  6. The Besssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…….t…..!!!!
    Beautiful, sou brasleira… mas cara… eles são muito bons, amo harmonia, guitarra pesada, e c/ conteúdo, eles tem tudo e …
  7. I have been eating sunflower seeds at work all day, haven’t touched one in years, thank you system.
  8. I think this pack was released today because the State of the Union was on tonight.
  9. Drop C? Wow, strings would be probably lying on frets on 10-52.
  10. Bob (not that ROOS)
    Chop Suey is/was a must!
    … and only 3 songs … pardon?
    Do they want us to fall on our knees … take that ..I..

    Better do a better job with Slayer DLC …

  11. the only complain I have is that drop c# doesn’t register correctly on my pc version…
  12. Wish it were a 5 pack! Still buying but I would’ve thrown a triumphant fist in the air if I’d seen a couple songs off their first album.

    Like P.L.U.C.K or Suggestions. Or Sugar or Know or Suite-Pee or friggin’ anything off of their first album!

    That’s a great damn album.

  13. I just love these songs. B.Y.O.B. is really fast but extremely rewarding. Hope to see more DLC like this one :!:
  14. I had Chop Suey instead of Aerials.
  15. Fck, no Chop Suey… BYOB is amazing.
  16. I am a little disappointed there is no chop suey. I’m am just not a fan of toxicity. And would have loved that or sugar. There are a lot of other songs I woul have preffered but such is life I guess!
  17. byob is the song to play if you want to break your arm and throw your guitar at the tv
  18. Wow, no Chop Suey? For as much interest as the user base has with asking for this band, a 5 pack was needed.
  19. this should make for a good past time activity
  20. No Chop Suez ? :/
  21. Nice, Toxicity :cool:
  22. One thing that I’ve noticed is they release song packs from bands that have songs from the original setlist of 2014. Muse, The Who, Oasis, and ETC. Hopefully Deftones, Bush, and Def Leppard soon.
    • Yep, because of licensing. It’s easier to get songs from bands from who you already have the license. These three would definitely awesome.
  23. Yeah I was also hoping for sugar, but still a great set list. Now if we can keep this going with some Soundgraden!
  24. I would’ve went with another choice besides Toxicity, it’s been a bit overplayed in most of the music games. It’d be nice to see some of SoaD’s earlier work, like Suggestions, D-Devil, or like ginrog said, Sugar or Spiders.

    I would love to see Marmalades bassline scrolling down the screen. Really, just about anything before the Toxicity CD… not that it’s bad, but System were definitely in their prime before it hit.

  25. I knew there would have been Toxicity and Aerials
    BYOB as well, but could have been Chop Suey
    Prerty disappointed it’s only 3 songs :(
  26. I was so hoping for sugar and spiders but these were my other choices for a 5 pack!

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