Rocksmith 2014 DLC 11/5 – Iron Maiden 5 Pack


Today’s Rocksmith 2014 DLC is sure to challenge guitarists and bassists alike with an epic 5 pack from New Wave of British Heavy Metal ambassadors Iron Maiden!

Fear of The Dark is a big deal for me personally because the intro was the first complex riff I ever learned on guitar (we’re talking 2002 here). Thanks Ubisoft!

Iron Maiden Song Pack – $11.99 / [Steam]


With a band like Iron Maiden everyone is always going to want “X song” but I think they nailed it for their first pack! Let’s see some more Rocksmith!


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  1. Captainoffun22
    If they make a 2nd Iron Maiden pack, I’m hoping for Rime of the Ancient Mariner. it is on most of Top Ten List,so even have it below 5, I’ve seen it at 2 and 3 on best Iron Maiden song lists, if they don’t add this song to 2nd Iron Maiden pack.
  2. I would like an Iron maiden song pack 2 with:

    Fligh of icarus
    Rime of The ancient mariner
    The wicker man

    Harmonix license!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  3. Rocksmith 2014 DLC 1/7: Aerosmith | The Riff Repeater - pingback on January 7, 2014 at 7:50 am
  4. Downloading now, very pumped to play them. Does anyone know how to download my rocksmith 1 songs to rocksmith 2014 on xbox? I passed when it gave me the original prompt but now I’m ready and I don’t know how.
    • Workaround: You can temporarily move your save data to an external location such as a USB drive, then start the game. The game will think you are starting fresh and will again prompt you to download the Disc Import Pack. You can successfully download the Import Pack using this method, then return your save data to the original location to maintain your progress
  5. I would have traded Run to the Hills for Hallowed be thy Name, but nonetheless, a very good pack. Will be buying after work. :razz:
  6. I’m sooooo happy to see a Maiden pack come out. I’ve been wanting this for such a long time. I think they picked a very good assortment of songs here.
  7. Not a Maiden fan but don’t dislike them, just think it might be a tad out of my league… Cool with such big bands though, promising for the future
  8. Amazing pack and I still don’t have the 2014 edition on my hands. Bollocks!! Where is the on demand version of the game that was supposed to be available on November 1st? Anyone knows something about that?
  9. yes!!!

    Now, when is pack two coming out :razz:

  10. There are three Hotei tracks up as well

    Battle Without Honour Or Humanity

  11. Yay veen waiting simce the launch of rocksmith for a maiden pack :razz: :razz: :razz: bit bummed phantom of the opera isnt there but maybe pack2 of maiden will have it

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