Rocksmith 2014 DLC 11/19 – 3 Songs from Green Day

Today’s Rocksmith 2014 DLC is a three pack from East Bay Punk Pop Legends, Green Day! Covering three decades of their career is Basket Case off 1994’s Dookie, American Idiot, and Oh Love off ¡Uno!

This is kind of a big deal since the only other music game to have Green Day DLC has been Rock Band 3, and we all know how that happened

Green Day Song Pack – $7.99 / Steam

Three songs is definitely not enough but it’s a good start! Did you pick up the whole pack? What songs would you like to see from Green Day appear in a hypothetical “Song Pack 02,” let us know!

PS: Pay attention to the lyrics in American Idiot





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  1. Rocksmith 2014 DLC will return in… 2014 | The Riff Repeater - pingback on December 21, 2013 at 4:28 pm
  2. This game is great but is should have songs from other country’s like latino music like the people from pc make.
  3. Radiohead next week.
  4. Love this pack. Love it.
  5. What was the Mark Webber F1 connection to Green Day?
  6. I’d be happy to get any songs from any pre-warning release. particularly tracks off dookie or insomniac.
  7. a different Scott
    Very disappointed… Not so much that it is Green Day but with the hype.. Did RS really go WOW We Got Them? I was expecting someone with little to no video game exposure
    • Yeah. It’s unbelievable that they would be excited to get an artist and material, that has been believed to be unavailable outside of the Rock Band franchise…
  8. Not bad, I think I’ll have some fun with these.

    I think I would like something different for the next set of DLC though. Something either more like a ballad that I can play for my missus, or maybe some funky blues stuff.

  9. I’ll be honest, I’m glad we even got Basket Case. I always preferred a Rocksmith Green Day pack, although TOTALLY not gonna happen, to be deep cuts from Idiot and 21st. If so, we could have another Unnatural Selection-esque journey while playing guitar.
    Homecoming and Before the Lobotomy have always been my favorite of the modern GD, with Hitchin’ a Ride and Longview being my other selections. And, meh, make it a five-pack: Throw a bone with Holiday.
  10. Green Day is lame. Very very lame!
  11. 2,000 light years away
  12. 21 Guns and Holiday :)
  13. So many people on a website based on rhythm games which encompasses a whole host of genres are completely closed to anybody who has an opinion which differs to their own.
    If you dont like this group your a pleb, if you say this group is huge you’re a fool, how can you say this isnt absolutely brilliance?????? rar rar rar blah blah!!
    It would be a pretty boring scene if everybody liked the same type of music, bands become big because fans like their music but that does not mean everybody has to like it, spent two days watching RS forum becoming a schoolyard with childish comments and flaming all because somebody dares to disagree about the size or popularity of a band……live and let live people, opinions are like arseholes…everybodies got one. :razz:
  14. “the only other music game to have Green Day DLC has been Rock Band 3,”

    Rock Band 2 had Green Day DLC also.

  15. Not enough songs…
  16. Panic Song would be my #1 pick! Love that bass line. Arm destroyer.
  17. Wow. This Sucks.
    • Lemme guess: AC/DC? Zep? Moar metal? Green Day are sellouts? Copy paste copy paste copy paste.

      Be glad this game exists in the first place, and understand that they’re not going to phone you personally for advice on DLC.

      • He’s probably a metalhead elitist.
        • Afraid not. Actually, I listen to good music. You’ve probably heard it before. It sounds like musicians that know what they are doing and can play their instruments competently. Not Goofy, D-Class, Radio Friendly, Bleach Blonde, Pretend Punk Bands. In fact, contrary to popular belief, Green Day is not even really a band. Just three guys that get paid to wear silly clothes and tell hoards of mindless voters stuff like “George Bush likes to do cocaine while he makes up the evening news!” Do you honestly think bands like Fugazi, Minor Threat, Black Flag, The Misfits, The Smiths, The Ramones, The Minutemen, The Circle Jerks, or Bad Brains would ever align themselves with such corporate-fed, pseudo-anti-establishment, misdirected, Studio-Made, Politically Uninformed Bozos? Green Day have contributed nothing.
  18. All songs are great, hope that other songs will be from different albums as well.

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