Both Muse songs will export to Rocksmith 2014

Hello, Rocksmithers! It’s been awhile since there’s been anything to share with you besides the amazing videos posted by Rocksmith on YouTube, you all saw those right? Anyway, it’s time to end the #SlowNewsWeek with a few tidbits of info via Craig Munn on twitter!

Craig was among the lucky folks chosen for a special Rocksmith UK Fan Event in London. In between playing Rocksmith 2014, he was able to fire off a few questions to Paul Cross:

  •  There are 7 Songs that haven’t been confirmed for the export as of today.
  •  Both Muse songs will export (Plug In Baby and Unnatural Selection)
  •  There will be (might be a different number) 10 songs available for Rocksmith 2014 on launch day in the US.

This is BIG news because as you may know, MUSE’s on disc songs never exported from Guitar Hero World Tour or 5.

This leaves us wondering however, which 7 songs might not make it over. Could it be Slash due to a BandFuse conflict? Or could Seth Chapla splitting ties with Rocksmith, mean his songs are going with him?

We should find out in the coming weeks.


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  2. Everyone seems to be forgetting that in Rockband, the Muse-song “Hysteria” was importable.
  3. I don’t care about seth chapla to be honest. no big deal
  4. will the compatible songs have added techniques and notes
  5. It’ll be the encore stuff… and Slither… That’s my best guess…
  6. I think we’ll lose the 6 double encore songs (Six Am Salvation, Space Ostrich, Jules, Boss, Ricochet, The Star Spangled Banner) temporarily due to technical reasons and they get released as free DLC.

    The 7th song being Higher Ground because 19 RHCP songs are leaving the Rock Band store at the end of September.

  7. “There will be (might be a different number) 10 songs available for Rocksmith 2014 on launch day in the US.”

    Are you referring to Day-1 DLC for just the US market? Do we pesky europeans get something as well or are we left with only* on-disc songs for the first time?

    *Not that there aren’t enough songs on-disc to get by for a pretty long while!

  8. If I had to guess, I’d say we’ll lose Slither, Jules, The Star Spangled Banned, Higher Ground, Sunshine of Your Love and Run Back to Your Side. No clue on what the 7th would be, though.

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