Rumour: Rage Against The Machine finally arrives on Rocksmith 2014

Doesn’t this image look familiar?

MythicWall posted this image on the Rocksmith Forums earlier today which clearly shows that Rage Against The Machine is headed to Rocksmith 2014!Read More

Rocksmith 2014 DLC 4/15 – Garbage

Hi there Rocksmith fans!

Today, (as we predicted) is the debut of Garbage on Rocksmith 2014!

Today’s 3 Pack includes two songs from their debut self titled album, which includes Only Happy When It Rains and the previously never before added to Guitar Hero or Rock Band song, Stupid Girl.Read More

Speculation: Garbage to make their Rocksmith 2014 debut next week!

Greetings Rocksmith fans! It looks like next week’s Rocksmith 2014 DLC will be yet another woman who rocks, Shirley Manson of Garbage!Read More

Rocksmith 2014 DLC 4/8 – Bob Dylan

Well we got it wrong again! On the bright side we’ve never been happier to be wrong when it involves the first song pack for Bob Dylan across all music games ever!… Read More

Speculation: 4/8 DLC – Def Leppard? Nope, it’s Bob Dylan!

Hey, Rocksmith 2014 fans, next week’s DLC looks to be a real scorcher and we aren’t f-f-f-foolin!

Yesterday we received three hints from Christopher Woo (@SquirellyNinja), Paul Cross (@CrossieRS), and a new community developer that will be familiar to our longtime fans from @TheHeroFeed, @DanAmrich!… Read More

Rocksmith 2014 DLC 4/1 – AFI

No April Fools jokes here Rocksmith fans, today’s DLC is the real deal!

Today’s DLC marks the first FOUR pack of songs, with the addition of AFI to the Rocksmith 2014 catalog.… Read More

Speculation: AFI to make their Rocksmith 2014 debut next week

Well Rocksmith 2014 fans, it seems like we are going to be staying in that 90s groove next week judging by today’s hint from Paul Cross (@CrossieRS).… Read More

15 Songs on Rocksmith that will make you a campfire guitarist

Admit it, you’ve seen an acoustic guitar (or brought one yourself) at a friendly gathering, and you want to be the one providing the entertainment for the duration of the event.… Read More

Rocksmith 2014 DLC 3/25 – Matchbox Twenty

Well, looks like our puzzle solving skills worked out yet again, because today’s DLC is most definitely Matchbox Twenty, and we got FIVE songs coming at you.… Read More

Speculation: Matchbox Twenty headed to Rocksmith 2014 next week

Greetings Rocksmith 2014 fans, and welcome to the final speculation post of March! Not straying too far from this week’s DLC (decade wise) it’s looking like Matchbox Twenty will be the latest new addition to the Rocksmith catalog.… Read More