Rocksmith Live Stream hints at next DLC release

Greetings Rocksmith fans!

A rare occurrence today, as we received a hint before tomorrow’s puzzle from @DanAmrich!

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Rocksmith 2014 DLC 11/18 – Foo Fighters II

Welcome Rocksmith fans to our first repeat artist pack week!

Yes, the Foo Fighters are back with another five pack filled with those songs you requested almost two years ago!

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Opinion: 15 Rocksmith Artists in need of a second DLC pack

Dave Grohl

Hello once again Rocksmith fans!

With the release of the second Foo Fighters DLC pack, the possibility of other artists on Rockmsith getting repeat DLC packs is becoming more of a certainty.

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Speculation: More Foo Fighters are coming to Rocksmith 2014

Foo Fighters

Greetings Rocksmith fans!

It’s Friday, and the clue has been cracked. It looks like we’ll be getting our first repeat DLC after all!

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Rocksmith Legacy DLC Review #6: Rock Hits 60s-70s

Space Oddity Cover

Hello once again, Rocksmith fans!

While you’re all enjoying the bluesy heartland roots-rock of Tom Petty this week, let’s have a look at some more classic rock from the Rock Hits 60s-70s pack released on January 17th, 2012, featuring hits from David BowieHeart, and Blue Öyster Cult.

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Rocksmith 2014 DLC 11/11 – Yup, it’s Tom Petty

Hello Rocksmith fans!

@DanAmrich didn’t back down from posting a fun clue yesterday for the upcoming not-so-secret Tom Petty Song Pack…

It’s an amusing one.

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Rocksmith Legacy DLC Review #5: Judas Priest Song Pack

Judas Priest

Hello, Rocksmith fans!

We interrupt #HendrixGate to bring you another Legacy DLC Review. Today, we’ll be looking at the Judas Priest pack from April 17th, 2012, featuring hits from British Steel and Painkiller.

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FREE Jimi Hendrix DLC coming to Rocksmith 2014 on 12/16!


Greetings Rocksmith fans!

We were promised a big announcement, and BOY was that delivered! Legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix is coming to Rocksmith, and we’re not just getting a measly five pack!

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Tom Petty DLC is coming to Rocksmith 2014!


Well, who saw this coming! Rocksmith 2014 is out for Xbox One and PS4 tomorrow, and the DLC has slowly been releasing over the course of the day.

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Rocksmith 2014 DLC 11/4 – Killswitch Engage


Hello Rocksmith fans!

This last week saw the infamous DLC hint that finally stumped us!

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