Rocksmith 2014 DLC 1/21 – Weezer

The rumours were true! Today is a 5 Pack from the incredible crunchy fender guitar tunes of Weezer!  Featuring songs from the The Blue Album and The Green Album this pack definitely didn’t surprise anyone with it’s choices. I Would love to switch out Hash Pipe with a song from Pinkerton but there’s always next pack right?   Seriously, can someone please give me In The Garage already? I’ve been waiting long enough… Weezer Song Pack – $11.99 / Steam

Are you pleased with the first Weezer song pack? Do you hate Weezer? Let us know!


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  1. The mention of Soundgarden makes me smile. I would also love some pink floyd, STP and Brooks and Dunn. Wouldn’t that be sweet?
  2. More NIRVANA…please!
  3. These songs are way too easy to merit inclusion in a guitar training game. If you can’t figure these out by ear/tab, you have no chance at the guitar.
  4. Another 6pk off the blue album and I’ll be set for a while. Thanks!
  5. Rumour: Bad Things coming to Rocksmith 2014? | The Riff Repeater - pingback on January 23, 2014 at 3:11 pm
  6. man, they really like putting GH3 songs into their dlc
  7. ‘My Name Is Jonas’ was sorta unnecessary, is it one of their new songs or something?
  8. Who turned this into a request thread?
  9. Why no temple of the dog? They have sound garden and pearl jam?

    I would love some hunger strike or ANY song off that album!!!

  10. I would like multiple releases of packs. Like do two totally different eras or genres. And why not a release chart why so secretive?!
  11. For the opening to “My Name is Jonas”, who here finger picks it? I learned to finger pick it, and I never got the hang of picking it out with a pick
  12. Not good enough.
  13. Sorry for the typos :/ (at work)
  14. Soundgarden beeds to be added soon. A single song choice should be Epic by Faith No More. There is a need for more of the early 90’s Collective Soul, Candlebox, and some more Nirvana. How.amazing would it be if they did Temple of The Dog!? It would never happen, but would be sick.
  15. I love weezer, but gonna pass on this. These songs are just too basic and can easily be learned via tabs.
  16. I’m in! Don’t see it yet on Playstation yet though…
  17. Perfect. Just perfect.
  18. Gotta say I was hopping to get hash pipe!!! And undone. The only one I don’t absolutely love is island in the sun. But I still like it! Will definitely be getting this one!!
  19. I can’t complain about the selection, I love all of those songs.
    With only 5 songs, there are bound to be snubs.
    I wonder if they are going to “play it safe” for awhile with picks because of the backlash over the Aerosmith selection.
  20. Only in Dreams :cry:
  21. I’m hoping for some Rolling Stones, The Kinks or Nirvana.
  22. Paul cross said one of the next packs will include “serious drop tunings”. What do you think will be next? Soundgarden, System of a down?
  23. I wanted El Scorcho :( . Im hoping for red hot chilli peppers, arctic monkeys and nirvana packs sometime soon
  24. Nailed it?

    I too would have liked to see In the Garage and especially Only in Dreams. Those 2 I listened to constantly on the bus in high school.

  25. Good for me!!

    I would have taken some from make believe!! I just love that album!!

  26. well, thats my top 5 songs from weezer lol, i think that im going to buy it
  27. Yes yes and yes. Great choices.
  28. Kind of surprised that “Perfect Situation” isn’t there, but it won’t stop me buying it. ..
  29. Love Weezer, but leaving Dope Nose out for a guitar gm is a sin

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