Lamb of God returns to Rocksmith 2014 next week!


Are you a metal fan who is disappointed that your favourite genre is under-represented in Rocksmith? Occasionally you may even be vocal about that fact in the comments of a Facebook post, a YouTube video, or even an article on this humble website. Well, prepare to be satisfied, for this week, at least. Next week’s DLC is three songs from a band that can hold the claims of being both modern metal masters AND a group who’s frontman my nearly 63 year old mother tremendously respects: Lamb of God.

On Friday, Dan posted this photo:


Since we’ve already let the cat out of the bag on the artist, there’s no surprise here anymore. That said, are you not curious to see how we got here?

In what seems to be practically a tradition at this point, the forums found a way to link this image of Jan Hus to Rage Against the Machine. It is not Rage Against the Machine. It took 10 pages, but TerribleAcorn found the original image the clue was taken from.

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 9.01.19 PM

Finally, kangshred seems to figure it out.

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 9.04.40 PM

Also worth mentioning: bcat129 predicted the pack before Dan put out another clue announcing all the songs.

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 9.06.38 PM

So, there you have it. It’s Lamb of God next week, and here are the songs you can expect to shred come Tuesday!

Redneck is one of my favourite tracks to play, so I know that I’m excited for this pack. How about you? Will you be picking this up? Do you wish there were more songs in this pack? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. I was trying walk witme in hell; second little block of intro ; place first finger on 5 string 13 fret and finger 2 and 3 on the twi strings below; use your pink to switch between string 3 and 4 ; was different as in riffrepeater and seemed strange 😀
  2. Oskar RT But that's assuming people who do harsh vocals can't sing, when in fact the opposite is true a lot of time.

    Probably the prime example is Mikael Akerfeldt, who was considered one of the best growlers in the business (back when he still growled) and one of the best singers in metal.

  3. Colin Behnke Yep, but people who vocalized in that way were the exception rather than the rule. I mean, today you hear almost all the so called metal made in that way, but years ago singers in metal bands actually were able to sing, at least the better ones…
  4. Oskar RT Harsh vocals aren't exactly a new thing. Far harsher vocals started getting widespread use in the mid-80's.
  5. They're so unheard of their last 3 albums only made the top 10 on the billboard! With their last album hitting #2.

    We all know that bands are obscure indie-bullshit if they aren't #1 right?

  6. nope. not interested.
  7. DynamicAnatomy
    Finally some more metal! The heavier end the spectrum as well. Very thankful for the guys @ Rocksmith for creating a diverse in interesting lineup of songs to play.

    There are always haters when any DLC comes out. We have some especially ignorant posts on this one. Oh well. Such is the internet.

    \m/ L.O.G. \m/

  8. Did nobody get the burn the priest reference?
  9. Not gonna buy this one
    Top 40 Requested Bands =

    It was Feb 2014 the last time any of those top 40 artists were released as DLC.

  10. I saw them live, with Korn, Rob Zombie and Five Finger Death Punch. FFDP and Korn were awesome, but LoG was terrible. I wish we could get some Korn and Killswitch Engage on rocksmith.
    • DynamicAnatomy
      You’re probably not going to see Korn or any band that plays detuned 7 or 8 string guitars. try tuning your everyday 6 string all the way down to A and see how that works. I’m going to go ahead and assume not well.
    • I’m actually kind of glad to hear that Five Finger Death Punch have a good stage presence because I think everything else about them is total crap. At least putting on a good show makes them worthy of all the praise/fame their getting lately.
  11. Redneck still hurts my fingers, and I have no idea how I manage to hit the bridge and get a 86% mastery.
    And I refuse to ever try something like that again.
    No way, you won’t be able to make me.

    The songs sound great.
    I might get one.
    Or two.

    • And I refuse to ever try something like that again.
      No way, you won’t be able to make me.

      The songs sound great.
      I might get one.
      Or two.

      best. post. ever.

  12. I’m not angry enough to like this band. Still having fun with the yacht rock so I’ll be alright to wait until next weeks dlc. Hopefully something good.
  13. Christoffer Waage
    Elliott Rudner Hellter Skelter
  14. Christoffer Waage
    MAN! That "The bands I haven't heard of, shouldn't come as DLC" comment/post… That's such a huge classic, that Hold the Line is maybe the only thing more classic I've seen in weeks.
  15. I wont be getting this one I am not a fan of these guys. They play guitar and stuff alright but then you hear the singer and it gets really shitty, just like mastodon. (who unfortunately also has dlc) They are 2 of my least favorite metal bands that are somehow really popular
  16. I'll buy but if you don't like it don't buy
  17. So sold super tech metal to the haters it takes skill to pull it off not everyone's cup of tea but I put up with all the other downloads just accept it an let's go on
  18. Yay more antichristian bullshit. And it doesn’t help that it musically blows too.
    • I’m with you on that on both points, although I’d probably express it differently.
    • The clue featured a sacrifice to the Christian God, so there was a shout out to your crew. :cool:
    • God doesn’t exist and Christian Rock sucks. I hate when people complain about something being anti-Christian.
      • You are proof God exists. It let you win the life-lottery infinite times in a row. Try thankfulness
      • Why should anyone care what you hate any more than what I do? “I hate that people have an opinion” -- yeah, that’s an argument. I’ll agree however, that most (well, nearly all) Christian rock sucks. You should give Todd Agnew a listen. I’d totally buy a pack of his stuff, although it will never happen.
    • Wow Christians with a persecution complex. Now that’s not something you see every day.
      • Who said anything about being persecuted, or even implied same? Just expressing an opinion, much like you did. It’s pretty easy to be a Christian here in the US, not so much other places though.
    • All I needed to see from them is their music video for Redneck. You have to be a complete loser to make a video like that. I cannot stand hateful, douchebag metal bands. It is one reason I strongly prefer Killswitch Engage to many other metal bands. Their lyrics are not completely ridiculous like LoG and Suicide Silence.
      • DynamicAnatomy
        Figures. You saw one video one time and make a judgment solely on your misinterpretation of the video, the song and its meaning.

        If you knew anything about them, you’d know they aren’t hateful people at all. They were purposely acting like jerks in the video for a reason. The song is a metaphor about the music industry (specifically big record labels)and how they sometimes mistreat the artists and the fans.

        • Whew! Thanks for the warning.

          I was going to purchase the LOG DLC based on the fact I thought they were a bunch of hate filled anti-christian jerks.

          Now I know it’s all an act, I think I’ll save my money and wait for a real band of arseholes that promotes true Satanism and the utter futility of the human condition (like OneRepublic).

          Hail Satan! :twisted:

  19. Hell ya!! walk with me in hell was the first log song i heard, i now have all there albums ,love this band!
  20. I think I'll pass. Screaming is not music to me.
  21. Well, new comer metal fans who enjoy this kind of, well, new metal, which by the way is a sub-genre that is not really enjoyable at all, mostly because the barking like voices that those bands tend to use…
  22. Its kind of funny to me how so many people are like “can we get a metal band that doesn’t scream?” And I’m just over here like….. what dominates the metal world more, clean singers or the screamers?

    Anyway being a huge metal fan myself, this actually seems like a great track with Ghost Walking and Walk with me in Hell. Those are some seriously fun songs to play. I’m afraid, however, at the small selection of artist metal is being represented by. Is only 7 artist (my standard of metal at least) and they kind of just recycle them. I’d like to see more representatives, there are some seriously talented guitarist in the genre. But I guess it’s easier to get bands if you already have a deal with them

    • I partially agree with you. I’m a big fan of music in the general rock/metal genre, but I tend to gravitate mostly to classic rock and progressive rock/metal artists. I do listen to a ton of metal though, both old and new, and I think that there are loads of great bands out there that actually make music with sung vocals and none of that growling crap.

      I understand that LoG are popular, and I can see why: the guitar work is wicked and the music all fits together nicely. However, the vocals just destroy it for me. When the vocals come in, I find myself instantly gnashing my teeth and wanting to shut it off. I would go as far as to say it’s barely even music at that point.

      Screaming/growling/gurgling/grunting/insert other gross noise/etc is, imo, not an art form as much as it is an admission that your lead “singer” has no talent/voice. It’s sad to me just how popular and widespread it has become in the metal genre.

      • It takes a lot of talent to get a growl like that and keep it going for a solid 1 hour+ set. I used to hate the “cookie monster” vocals, but the more I paid attention to what was happening, I now consider them to be just distortion for the voice. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. LoG is one of those bands where it works.

        There’s a huuuge difference between Randy Blythe growling and George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher’s growling. Either would have plenty of trouble if they swapped bands.

        • I like some of the shouty metal, and I said in my comment that I’m not a fan because of the vocals, but the third song there, walk with me in hell, had much better sounding vocals than the other two. I’m guessing this is due to production, and that it is from a different album. I may well get into this band beyond just playing this pack.
      • Modern metal with all clean vocals.

        @HA!: I disagree with your last paragraph. Just because they can’t hit the singing range of many undoubtedly talented people, the focus and vocal manipulation that is required to make these sounds is no less art than your most highly regarded opera singers.

        I’d like to see any artists that has made a career on clean vocals try to sound good doing death metal vocals… seriously, the growls, screeches and shouts. It’s an entirely different medium. just like sculpting isn’t the same as painting.

        and these musicians (which they deserve to be called) do this EVERY NIGHT while touring. this vocal method requires a lot more than most people think. especially to do it consistently night after night… not just once in a recording studio.

  23. i heard the log singer killed a guy in a show so he is the real deal
  24. Another clue is that the art depicts a priest being burned, and Lamb of God’s original name was Burn The Priest.

    I’m excited for this. Forget the haters, Lamb of God is going to be fun as hell to play. Great choice for a DLC pack.

  25. Lamb of god
    you take away the sins of the world
    have mercy on us….

    Lamb of god
    you take away the sins of the world
    grant us peace

  26. Elliott Rudner
    "thrash and shout" is my death metal Beatles cover band
  27. F YESSSSSS!!!!! Richmond VA in the HIZZY!!!!!
  28. Wow, people really will find a reason to complain about pretty much anything.
  29. Cookie monster returns to Rocksmith 2014 next week!
  30. Seth Le Septième
    AWESOME riffs to play !
  31. It's one thing if you don't like them, I'm not a big fan either, but these guys aren't exactly obscure.
  32. This metal is in such harsh contrast with last week’s smooth rock. Alas, I’ll have to start passing on DLC again.
  33. im a metal fan but these just scream its not even music its just thrash and shout! at least give us metal bands who make music not noise
  34. I’m not much of a fan of the band as I don’t really like the vocals, but the music and guitar playing is good, so I’ll be getting these. The Surf pack, a couple from the yacht rock collection, this pack, I’m having a great time with this DLC, thanks UBIsoft!
  35. IMO there is a reason why metal is under-represented in Rocksmith. I think metal songs only appeal to people who listen to them.

    I play a fair share of songs on Rocksmith i wouldn’t usually listen to because they are interesting to play, but i really cant stand most metal songs they are just no fun to play.

    • This may be true, but metal fans--especially fans of extreme metal--are some of the most rabid and content-hungry music fans in the world. Aside from only maybe jazz aficionados, they have undeniably the biggest physical format collections.

      I would have to assume that this type of music has a much sharper sales chart than many others--huge first-week sales as rabid fans gobble it up, but then a much faster tapering off as impulse buys would probably be lower than for other genres. I would almost see this as a cash-grab week for Ubi instead of a long-term investment as is most DLC.

      Not that I have any inside information, I’m just ruminating. I could be way off. All I *know* is I can’t wait to learn the killer solo in “Ghost Walking”!

      • Hm you have a point there.
        But i still think they would make more money with more “mainstream” music.

        Sure would be interesting to see how much they make with each dlc

  36. who?

    btw you should see my blisters from Hold The Line

  37. Lamb of God, to me, represent that unfortunate sub genre of metal that has great instrumental performances and AWFUL growling/screaming vocals. Such a travesty. Blegh.
  38. Yeah! Laid to rest is intabuy for me :smile:
  39. Michael Wastedkitten Hruby
    One of the most popular metal bands that no one has ever heard of. That makes SOOOOOO much sense.
  40. Admire the guitar and bass on this music, but just can’t stand the vocals with this type of metal.
    Pass this week. But hey…we got China Grove so all is good. Spread the love.
  41. These songs will def be fun.

    Hoping for uncensored tracks… I hate the hard edits to remove the F-bombs in Laid To Rest. Sounds very awkward without something there like it was on GH.

    Looking forward to:
    All the variation riffs in Laid To Rest
    The solo in Ghost Walking (and another song in Drop Db)
    The breakdown/solo in Walk With Me In Hell

  42. Get out you ignoramus.
  43. Elliott Rudner
    ahh yes, the indie underground band Lamb of God, who could forget them
  44. Just because you haven't heard of them doesn't mean nobody has. This is one of my favorite bands and I most definitely will be purchasing this dlc.
  45. How long have you lived outside your cave?
  46. Pass.

    I simply do not see the appeal of this band. To each their own I guess. Hope it calms the loud Facebook metalheads tho.

  47. Laid to rest!!!!
  48. See ive heard of lamb of god but they arnt someone who i would want to play on rocksmith. They are a popular band amongst metal fans
  49. Redneck is also one of my favorite to play but I play it very sloppy. I don’t have the rhythm for that. I know these will be great to play but…

    Mark Morton is pretty versatile too. If he ever did a metal/blues fusion joint, I’d certainly be a fan.

  50. Steve Hallman
    Great. More bands no one has ever heard of. I think their primary criteria is "what can we license dirt cheap".

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