The Riff Repeater is a collaborative effort between Elliott Rudner (toymachinesh), Oscar Bernard (OsagaTheGreat), Stephen Fenton (@SFentonX), and Dan Parisian (Danarchy99) to provide the latest updates, techniques, and reviews of all the content provided by current and upcoming Real Guitar educational software from Ubisoft and Realta.


Elliott Rudner (@toymachinesh)


Elliott has been following music games since 2005. Before that he played guitar casually after buying a Yamaha Pacifica off a friend of his for $80 in 2002. The plastic instrument revolution caused him to neglect his instrument for years, his Epiphone Demon V sat in the basement cold and dejected, it’s neck warping slowly. Enter Rocksmith and a new passion for guitar (and later bass) was put back into his life. With nobody covering the game online Elliott took it upon himself to spearhead the movement ignoring naysayers that the game “wouldn’t work” or “would be another Power Gig.

Fast forward two years later and The Riff Repeater is the definitive news source for all things Rocksmith and BandFuse.

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  1. This site is great. I really appreciate everything you guys do with the updates and videos. Thanks!
  2. I really like what u guys have got going on here. I’ve been enjoying watching riff repeaters videos for a couple years now. As a fellow guitarist and musician, I find myself watching his vids to get pumped up to jam myself. So thanks for the inspiration and keep doing what u guys do! \m/,
  3. Great Site Guys Very Informative. I have seen many of your YouTube Videos.
    I was wondering how I could Record My sessions as well.
    I want the player to be in the same picture as the recording as seen on youtube.
    I have a PS3.
    Or point me to a URL that explains it all
  4. great job!!!!!!!!!! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  5. How about addressing the problems with RS2014’s Riff Repeater?

    For one, not being able to choose smaller phrases is a serious limitation. Especially since there is no way to pause/restart the Riff Repeater (that just sets it back to the beginning of the section). And there is no way to scroll forward or back to inspect the tab. Which wouldn’t be so bad, except the slowdown function doesn’t work — the 20% setting really only slows the song to half-speed. And it doesn’t slow down any more after that (even though we can set it to 1%).

    Also, I’d love a way to turn off that rewind animation. It just wastes a lot of time when you’re playing a passage 20 or 30 times.

  6. us version of amazon has a bandfuse release data as 31 dec 2013 but there is no page for uk. I’m chomping at the bit for this bloody game :evil: SO COME ON GIVE US A RELEASE DATE…

    why won’t you give us a release date :cry:

    pre ordered rocksmith 2014 but not really to impressed with some of the tracks. However they may grow on me like some of the first rocksmith songs.

  7. You guys are doing a great Job. I wish i had a second person, to keep the german community up to date. You are always my first source to look for something new. Greets from Germany. Rock on!
  8. u guys r doin a great job


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