Disturbed to make their Rocksmith 2014 debut tomorrow

Time to drop your tuning, and go back to 1999 with tomorrow’s Rocksmith 2014 DLC! We actually had a few hints prior to the Facebook/Twitter reveal to prepare us to get down with Disturbed tomorrow.

In addition to this, it seems like Rocksmith DLC is leaking through Steam again, but in a slightly different way. According to the leak these will be the three Disturbed songs to be shredded tomorrow!

Are you looking forward to the DLC tomorrow? Are you already annoyed about tuning to Drop C#? Let us know!


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  1. I could be off base but wouldn’t drop Db be drop C# as the post states, maybe it was updated after your comments but I was just curious
  2. I keep forgetting this isn;t out yet. Soon though. Tuning will depend if I get more than Down with the Sickness. Always liked that weird little guitar noise it makes in the chorus.

    Need to watch video of the next songs.

    Can’t wait for next week’s DLC (if what we know is coming is on its way). Has me drooling, excellent 5 pack.

  3. Did you know that Disturbed is one of the biggest trolls out there if you get what I mean? Hint: Look at a certain song title off of their The Sickness album.
  4. I hope Rocksmith isn’t too finicky on drop C. If not, Bandfuse is in trouble again.

    As for Disturbed, I know a lot of people don’t like them (even I didn’t at a point), but they’re like a modern-day Dio. Too bad we’re not getting Indestructible, but at least we’ve got a great pack. Oooh-WAA-AA-AA-AA!

  5. Good news. Asylum with intro and stricken would be gold.
  6. First time i hear this band, its really cool, i will play these songs a lot
  7. Meh. Pretty indifferent about this one really. Nu-metal and Bro-Metal just doesn’t turn my crank all that much. I get that some people like it though, I mean it is catchy. All told this is actually good news for me, being that it’s the first DLC pack for 2014 in which my first response wasn’t, “Omigod, I must have that!” My wallet is grateful for the chance to catch up!
  8. well, if it’s those 3 songs, I’ll probably only pick up Down With The Sickness. Would have liked to see more from 10,000 Fists
  9. Grumble Volcano
    I’m most interested of how they deal with Asylum. Rock Band combined Remnants and Asylum into one song which was awesome as the transition from one to the other is seamless on the album.
  10. great pack. keep it up. this will be the first pack ill buy for rs2014
  11. also, what/where is the leak that confirms these 3 songs? just curious.
  12. Awesome 3 pack. Now if we had something from Believe…
    • Believe is their best album imo. I remember loving it in high school. Liberate was in Tony Hawk Underground 2 and songs like Awaken, Believe and Devour are their better songs. Songs where David actually sings.
  13. this is a bummer
    • How is it a bummer?
      • nevermind, I was being an ass. just not a band i dig unfortunately
        • No, you were right the first time. This band is the musical equivalent of white trash.
          • Sadly, I have to agree… Bandfuse gets Hendrix, we get some strange whatever this is.
            • Can you really compare 3 songs to 15 that haven’t even been released yet though?
            • Oh shut up. It’s not like Disturbed is some obscure hipster-band.
              • We’ve got those too :-P
              • It isn’t?… Oh…. My bad. ‘Cuz, I can swear this is the first time I hear of it and it honestly sounds like something only a hipster could listen to after five joints, three cases of PBS and a bottle of absinthe.

                PS: Love your ace squad pin avatar. Love that game. Cheers!

                • Just a legit question, but how old are you if you think Disturbed is obscure?

                  Disturbed’s first album came out in 2000. They are far from a hipster band. Back when I was in high school (2002-2006) they were receiving major radio airplay with bands like Godsmack, Mudvayne, SOAD, Puddle of Mudd, Evanescence, Linkin Park, etc etc. That was what was popular then. It was a world before dubstep and before people even called things hipster.

                  Down with the Sickness is even the outro to the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead. They even headlined Ozzfest in 2006. Just pointing out that they are by no means an obscure band.

                  • Almost 30.

                    Still, these band were short-lived pop projects like Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Aqua, Dr Alban… and the list goes on. Some people have never heard of them and they never will.

                    The point being, I just want them to stop cluttering my song list with stuff like this, Green Days and Smashing Pumpkins and start adding some sex to it instead: Led Zep, ACDC, ZZ Top, etc, etc, etc…

                    Sorry if I come across as a douche… I might just be one. =)

                    • Avril, Britney, Backstreet Boys are terrible examples of “short lived pop projects”

                      Comparing Green Day and Smashing Pumpkins to “short lived pop projects” is just crazy talk.

                      >Led Zep, AC/DC

                      Reality Check

                      Carry on though.

                  • You just named so many terrible bands. Also, Jack Kerouac made the term “Hipster” prominent back in the 40’s. Way before Dub-step was worse than Nu-Metal.
                • I gotta agree with Mr. VonBass up there. The local hockey arena in in my area still always plays the intro to Down With the Sickness in between plays. I mean I guess a hipster might go to hockey games, but if so I’m pretty sure they’re doing it ironically
  14. I’ve been wanting to play some harder stuff, that isn’t necessarily REALLY fast shredding like Slayer (Not that there is anything wrong with Slayer), so I’m happy we’re getting a hard rock band like Disturbed. I wish we were getting a 5 pack!

    Voices is a really strange song pick though. I wish they choose Stricken, Prayer, Ten Thousand Fists or Land of Confusion instead.

  15. I’m pretty sure that Disturbed tune to Drop Db. at least, the few songs off “The Sickness” that I learned were in Drop Db… they may have lowered their tuning later on. I stopped caring.

    @Mike: Metal is such a large umbrella term (just like Rock)… my definition of metal is probably a lot different than yours. I’d call Disturbed nu-metal or hard rock. Nu-metal is a perversion to a lot of metal heads.

  16. Why would people hate Disturbed? People wanted metal, and now they have it, yet they still bitch about it. Hypocrites I tell you.
    • Seriously. Why must _everyone_ like some broad term like “metal”? There are songs and bands I like, there are songs/bands from Rocksmith that I never heard of that I like. There are ones I don’t like (Redneck for instance and don’t see much appeal with Ghost [b.c.] either not that they’re in Rocksmith).

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