Speculation: Women of Rock coming to Rocksmith 2014 next week!

It’s International Women’s Day!

The hints have been posted, and I think it’s very apparent that Crazy On You by Heart is headed to Rocksmith 2014. 

However, that still leaves two other artists (that haven’t been in Rocksmith before) to be revealed. Yes, it’s a singles week, for the first time since October 22nd, 2013!

My theory is to go with the theme of “Heart” so it’s led me to these two possibilities:

A great beginner song, Heart is in the band name and “Love” is in the song title. If this song doesn’t come this week there’s no way it isn’t coming eventually.

You know you want to play this.

Of course @SquirellyNinja isn’t quite done with us…

Uhhh, ok?

What are your two song picks? Do you think we’re too confident in our prediction for Crazy On You?

Let us know in the comments below.

Remember… It’s not an on disc artist, and (as far as we can tell from the hint) isn’t a band from Rocksmith’s DLC either. So no, Paramore or Pat Benetar!


UPDATE: Looks like the second confirmed song is…



Another Rock Band 1 Classic!

Damn you Paul…


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  1. We want more Slayer tracks, women of rock is nice, and yes there should be more of their tracks in the game, but I want more Slayer. If not Slayer, get Kittie, The Pretty Reckless, In This Moment, The Agonist, Archenemy, I mean the list is endless. Womn who rock should not be limited to the guitarists.

    But point is… more Slayer. We want it.

  2. Oooooh that hurt man. Really bad. I can’t recover from that one
  3. So…no “I’m so sick” for tomorrow ?
    Damn, the main riff of this song is great.
  4. The that fact that you have to ask how the word “Sweet” is being used in that sentance tells me that you’re the tool. Now shut up and think about how stupid you are before you post ridiculous comments.
  5. wow, is everyone okay?
  6. Heart is okay, don’t know about the others.

    Would trade all 3 for something epic like Aqualung.

  7. guano apes open your eyes
  8. this game is called ROCK smith correct where is the rock music no songs with riffs or solos just 1 hit garbage , heart forget that i dont care for that halestorm song

    what did this criscross guy can’t spend a extra bucks and pick a band that has a real rock riff in it??

    • Someone’s butthurt. Also your grammar sucks.
    • Listen to the two songs for this week again, look my avatar in the eyes and say that there aren’t any rock riffs in them. That one during the bridge for Love Bites? Yowza.
    • Go fuck off and masturbate to your ac/dc records you pleb
    • Vincent McClain
      How and the hell do you consider crazy on you not an amazing guitar track. Please throw your guitar out your window (if you live in a 5 story or more apartment) then change your mind and follow the guitar, you’ll do the world a SOLID.
  9. I’ll buy two. I’ll never buy anything from Flyleaf. Awful band.
  10. What’s that image of Lzzy from?
  11. I’ll pass & wait to see if 3/18/14 DLC is to my liking

    especially since I already have 2/3 on BF

  12. They can’t rock for shit? Obviously you’re sexist basterd that knows nothing of good music. If you actually knew fuck all about guitar then you’d see that Heart and Joan Jett has some of the heaviest, sweetest riffs, and seeing how there Females, I think they “Rock” pretty fucking hard. Its not all about Metal.
  13. I’m guessing either 4 Non Blonds or HOle.

    “go on take everything…take everything…”

  14. I don’t know about anyone else but I was hoping to see some dlc from In this Moment
  15. Great DLC for this week. I have a hard time really getting Love Bites close to 90%+ on the real difficulty in Bandfuse(I miss my dynamic difficulty!) so cannot wait to get it in Rocksmith
    • Oh, I also love how Cross mentions having a lot of music cleared. Let’s get some double weeks for packs or maybe some totally unrelated singles when it is only a 3 pack week. That would be cool.
  16. Halestorm

    Repeated theme --
    Woman singer, woman guitarist, and the band starts with H its…………….Hole.

  17. Haim would be pretty cool for the 3rd. I would DL that one.
  18. FrogEyedMuthafucker
    Rocksmith has enough female lead songs. Don’t get me wrong, I love women a lot, but they can’t rock for shit. Here’s looking forward to the following week…
  19. Man, who cares what game gets which songs, just get a tab and learn the god damn song, no one ever said its easy. And don’t forget that all these musicians learned the hard way. Which didnt involve a damn video game. So quite whining and be happy theres an alternative
  20. ok, with Paul’s last comment it’s definitely Halestorm and Heart.
  21. Oh, and one more that could be it- The Pretty Reckless, seeing as they have an album coming out in two weeks.
  22. I’m still thinking it’s Crazy on You, Love Bites, and something by a runaway, especially seeing as that Alanis song really isn’t the most empowering to realease as a women’s pack.
  23. Who cares which game gets what. Remember back in the day when you actually had to learn the song by ear or tab.Maybe some of you should rethink how you’re your learning these riffs. Not everything revolves around these game, if you wanna play a song that’s nt in the
  24. Some kinda weak song options but I very much approve of the Women of Rock concept.
  25. How about some Jefferson Airplane. Specifically, the live song with the super prejudiced liberal nazi propaganda bullshit spoken in drunken slurs to a crowd full of German citizens. That’s my vote.
    • Hey, we liberals don’t like to be called Nazis just like you conservatives don’t like to be called racists.
      • Good point, even though Nazi’s were comprised of a far left Socialist party and Abe Lincoln (a republican) abolished slavery.
  26. Grumble Volcano
    This twitter conversation confirms we’re getting 2 of 3 out of:
    Heart -- Crazy on You
    Alanis Morissette -- You Oughta Know
    Halestorm -- Love Bites (So Do I)


    I think Love Bites is the one we’re not getting, still “The Bandfuse Killer Pack 01” could still happen with replacing that with Drain the Blood by The Distillers.

  27. If the theme really is lady leadsingers then Crazy on you by heart would be nice (read challenging) to learn :)
    My guesses for one of the other two is

    Go your own way by Fleetwood mac

    Hoping though these three wouldn’t be all claasic rock :neutral:

  28. Metric or The Kills!
  29. Some Lacuna Coil would be nice
  30. Garbage is long overdue in Rocksmith. I’d say the same for Halestorm as well if I didn’t think it was more likely they’d end up with more Bandfuse DLC.
    • I really hope that Halestorm won’t stay exclusive to BandFuse. Sure, you could just get that game to play it, but I’m European, and BandFuse isn’t sold here, so Rocksmith is my only option.
  31. please no more classic 1 hit wonders they had 10 plastic guitar games full of them i want to play real rock music suggest this to the powers that be

    garbage,orianthi,flyleaf,no doubt,halestorm,orianthi deserves to be in this game she’s a sick guitarist

  32. HolyHandGrenade
    Gimme some No Doubt!
  33. HAIM? I remember there being alot of talk regarding them possibly coming as dlc
  34. If keeping with the female fronted/love theme, I’m guessing Love Bites by Halestorm will be included.
  35. Heart is always a good choice , otherwise I could see maybe Zombie by The Cranberries being included and even though they’ve already been DLC I’d love to see more Blondie or more Pat Benatar. Is it too much to hope for some Fleetwood Mac songs too? Preferably Rhiannon or Gypsy.

    Regardless , I’ve really liked Rocksmith DLC so far ( the only packs I didn’t care for waere the Alice in Chains and SOAD oned ) and hopefully the quality continues. :grin:

  36. Pretenders, Garbage, Hole, Evanescence (they also had a DLC in the past) would be also options… Garbage in particular would be fun to play.
  37. i say pretenders,joan jett and heart
  38. OMG! If this is true -- this will be da best DLC eva!!!
  39. 10/16/12 in american dates is when there was the a tiny earthquake at 7:12, 3:12 is exactly 5 hours behind that.. which is… Alaska? UTC-9.. Is the answer… Alanska Morrisette? … okay sorry for wasting mine and your own time..
    • Dude … You could be on to something? Not so much with your Alanis thing (although who knows), but possibly with your Earthquake thing? Your Little Earthquake thing? OK … spoiler alert I’m talking about Tori Amos … who I know next to nothing about, other than she’s sort of pretty and has that “Lilith Fair vibe” going for her. Does she even have guitars in her music? :?:
      • OK that comment was supposed too link to this, which doesn’t actually have much in the way of guitars that I can hear:

        Didn’t we have one other DLC with keys transcribed for guitar though? (Can’t remember)

  40. What’s the reasoning on sticking to a ‘heart’ -- ‘love’ theme? Crossie stated they had ‘something in common’. And it looks like all being female has that covered. The ‘heart’ theme suggests more than 1 thing in common, which to me isn’t really part of his hints.

    but if your guesses are correct, it’ll be the first buy for me in months.

  41. Wait rocksmith is now copying released bandfuse dlc I guess the tables have turned first it was boston now heart. I hope these 2 games stay away from duplicate tracks its a wasted opportunity for new tracks
    • 1) Licensing doesn’t happen that fast
      2) They’re getting the studio version, which is drastically different from the live one that BandFuse got.

      Chances are you won’t be able to watch this…

    • Are you an idiot? A song is a song. People want to learn songs in the game of their choice. That’s literally the thickest and most backward thinking on Earth.
      • Really? *That’s* the most backward thinking on Earth? Racism or stoning a woman because she was raped? That’s pretty backward, but thinking that studio vs. live makes a difference? Woah, partner. That’s just crazy!
    • As a PC user, I don’t really care if there are duplicate tracks crossing over. A lot of people don’t have both games. There are a lot of fun Band Fuse songs that I wish will get to RS.
    • I don’t fuckin’ care if its in bandfuse, bandfuse isn’t on pc
    • I have no problem with them showing up in RS since apparently Bandfuse doesn’t want any PC business
    • I don’t give a shit about Bandfuse
    • That’s only true if you’re American. Here in Europe, you can’t buy BandFuse, so a song only sold in BandFuse is a song I’ll never get to play.

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