Rocksmith 2014 DLC 5/26/2015 – Love Singles Song Pack

Hello Rocksmith fans!

With perhaps the vaguest clue towards DLC in Rocksmith history we have two returning artists and one brand new one headed to the ever expanding Rocksmith 2014 DLC library!

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Speculation: Rocksmith is getting some love next week

Sesame Street Love

Greetings Rocksmith fans!

It’s Friday again, so you all know exactly what that means. However, unlike most of Dan’s DLC clues, the answer to this one was decidedly vague as to what artists/songs it could be referring to:

5.26 DLC clue

5.26 DLC Dan's answer

A three-pack containing songs from different artists, the one thing linking all of them is that each has the word “Love” in the title.

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Rocksmith 2014 DLC 5/19/2015 – Slayer

Warning: this article’s text contains gruesome imagery and discussion of the atrocities of World War II

Metal Heads and Rocksmith fans, welcome to HELL!

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Rocksmith 2014 DLC Review – All That Remains (feat. the Blues Pack)

allthatremains1[1]Last week, due to reasons unforeseen, I was unable to publish the Blues Pack review in a timely manner and, on a similar blue note, we all heard news that “The King of the Blues” B.B.

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Hello Rocksmith fans!

Two METAL bands in a row? Two THRASH bands in one year? Three of the BIG FOUR in Rocksmith 2014 DLC?

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Speculation: Rocksmith Newsletter hints at May DLC

Greetings, Rocksmith fans!

Another month rolls by, and another newsletter teases what’s to come this month:

Rocksmith - Coming in May

Nice typo, @DanAmrich.

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Rocksmith 2014 DLC 5/12/2015 “All That Remains”

Greetings Rocksmith fans!

Looks like @UbisoftStudioSF has fulfilled another highly requested Metal band!

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Rocksmith 2014 DLC 5/5/2015 – Blues Song Pack

Hello Rocksmith fans! Are you ready to play the Blues?

This week’s DLC features some highly requested classic Blues artists!

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Rocksmith 2014 DLC Review – Dethklok

dethklok[1]Whether you like Dethklok or not, this DLC is pretty important for a few reasons, but one reason in particular above all else.

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Speculation: Rocksmith 2014 is feeling blue next week!


Greetings Rocksmith fans,

Yesterday, Dan posted this image of a note he found on his commute:


Initial speculation was thinking emo or possibly Limp Bizkit, until shihdo looked at how it was folded:

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 9.06.18 AM

I think that may be the fastest a hint has ever been solved!

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